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Y&R: brief show info and summary

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Network CBS
Executive Producers: John F. Smith and David Shaughnessy
Head Writers: John F. Smith and Kay Alden
Senior Cast Member: Jeanne Cooper
Distributor: Sony Pictures Television
Premiere Date: March 26, 1973
Runtime: 60 minutes (30 minutes from 1973 to 1980)
Alternate Titles: The Innocent Years (working title)

The Young and the Restless (commonly abbreviated to Y&R) is an American soap opera that takes place in Genoa City, Wisconsin (named after a vacation spot that series creators William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell visited annually). It first debuted on the CBS television network on March 26, 1973, replacing Where the Heart Is and Love is a Many Splendored Thing. Y&R has aired over eight thousand episodes.

Since late 1988, the show has been the highest-rated serial in the daytime ratings. Like all the other soaps, however, The Young and the Restless has seen the ratings decline steadily since it first ranked #1. From 1988 to 2005, the show has lost more than 25% of its audience, from eight million viewers to less than six.


The Young and the Restless, created by husband and wife team William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell stood out from other soaps on the air for its brightness, both literal and figurative. Soap operas at the time tended to be comparatively darkly-lit and lugubrious in tone. The Young and the Restless infused light, humor and youth into the genre. In its early years, The Young and the Restless centered around the Foster and Brooks families. William and Elizabeth Foster had three children: Snapper, Greg, and Jill. Stuart and Jennifer Brooks had four daughters: Leslie, Chris, Peggy, and Lauralee (nicknamed Lorie and played by Jaime Lyn Bauer; her father would turn out to be Elizabeth Foster's brother, Bruce Henderson). At the core of the show was a class struggle: the Brooks family was rich while the Fosters were poor. The young cast was derided by some soap fans, who mocked the show by calling it "The Young and the Chestless". Leslie and Lorie fought over first Brad Eliot and then Lance Prentiss, a triangle stretched into four when Lance's sea captain brother Lucas arrived. Characters burst out into song at random moments, a technique which was abandoned in the early 80's.

One of Y&R's first and longest-lasting storylines involved the rivalry between Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) and Jill Foster (then Brenda Dickson). In 1973 Jill went to work as Kay's personal secretary to help her struggling family pay the bills. Kay was a boozy matron trapped in a loveless marriage to Phillip Chancellor (Donnelly Rhodes). Jill and Phillip fell in love but when Phillip and Kay were on their way to get a divorce, Kay crashed the car (with decades of speculation on whether she did so intentionally). Phillip, on his deathbed, married Jill and bequeathed her and their child Phillip III his fortune, but Kay successfully contested his decision. An embittered Jill became a vixen and the two ladies fought over beautician Derek Thurston. Jill then married tycoon John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) while Kay went through groundbreaking stories about alcoholism and facelifts. Years later Jill, after her 2 marriages to John were over and her son Phillip was dead from a car crash, went back to court and the judge declared she owned half of the Chancellor mansion. Jill and Kay fought over the new arrangement as well as Jill's son Billy dating Kay's granddaughter Mackenzie. In 2003 Jill discovered that Katherine was her birth mother, and told Billy and Mac moments before they consummated their relationship.

Although Lorie Brooks was initially little more than the bad girl who tormented pure sister Leslie, she became a lead in her own right as she battled her sister over custody of Leslie's son Brooks, and battled her psychotic mother-in-law Vanessa (who even killed herself just to frame Laurie for the crime). Lorie acted and reacted based on her neuroses and was as much a child as a woman, naughty as well as sympathetic, a template for many future Y&R female leads. Most of the Brooks and Foster families had been recast again and again by the early 80's, and when Bell decided to expand Y&R to an hour in 1980, many lead actors said they could not sustain themselves on an hour show. Bell told himself he would wait for one more major departure before making big changes. When Jaime Lyn Bauer quit in 1982 due to exhaustion, Bell took the opportunity to write out all of the Brooks and Fosters, save Jill. Gradually, the focus shifted from the Brooks and Foster families to the Williams, Newman and Abbott families and around their respective companies, Newman Enterprises and Jabot Cosmetics. Y&R is one of the only shows in the history of daytime to eliminate their original core families and benefit from the result.

