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how many SB soundtracks were produced?

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i have SB soundtrack including Fight for your love - the place u take me to. but i heard that there are 12 of the in moscow. is is true, anybody?

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SB soundtracks
ALL 12 SB soundtracks in Germany.
In Russia only 1 SB soundtrack including Fight for your love - the place u take me (I have it):
New World Television
-Santa Barbara main title theme
Scott Martin - Fight for you love
Cindi Nassi & Scott Martin - Loving you
Phillip Lauth - Welcome to the edge
Cindi Nassi - Yours
Cindi Nassi & Phillip Lauth - Thru it all
Cindi Nassi & John Ray Johnston - You want me too
Phillip Lauth - Miracle of Love
Bill Reveles - Follow the future
John Ray Johnston - The storm will pass
Cindi Nassi - The place you take me to
New World Television -Santa Barbara end title theme
Other songs that T have - from many artist disks

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more question abt SB soundtracks
thank u for information.
do u know where can i get the texts(lyrics) of those songs? especially thru it all!

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more question
I have 30 texts SB songs, but not "Thru it all" (Kruz and Iden theme). I whont to find them!
My lovely song from this disk is " Welcome to the ege of love"(Kelly, Robert, Kraig theme).
I can send to you this texts(for email). 20 of this I take from Kerstin SB Internet page.

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