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ВНИМАНИЕ! РАЗЫСКИВАЕТСЯ... полный спойлер/транскрипт "In Between", Сезон 2, серия 20. Можно на английском языке.

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Как один из вариантов.


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Или вот еще.

In Between Transcript
By Baoqin and Dana


Michael and his team is returning from a mission. They have captured a man.
Man: (yelling) You didn't have to kill him! I'll kill you! You hear me?! You are dead! You're dead!
Madeline: What happened?
Michael: In order to get to him, we had to kill his brother.
Madeline: Really? Who did it?
Michael: Syrus.
Madeline: Tell him to stay close. We don't have much time.


The man is tied to the steel chair in the middle of the room. The two operatives leave. Madeline enters the room.
Man: You are wasting your time. Why don't you kill me now cause I'm not giving you anything. You hear me?
Madeline: You had several conversations with Able Goellner in the last month. Tell me about him.
Man: You didn't have to kill my brother. You didn't have to kill him.
Madeline: But we did, and I'm afraid you are going to die as well.
Man: So why would I give you anything?
Madeline: Because I'm going to give you something in return.


Syrus: I don't understand, how can I help?
Michael: Madeline will fill you in.
Syrus: What do you need?
Madeline: Just talk to him. Apologize for shooting his brother.
Syrus: Apologize?
Madeline: Yes.
Syrus breathes a sigh of relief. He should have known better.


Syrus enters the room.
Syrus: Hey, look, it was nothing personal. I was just trying to do my job.
The man lifts his hand, before Syrus can react, he shoots Syrus straight through the heart. Syrus falls to the floor. Madeline enters the room.
Madeline: Able Goellner. Tell me about him.


Nikita comes out her shower. She is wearing a light purple bathrobe and has a towel wrapped around her hair. She lies on the floor with her feet propped up on the sofa. Somebody knocks on the door. Nikita reluctantly gets up and opens the door.
Nikita: Hey.
Carla: Hey, stranger.
Nikita: Carla.
Later . . .
Carla is sitting on the sofa.
Carla: Yeah, I couldn't believe it. I was turning on the Coolidge, and there you are turning on the street.
Nikita: You should have stopped me.
Carla: I tried. I yelled out of the window, and everyone but you turned around.
Nikita: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Carla: Where did you go? I thought something horrible had happened.
Nikita: No, I had to go home, my family had an emergency.
Carla: Is everything OK?
Nikita: It's fine. Carla, I want to say sorry that I didn't get in contact with you. I just, I couldn't.
Carla: It's no problem. I'm happy to see you. So when did you get back?
Nikita: About 3 or 4 months. So what about you? Why did you move out?
Carla: I met someone.
Nikita: Oh, gosh.
Carla: His name is Steven, he's a commodities broker. We live in this great loft downtown.
Nikita: Nothing wrong with that.
Carla: He's a great guy. You will meet him.
Nikita: It's great to see you.
Carla: Yeah, you too.
Nikita: Do you want a refill?
Carla: Ok.
Nikita takes Carla's cup.
Carla: So what about you? What have you been doing since you been back?
Nikita: What have I been doing?
Carla: Did you get a job? Are you seeing anyone? What's going on?
Nikita: Umm . . .
Nikita is saved from answering by the phone ring.
Nikita: Hello.
Michael: Josephine.
Nikita: Yep.


Operations: Yesterday in Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia), we picked up Monzeel Ellis, a well connected dealmaker who works in the Pacific Rim. Lately he's been in touch with Able Goellner, a man we've been after for sometime. Goellner has been destabilizing friendly third world countries through the use of his massive financial resources. He's about to use these resources to fund terrorist strikes against civilian populations. We need to get in with him, discover his financial pipeline, and shut him down. Michael will be leading the mission. He'll update you as soon as the mission profile has been set.
Nikita: Michael, are we on standby?
Michael: Yes.