Around the same time Bell phased out the originals, Eric Braeden arrived as the sinister tycoon Victor Newman who was so menacing to his wife Julia (Meg Bennett) that he locked her boyfriend in a dungeon and forced him to watch Victor and Julia's bedroom via closed-circuit camera. Bell saw something in Braeden's performance and since the show had few strong male characters, elevated him to star status. Soon after, Victor went to a strip club and met brash yet innocent Nikki Reed. Nikki had gone through a number of second-tier stories (killing her rapist dad, getting an STD from Paul Williams, joining a cult) but as played by Melody Thomas Scott was a naughty antiheroine in the Lorie Brooks mold. She married Victor in a lavish 1984 wedding and their love-hate relationship suffered many divorces, affairs and remarriages involving everyone from Abbotts to blind Kansas farm women to gynecologists. After over a decade apart, they reunited in 1998 and have basically been together since.

The key to the show winning the ratings week after week is due in part to the tight-knit writing and production staff. For the most part, the writers and producers of the show have stayed unchanged since the 1980s. The writers, in turn, have involved the same fan favorite characters (with few exceptions) in the storylines du jour. The writers of the show found their niche in the stories surrounding the Newman and Jabot conglomerates, and focused on the problems in the relationships stemming from the business deals and love lives of its principal members.

The Y&R mid-program bumper, coinciding with the 2004 daytime campaign, The Look That's Got You Hooked. The eyes in this picture are those of Sharon Case.The Young and the Restless is also one of the few soaps to have successfully integrated a number of African American actors into its cast. In the mid-80's Y&R created a storyline which revolved around a young black man being made up in whiteface to bring down a mafia kingpin, but the characters were written out within a few years. The introduction of the Winters family and the Barber sisters in the early 1990s interacted fairly well with the established characters when given the dialogue and the situations to do so. The new characters were created after Generations earned critical acclaim for casting an entire African American family from the show's inception. Established hits like The Young and the Restless were criticized as the show had a low number of minorities (the Barber sisters, for example, were tied to one of the two black characters on the show at the time: the Abbott maid, Mamie Johnson, played by Margeurite Ray, then Veronica Redd. The other character, Nathan Hastings, was married off to Barber sister Olivia before dying in a hit and run in 1996).

Critics of Y&R continued to deride the show even after its integration, noting that, most of the time, the core black characters largely interacted with themselves only. In the case of Winters siblings Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Malcolm ([[Shemar Moore]]), and Barber sisters Olivia (Tonya Lee Williams) and Drucilla (Victoria Rowell), they were shown to usually just swap each other's partners when a "shake-up" was needed in the romantic scheme of the story, leading to a seemingly neverending love quadrangle between the four characters that gained the nickname "Four Square" from fans and critics alike. Later actions have proven that this choice was due to the supposition that it was ostensibly "too controversial" to have an interracial pairing. Indeed, a pairing in the late 1990s between Neil Winters and Victoria Newman was axed by CBS executives, who were rumored to have received many angry phone calls and letters by viewers in the South. Currently, a love affair between web designer Phyllis Abbott (Michelle Stafford) and chemist Damon Porter (Keith Hamilton Cobb) has been prominently featured, despite concerns that the interracial pairing would be scrapped just like the one that was written before.

Unlike other soaps in the 80's or 90's, Y&R avoided preachy social issues. When they did touch on such issues as abortion or the homeless crisis or AIDS, it was only as a plot device with a few facts and statistics thrown in for effect. For instance, when Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) aborted Victor's child in the 80's, any viewers or scholars who may have looked for a serious story on the pros and cons of abortion would have been disappointed. Ashley only aborted her baby because her lover Victor's wife, Nikki, was then-terminally ill, and Ashley did not want to cause her pain. After learning of her abortion, Victor ripped her to shreds, causing a devastated Ashley to lose her mind and wind up in an insane asylum (in true soap fashion, she married her psychiatrist).