LOUNGE - location unknown

Michael and Nikita are meeting Goellner. They walk through a series of rooms that looks like lounges filled with people smoking, reading newspaper and just generally relaxing. They enter a private back room. Giraldi (aka Charles Sand) greets them.
Sand: Sit. (Michael and Nikita sit down.)
Goellner enters the room.
Goellner: Ah, I can see the party's already begin. Able Goellner. (to Michael) Pleased to meet you. (to Nikita) Pleased to meet you. Would either of you like something to eat or drink?
Michael: No.
Goellner: Ok, Monzeel have a lot of good things to say about you and you are . . .
Michael: Nikita, my attache.
Goellner: How nice. You know what it is that I need?
Michael: Monzeel said you need to transfer funds without drawing attention.
Goellner: Yes, that's right. We don't want to draw any attention.
Michael: If you choose to use my services, your money will be funneled into segregated and offshore accounts. I stay away form the Caribbean and other more visible hubs. I had success in East Africa. They're desperate for hard currency.
Sand: What about the rate?
Michael: You can do better if you are willing to take the risk. I'm not. Interferences are minimal, almost none existent.
Goellner: I'm curious, how did you two meet?
Nikita: Sorry?
Goellner: Is your relationship social, professional?
Michael: What does that have to do with our business here?
Goellner: Everything!! I'm about to make a decision that will place a bulk of my assets in your hands, I want to know who I'm dealing with. (To Nikita) What do you think of him?
Nikita: He's a fair employer.
Goellner: Are you attracted to him?
Michael: I'm sorry, it was a mistake for use to come here. (Michael stands up to leave, but stops when one of Goellner's man points a gun at his head.)
Goellner: One final question, if your employer would suddenly cease to exist would you be able to get up to speed quickly enough to do this for me?
Nikita: Depends on what you mean by quickly enough.
Goellner: By next Tuesday.
Nikita: Could you give me a moment? (Nikita starts to type on her PDA.) Not quite, but if you can give me two more days then yes.
Goellner: No, no. I need it done sooner. (to the guy holding the gun) That's fine. (to Michael) Your assistant is very good, but don't train her too well.
Michael: Yeah. So do we have a deal?
Goellner: Yes, we do. If you will join me in the other room I'll show you what are up against.
Everybody stands up to go to the other room. Charles Sand/Giraldi stops Nikita.
Sand: Just him.
Goellner: Oh, nothing sinister. It's just the fewer the better at this point.
Everyone except Sand/Giraldi and Nikita leaves the room.
Sand: You are an attractive woman.
Nikita: Thank you.
Sand: I like you tie. I like a woman who knots her own tie. Shows an independent nature.
Sand/Giraldi walks to Nikita and hands her his business card. It read Karl Giraldi - consultant, he turns it over, on the back he had hand written SECTION ONE.
Sand: I have been waiting a long time for you.
Nikita: I don't know what this means.
Sand: Take it to Operations. He'll know what to do. Tell no one else.
Nikita hesitates, shocked. Goellner gets out of the room and calls Sand. Nikita hides the card.
Goellner: Carlo!


Operations: Did he open the books?
Michael: No, he presented a theoretical scenario. If he likes my response he'll use me.
Operations: Get the data to Analysis, have them work up a projection. Tell them not to be too precise, we want it to look real.
Michael: Of course.
Michael leaves. Nikita comes in through the door, stops in front of Operations.
Operations: Is there something else?
Nikita: Yes.
Operations: What?
Nikita: This. (Nikita hands Operartions Giraldi/Sand's business card.)


Operations scans the business card for fingerprints. The prints match that of Charles Sand and his profile comes up on the monitor.
Operations: Send Nikita up here right away.


Nikita: Hey.
Michael: You will have to study the numbers Analysis gives us.
Nikita: Sure.
Michael: Where are you going?
Nikita: To see Operations.
Michael: Why?
Nikita: He has questions about Algiers.
Michael: That was two weeks ago.
Nikita: I guess he's still reviewing it.


Operations: Does Michael know about this?
Nikita: No. In fact, I just lied to him about this. I told him that I was up here to talk about Algiers.
Operations: Good. Don't mention this to anyone.
Nikita: Who is he?
Operations: Every once in a while someone turns up where they shouldn't.
Nikita: Why does he know so much about Section One?
Operations: I don't know yet. What else did he say to you?
Nikita: That he was waiting for us and that I should speak only to you.
Operations: Ok. Report to duty. The only adjustment you need to make is to treat anything he says as unreliable.
Nikita: Don't you think we should tell Michael about this?
Operations: Not yet.
Nikita: What about the integrity of our cover?
Operations: I told you what to do. Don't worry, both you and Michael will be protected.
Nikita nods and leaves. Operations is not a good liar, his story doesn't hold together.


Walter stops Nikita in the corridor.
Walter: Hey!
Nikita: Hey.
Walter: Getting back?
Nikita: Yeah.
Walter: You ok?
Nikita: I'm fine.
Walter: You don't seem so fine. I'm worried about you.
Nikita: Walter, it's just this place. It gets to me sometimes, that's all. I was in pretty bad shape this time the last year. I don't wanna feel that way again.
Walter: Sugar, listen, you can't change the way they treat you. The only thing you can change is the way you treat yourself. Why don't you go out? Have a good time, find a man. (Nikita smiles) See? Just thinking about it makes you feel better, right?
Nikita: Good night, Walter.
Walter: Good night, sugar.


Carla: I don't care what you say, buying a dog is a big step. It's like having a kid together.
Nikita: Sounds very serious.
Carla: Yeah, it feels serious. He's late, I thought he would be.
Nikita: Why?
Carla: I don't know, he's shy. I'm surprised he didn't call and cancel at last minute.
Nikita: I'm sure he's just stuck in traffic. He'll be here.
Carla: Hey, thanks for calling. I love doing stuff in the middle of the week.
Nikita: Me too.
The phone rings. You can tell Nikita is reluctant to answer it, afraid that it's Section One.
Nikita: Hello? Great, come on up. (Nikita hangs up the phone.) He's here.
Carla opens the door.
Carla: Great. It's about time, fella. Look at you, all dressed up."
Carla's boyfriend enters the apartment, and he's one of the mystery goatee twins (now known as Steven).
Nikita: Hi.
Steven: Hi.
Nikita: Nice to meet you.
Steven: Nice to meet you.
Nikita: Hope you're hungry, there's plenty of food.
Steven: Yeah, sure.
Nikita: Want some wine?
Steven: Yeah, that would be good.
Nikita: Help yourself.
Steven: Yeah.
Carla: I don't know about you two, but I'm starved. Hey, let me get that!
The music and a close-up on Steven's face should tip off anyone who hasn't noticed him (them) yet in the other episodes.


Michael, Nikita, Goellner, and Sand are sitting around a table. Everyone has a laptop in front of them. Michael and Goellner are engaged in business talk.
Goellner: I'm gonna need those funds in position by the 13th. Have a client that will need them, a fairly large portion.
Michael: I'd like to get them in place sooner. I've already talked to the CEO of that bank, the rates are coming down.
Goellner: Good, good. Now what about those barrier bars?
Michael: I don't think you should touch those right now.
Goellner: Really? What do you think, Karl?
Sand: Well, let's take a look. What's your opinion on this, Michael?
Michael: The accounts would be too visible.
Sand: Why?
Michael: Last spring the European bank networked into the Asian markets. That exposed all continental accounts to routine surveillance. We'd probably get away with it, but I don't think you'd take that chance.
Goellner: You're a bright boy, he's a bright boy, Karl.
Sand: Oh yes, he's a very bright boy.
Michael: All right, then we'll keep those in place and start staggering the other accounts.
Sand: (to Nikita) It seems that rain is in the schedule. Would you like to see it?
Nikita: Yes, please.
Sand turns his laptop around so Nikita can see his screen. It shows
Nikita: Fine, make a hard copy.

LOUNGE - 11:30 pm

Some thunders can be heard and the house looks just like in one of the Tales from the Crypt. Nikita walks in, cautious. Sand turns on a light.
Sand: Did you speak to Operations about me?
Nikita: Who are you?
Sand: You know damned well who I am. Why aren't they bringing me in?
Nikita: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Sand: He didn't tell you. Which means, either he's worried that I've been turned, and he's trying to be cautious, or he never intended to bring me back in.
Nikita: What are you saying?
Sand: Why do you think you and Michael are here?
Nikita: To move Goellner's money.
Sand: Goellner asked me to check you up before meeting you. As I begun digging into your histories, something started to nor me, a vaguely familiar pattern. It reminded me of the background I was given before I was put into place. That's why I cleared you. (he comes closer) Charles Sand, first year operative. I've been out for 9 years, waiting for someone to bring me back in. I'm Section One.
Later, Nikita is on a couch, Sand in standing, looking down some balcony.
Sand: I was grabbed in mid mission by Red Cell. To this day I don't know how it was made.
Nikita: What about the rest of the team?
Sand: Killed during egress.
Nikita: How did you survive all these years?
Sand: I've kept myself alive by feeding Red Cell disposable Section intel. They wanted to kill me, when I formed a relationship with one of the soldiers who eventually went out on his own.
Nikita: Goellner.
Sand: Yes.
Nikita: If what you're telling me is true, why did you never contact the Section?
Sand: I tried. They must have closed down my channel.
Nikita: And now you want me to bring you back in.
Sand: You've got to bring me back in.
Nikita: I was told not to trust anything you said, so unless you have something hard on Goellner, there's nothing more to discuss.
Sand takes a CD out of his pocket.
Sand: Here, take this.
Nikita: What is it?
Sand: Take it to comm. They'll pull off the specifics. It's the only chance of bringing Goellner down. You and Michael can't do it alone. Trust me.
Nikita stands up and prepares to leave.
Sand: And if Operations still doesn't believe me, speak to Madeline.
Nikita: Madeline?
Sand: She would want to know I'm still alive.