One social issue which was too hot for Y&R was homosexuality. In the mid-70's, lonely society matron Kay Chancellor befriended an overweight, unhappy housewife named Joann Curtis. Kay moved Joann into her home and helped her get a better self-image. Soon, Kay's son Brock wondered about all the time the ladies were spending together, as Kay planned a special vacation to Hawaii for herself and Joann. One day, Kay kissed Joann. The ratings dropped and outraged fan letters poured in. Bell quickly dropped the relationship, wrote out Joann, and the show stabilized.

A relatively controversial fixture on the show over the past 2 decades has been Bell's daughter, Lauralee. Lauralee debuted in 1983 in a bit part as photog Joe Blair's teenage cousin Cricket. As Lauralee grew up, Cricket became more and more prominent, the point where 1988 storylines had 4 different men madly in love with her. Longtime fan favorite Terry Lester (Jack Abbott) left the show in 1989 and blamed her partly, claiming that the excessive airtime given to Cricket drowned out the other performers. Cricket married rock star Danny (Michael Damian) then private eye Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), became an attorney and asked people to refer to her as "Chris", but remained a somewhat saccharine central heroine. By 2000, Lauralee Bell's marriage and children, as well as a successful clothing store, diminished her onscreen airtime and paved the way for other characters.

While heavy recasting is considered to have doomed some series such as Ryan's Hope and Love is a Many Splendored Thing, many would agree that Y&R's casting choices were some of the best in the genre. Most important characters were played by the same actor for decades; if they left the show, the characters left with them. When leads were recast, the replacements were often popular and remade the character in their own image, such as Peter Bergman's Jack Abbott or Jess Walton's Jill Foster Abbott. When Y&R did make the occasional casting snafu, such as the brief 1997 replacement for Heather Tom's Victoria Newman, the mistake was quickly rectified (Tom left the show again in 2003 but the show has yet to find a replacement).


The Bells created The Bold and the Beautiful in 1987, and in 1992, the mega-popular Y&R villianess Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) crossed over to B&B's Los Angeles setting. Bill Bell felt the character had committed too many crimes for her to remain in Genoa City, so she faked her death and moved to LA. She married Eric Forrester (John McCook, who was the first Lance Prentiss) and continually worried her identity would be exposed by her archnemesis Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman), whose department store chain kept her in close contact with the Forresters. Lauren's dying husband, Scott Grainger (Peter Barton) also appeared on B&B long enough to forgive Sheila for her misdeeds. The crossovers were extremely successful and gained B&B over a million viewers. Lauren moved permanently to B&B in 1995 and stayed on the show off an on until 2000, when she again fit into the Genoa City canvas.

In 1999, Victor met man-hungry exec Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) in LA and helped her make Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss) jealous. In return, Brooke appeared on Y&R to pitch her "Brooke's Bedroom" lingerie line to Jack Abbott.

The theme song and opening credits

The theme song has become iconic; save for a three-year stint in the early 2000s, the melody has remained unchanged. The theme music, composed by soap songwriter Barry DeVorzon, was not originally written for the series. It originated as a piece of incidental music for the 1971 theatrical film Bless the Beasts & Children called "Cotton's Dream". DeVorzon adapted this piece of music as the theme to The Young and the Restless. It would later be used as accompanying music during Nadia Comaneci's floor exercises at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and given the alternate title "Nadia's Theme". It was sampled in Mary J. Blige's song No More Drama. In the tune, Blige's persona describes herself as "young and restless".

The opening sequence has also become well-known. For many years, the opening showcased the characters, drawn by an artist, on a white background. Over time, the drawings were replaced with live-action shots of the characters, still on a white background. The opening traditionally ended with an interlocking Y and R painted on the white canvas in a sweeping brush motion. The logo (and in the earlier years, the drawings) were done by artist Sandy Dvore.

Beginning in 1999, in an unprecedented move for a main title sequence of a daytime soap opera, the names of the principal cast members (for that day's particular episode) were mentioned (whereas previously the main title only showed the cast members' faces). For the most part, the mentality of the soap opera producers in general is to keep a certain image of a soap opera character or actor constant in order to keep good publicity, and thus the real names of the actors, shown next to their pictures, were long discouraged, as it interfered with the "escapist" tone of the genre.

It is, to date, the only daytime soap opera on American television with such a main title sequence, although Mexican/Spanish-language television has for decades opened their soap operas (or telenovelas) with the names of the actors in the main title credits.