Nikita enters her apartment. Operations is in her apartment, smoking a cigar. (Didn't anybody tell him that it is rude to smoke without the owner's permission?)
Operations: You met him?
Nikita: You could have let me know he was a Section operative.
Operations: What did he tell you?
Nikita: He gave me this, he claims it's the only way to get to Goellner.
Operations: He doesn't think our approach will work.
Nikita: No.
Operations: That's interesting.
Nikita: I don't understand, do we trust this guy, or don't we?
Operations: Nothing's changed. I'll look at this and let Michael know how we're going to proceed.
Nikita: And what do I tell Michael when he asks me where I got the disc?
Operations: Nothing. If there's anything useful on it, I'll file it to Michael myself. You were never involved.
Nikita: It seems strange, if he's one of ours, why we're not protecting him?
Operations: Just do what I tell you, Nikita.
Nikita: He says he's been waiting for 9 years.
Operations: This is how it has to be handled.


Michael: We're going to be out of range. Use the tri-pick-up, we can't risk the chance of a drop-out. Goellner will have his eyes on the file the entire time.
Operations: How is it going?
Michael: We should be able to access the holders accounts before the day down.
Operations: Good.
Michael: We'll have a complete profile ready in an hour.
Operations: I need to speak to Michael alone.
The other operatives leave the room.
Operations: I've upgraded Nikita's status for this mission. She'll be reporting to me directly.
Michael: Why?
Operations: I have a variable I'd like to isolate and I need you to handle all the primaries.
Michael: Is this a singularity or is it a permanent upgrade?
Operations: We'll see how it goes. Do you have a problem with any of this?
Michael: Nikita performs best when she's scripted. I don't think she's ready.
Operations: I disagree. It's never easy, but you are going to have to let go sometime, Michael.


Michael is typing on his laptop. He notices Nikita pausing outside of his office.
Nikita: Michael, do you have a minute?
Michael: Come in.
Nikita stares at the device that secures Michael's office. Michael gets the message and secures the room.
Nikita: Has Operations ever asked you to do something outside of mission parameters?
Michael: Yes.
Nikita: What did you do?
Michael: What do you want to know? What will happen to you if you don't obey him?
Nikita: I don't know why I came here. I don't have a choice. I gotta do what he wants.
Michael: Think it through. But more importantly you will have to stop coming to me. I'm no longer your mentor.
Nikita looks hurt and confused from what she probably perceived as rejection. Michael's pride was hurt when Operations insinuated that he was reluctant to let go of Nikita, and to prove himself that Operations was wrong, he takes it on Nikita and shuts her off.


It's late at night. Section One is completely deserted except for Nikita, who looks tired and unhappy. Birkoff shows up, walking slowly.
Birkoff: This better be priority 3 or higher.
Nikita: Sorry to wake you, but it's important.
Birkoff: What are we looking for?
Nikita: Incoming communications on dormant channels.
Birkoff: Friendly, or hostile?
Nikita: Friendly. An operative believed dead. Just trying to get back in.
Birkoff: Ok. (she's got his attention now). Over here. Alias or real name?
Nikita: Charles Sand.
Birkoff enters the name. The computer shows "NO MATCH FOUND".
Birkoff: No, nothing.
Nikita: How about Giraldi?
Birkoff: No. Can I go back to bed now?
Nikita: What if someone from the inside was trying to reroute?
Birkoff: We need to know who.
Nikita: Operations. (Birkoff looks at her, stunned) Just try it.
Birkoff types "New criteria: reroutes". The answer is "Loading archived files"
Birkoff: Wow.
Nikita: What is it?
Birkoff: Charles Sand, first year operative, went dark in the past formation 9 years ago.
Nikita: Went dark, what does that mean?
Birkoff: Someone pushed a button on this guy in the middle of an operation. Looks like he was hung out to dry. For no particular reason, he had a perfect record.
Nikita: What's his status?
Birkoff: That's the weird thing, he's listed as dead, but there's comm from him, every month.
Nikita: Who received it?
Birkoff: That would be Operations. He rerouted the communications to a sync file, then trashed them. What's going on?


Michael comes in, looks at an operative analyzing a map, then goes to a computer. Nikita comes in too.
Michael: Did you check in with Walter?
Nikita: Yeah. He said 4 teams, seems pretty heavy. What's going on?
Michael: We have new intel on Goellner.
Nikita: Really? What kind?
Michael: It's on your panel.
Nikita: Where did we get the information?
Michael: Operations. He sourced it from Eastern Europe. We leave in 2 hours.
The panel says that the first objective is Goellner who should be brought in alive, and his accounts ceased. As secondary objective, all other persons on site will be disposed of.
Nikita: Michael, we're gonna kill Giraldi?
Michael: He's collateral.
Nikita: Why?
Michael: Operations only wants Goellner alive. (he stares at her for a moment) What's the problem, we have work to do?
Nikita: Yeah, right.
Nikita leaves, Michael looks after her, thoughtful.


Madeline is working at her workstation, Nikita comes in.
Madeline: What are you doing here? I thought you were prepping for a mission.
Nikita slides the panel across Madeline's desk. It showed the bio on Charles Sand.
Madeline: Where did you get this?
Nikita: He's an incidental on my current mission. I'd like to know who he is, and why does Operations want him dead.
Madeline: Tell me what you know.
Nikita: Charles Sand, 1st tier operative, been out over 9 years, waiting for us to bring him back in.
Madeline: Then why are you here?
Nikita: Operations claims he's lying and wants him to be killed on today's mission. I think that's extreme, especially if he's one of ours.
Madeline: Has the mission profile been set?
Nikita: Yes. Madeline, he said if there is a problem to speak to you. Who is he and why does Ops want him dead?
Madeline: Doesn't look good if we can't keep track of our own people.
Nikita: He didn't loose track.
Madeline: What do you mean?
Nikita: He's been trying to contact Section since he's been out. Ops has been intercepting his communiques.
Madeline: I want you to bring him in.
Nikita: How? The profiles have already been set.
Madeline: Just do it. I'll deal with Operations.
Nikita: And Michael?
Madeline: Find something on site, use it to create doubt. Tell Michael we need to bring in Sand before we kill him.
Nikita: Madeline, who is he?
Madeline: My husband.


Michael: Goellner plans to quietly acquire controlling interest in banks in several central African economies. He will be meeting with the leaders of rebel armies today to disperse funds for large arms transaction.
Birkoff: He'll be particularly vulnerable at this meeting. Closest deal, he'll have to move funds on 3 continents in real time.
Michael: The primary team will be responsible of getting control of the computer while he's online. Secondary team will bring down the terrorists.


Michael: Some scopes for the outside team and another set of P6s for the ops on point.
Walter: Will do. (noticing Nikita) Hey, hi, sugar.
Nikita: Hi. Profile's been locked.
Michael: Ok. Get you gear and meet me in van access.
Walter: They've changed the optics on your scope, you get an extra 5 degrees of slop.
Nikita: Do you know Charles Sand?
Walter: Who told you about him?
Nikita: He's Madeline's husband, isn't he?
Walter: Was. He's dead. Killed during a mission.
Nikita: He's alive.
Walter: What are you talking about?
Nikita: He works with Goellner. Operations wants him dead, Madeline wants me to bring him in alive.
Walter: Are you telling me you have separate confidences with both of them?
Nikita: Yes. (Nikita puts her hands over her face.)
Walter: Oh, boy.
Operations interrupts their conversation before Walter can give Nikita any advice.
Operations: Nikita! I'd like to talk to you a moment.
Nikita: (to Walter) Thanks.
Walter: You're welcome, sugar.
Operations: Have you studied the profile?
Nikita: Yes, I have.
Operations: I expect everything will go according to plan?
Nikita: Sure.
Operations: Good.


Michael stands by the door, watching three operatives go to the van, followed by Nikita who hesitates.
Michael: What's the problem? (now he wants to know)
Nikita: No problem.
Madeline is standing down the hall, watching the team leave.


Goellner and Sand are having a meeting with several rebel leaders.
Goellner: Even though your cause is just, I know you can't expect the full support of an army if bare necessities need to be met. I'll provide that as well as the initiative material. Once in power, we expect an atrocity. After you've nationalized your banks, Mister Giraldi will organize the governing boards. All financial decision from that point on will be leaded by us.
Birkoff: Ok, Michael, they're all in. I'll give you the signal when he gets online.
Michael: All teams step on your mark.
Sand: These are your operating accounts for the next two weeks. I've put in what I believe to be sufficient amounts. Contact me of it overruns and I will deal with it personally.
Birkoff: Ok, he's plugged in. You're clear, Michael.
Michael: First team, go.
Section operatives enter the room, and kill everybody except for Goellner and Sand. Nikita motions Sand to get out. Sand runs out of the room.
Nikita: I got him!
Sand waits for Nikita in an empty room downstairs.
Sand: Goellner's laptop is loaded with hot files. Get it! I'll decode it in Section.
She takes out her gun to cancel him. Sand is confused and shocked.
Sand: What're you doing?
Nikita: I've been ordered to kill you.
Sand: Did you speak to Madeline?
Nikita: Yes, I did.
Sand: And what did she say?
She has the gun pointed at him, and hesitates to shoot. A voice interrupts Nikita.
Madeline: That would be all, Nikita. I can take it from here. Watch the door, I'll need a minute.
Nikita leaves the room. Sand and Madeline smile at each other, very happy.
Sand: Madeline.
Madeline: Hello, Charles.
Nikita watches from outside as the two embrace. You can see Nikita lightly shaking her head. Probably thinking about the hypocrisy of Section One. She is sad that Charles has been cast out of Section and separated from Madeline for so many years, and Operations only wants him dead instead of bringing him back. Two guns shots shocks Nikita out of her reverie.
Madeline leaves the room, Sand's body is lying motionless on the floor.
Madeline: It was wrong of me to put you in this position. Operations was right.
Nikita: He was your husband.
Madeline: Yes, he was.
Nikita: How could you kill him?
Madeline: There was no way to bring him back, his presence outside the Section for so many years would undermine our credibility, and letting him go wasn't an option. He understood that.


Operations comes in. Madeline looks at him very coldly.
Operations: Just read the debrief. Quite a shock. Charles never tried to contact you over the years?
Madeline: No.
Operations: Yet it's hard to believe that he switched his allegiance to the other side.
Madeline: Yes, it is.
Operations: Must be hard on you.
Madeline: I'll get over it.
Operations: Well, at least the mission was a success. We stopped the deals and got control of Goellner's accounts.
Madeline: Good. (she barely smiles)
Operations is about to leave the room.
Madeline: Congratulations.
Operations: Thank you.
This probably means that he and Charles had been rivals in the past and Madeline congratulates him for getting rid of Charles without her being able to do anything about it. The rivalry was most likely over her, but could have been also about positions in Section.


Carla is crying on the sofa, and Nikita is comforting her.
Nikita: You want to tell me what happened?
Carla: I went out with a few people and I got home late, but only by half an hour. He went crazy. Ah ... I've never seen him like that before.
Nikita: Did he hit you?
Carla: I can't go back there.
Nikita: You can stay here.
Carla: I can't. I can find a place.
Nikita: You been through a lot right now. It's no problem.
Carla: My life is such a mess.
The phone rings.
Nikita: Hello?
Michael: Josephine.
Nikita: Yeah, thanks.
Carla: You have to go.
Nikita: Yeah.
Carla: When are you going to be back?
Nikita: I don't know, but you just stay here and relax, OK? Make yourself at home. Carla, don't call him.
Nikita leaves her apartment. Carla throws away her kleenx, and takes out her cellphone. She dials a number.
Carla: I'm in.
On the other end of the phone is Steven, aka goatee man.



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Ох, спасибище! Как оперативно! :) Very признательна!

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Не за что, обращайся еще. :)

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Обязательно, но пока, вроде, со спойлерами все. Осталось только перевести последние четыре :-))



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