Longtime characters

The following characters have been on Y&R for a number of years, and even though some of them are not on the show anymore, their previous presence in Genoa City is still felt on the show today.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Newmans

Victor Newman (played by Eric Braeden) - wealthy, powerful and brooding industrialist

Nikki Reed Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) - Victor's on-again off-again wife and one great, true love.

Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) - Victor and Nikki's son

Victoria Newman (played from 1991 to 2003 by Heather Tom) - Victor and Nikki's daughter

Ryan McNeil (played from 1991 to 2001 by Scott Reeves) - Victoria's "one true love". At the center of a love triangle between Victoria and Nina and later Victoria and Tricia (Sabryn Genet). Died after Tricia shot him during a psychotic episode at Victoria and Ryan's wedding.

Sharon Collins Newman (Sharon Case) - Nick's wife

Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes) - Sharon's illegitamate daughter whom Sharon gave up for adoption. Later reclaimed by Sharon and is now a Newman after Sharon's husband Nick adopted her.

The Abbotts

John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) - Aging patriarch of the Abbott clan. Jabot co-executive

Jack Abbott (formerly played by Terry Lester, currently played by Peter Bergman) - Victor's greatest rival and enemy, recently fired from Jabot.

Phyllis Summers Abbott (currently played by Michelle Stafford, formerly played by Sandra Nelson) - Somewhat-reformed ex-wife of Jack Abbott; previously married to Danny Romalotti

Ashley Abbott (currently played by Eileen Davidson, formerly played by Brenda Epperson and Shari Shattuck) - Jack's chemist sister, board member of Jabot, and one of Victor's ex-wives, the mother of his daughter Abby (born by sperm theft)

Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) - a Jabot executive, Ashley's current husband - but they are separated.

Jill Foster Abbott (formerly played by Brenda Dickson and Deborah Adair, currently played by Jess Walton) - Jack and Ashley's stepmother

Billy Abbott (most notably played by David Tom) - Jill's husband's son

Gloria Fisher Abbott (Joan Van Ark, Judith Chapman) - Mother to Kevin and Michael

Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) - First married to Brad, and later to Steve Connelly. Had a problem with weight as a teen and young adult.

The Chancellors

Katherine "Kay" Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) - Jill's longtime rival

Brock Reynolds (Beau Kayzer) - Katherine's long-lost son

Mackenzie Browning (most notably played by Ashley Bashioum) - Katherine's long-lost granddaughter, Brock's daughter

Nina Webster Chancellor (played from 1986 to 2001 by Tricia Cast) - unwed teenage mother, was married to Katherine's grandson Phillip, who died in a drunk-driving accident. Best friends, later adversaries, and friends again with Christine.

Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz) - Grandson of Katherine
and later married to Nina. Died in a drunk-driving accident shortly after marrying Nina.

The Williamses and Others

Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) - Chris's former husband, a private investigator

Mary Williams (Carolyn Conwell) - Paul's meddling, judgmental mother

Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell) - Legal aid lawyer and former model. Wife to Danny, then Paul.

Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) - Former breakout rock star. Husband to Christine and Phyllis.

Gina Roma (Patty Weaver) - Danny's older sister. Used to run Gina's, a much-frequented restaurant in Genoa City, but Kevin Fisher burned it down.

Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) - lawyer and former lover of both Chris and Phyllis

Lynne Bassett (Laura Bryan Birn) - Paul's secretary, who insisted on referring to Paul only as "Boss".

The Winters/Barbers

Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) - photographer for Newman Enterprises. Was presumed dead but came back two years after "disappearing" in Africa. Once had a one night stand with his brother Neil's wife Dru which has led to the possibility that he is Lily's biological father.

Olivia Barber Hastings Winters (Tonya Lee Williams) - A doctor, she was Malcolm's wife after her marriage to Nathan was dissolved by his death. Has one sister, Drucilla and was for a long time in love with her sister's husband Neil.

Nathan Hastings (most notably played by Nathan Purdee from 1985 to 1992) - Olivia's husband, eventually died from being hit by a car after kidnapping Nate when separated from Olivia.

Nathan 'Nate' Hastings, Jr. (Bryant Jones) - Olivia and Nathan's son.

Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) - Malcolm's brother, Newman Enterprises executive and recovering alcoholic. Has been married twice to Drucilla Barber, with whom he shares a daughter Lily.

Drucilla Barber Winters (Victoria Rowell) - Neil's tart-tongued wife and Olvia's sister. Street urchin who was taught to read by Nathan Hastings. Eventually bettered herself into a fashion model, and later an employee at Jabot. Once had a one night stand during her first marriage to Neil and later had a full blown affair with him after Dru and Neil were divorced. It didn't work out and Dru has since remarried Neil.

Lily Winters (most recently played by Christel Khalil) - believed to be the daughter of Neil and Drucilla Winters, but possibly the result of a one night stand between Dru and Neil's brother Malcolm. She recently had an unhealthy sexual relationship with Kevin Fisher whom she met over the internet, which led to the revelation that she had an STD.

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Re: Show History - The 1970s
Young and Restless - Show History - The 1970s

In 1973, Dr. Brad Eliot wandered into the sleepy little town of Genoa City trying to escape his past. He found himself immersed in Genoa City life when he was offered a job by newspaper publisher Stuart Brooks. The Brooks family consisted of Stuart, his wife Jennifer, and four daughters, Leslie a pianist, Lorie an author, Chris a reporter and Peggy a college student. The Brooks family was all tangled up with the Fosters. The Foster family included mother Liz a factory worker, older brother Snapper, younger brother Greg a lawyer, and Jill a beautician and aspiring model. Leslie fell in love with Brad, Chris was seeing Snapper who was also seeing a Sally, a waitress. Greg was in love with Chris and Jill wormed her way into a job as Katherine Chancellor's personal secretary/hairdresser. Katherine was a very wealthy former customer of Jill's at the beauty salon. Chris was raped by a man she met at a bar named George Curtis.

In 1974, Chris rebuffed Snapper's sexual advances due to her rape trauma and he sought comfort from Sally. Sally decided she wanted to keep Snapper for herself, so of course she got pregnant on purpose. Snapper eventually proposed to Chris and she accepted. All the while, Snapper had no idea Sally was pregnant with his child. Sally's boss Pierre told her he would marry her and claim the baby as his own. They eloped and later Chris and Snapper were married and Chris became pregnant shortly after. Lorie started interfering in Leslie and Brad's relationship. Jill took care of the alcoholic Katherine and found herself in love with Kay's husband Phillip. Kay's son Brock returned to town and set his sights on Jill.

In 1975, Lorie convinced Brad to marry her and it caused Leslie to have a complete breakdown and be admitted to a mental hospital. Sally's husband Pierre was killed and Snapper convinced her to stay in town. Chris found out that Sally's baby was Snappers and she miscarried her own baby. Snapper and Chris split for a bit, but eventually made up. Chris went to work at Legal Aid with Greg. Greg fell in love with prostitue Gwen Sherman, but she decided to become a nun instead of marrying Greg. Bill Foster resumed to town and tried to resume his place in the Foster family. Phillip and Jill made love and Jill became pregnant. Kay bribed Brock to marry Jill and she accepted to give her child a name. Katherine gave up drinking and Phillip got a quickie divorce in Haiti.

In 1976, Leslie returned to town and Brad discovered Lorie's schemes reuniting with Leslie. Leslie and Brad were married. Katherine was very upset when she learned Phillip had divorced her. She met him at the airport and during the ride home they ended up going off a cliff. Jill and Phillip were married at the hospital and he later died. Katherine got the mansion in a court settlement and then started drinking again. Jennifer and Stuart were divorced and then later reconciled. Jill gave birth to a baby boy. Lorie learned she was the daughter of Bruce Henderson and not Stuart Brooks. Brad and Leslie's marriage fell apart and he left town. Bill Foster died as a result of cancer and Jill fell in love with the man who had received Bill's corneas.

In 1977, Lance Prentiss arrived in Genoa City with his mother Vanessa. Lance fell for Leslie, but she was unable to forget Brad. Lance then moved on to Lorie. Peggy Brooks fell for a married man, Jack and then was raped by another man. Chris and Snapper's marriage fell apart and she left town. Katherine became involved with Jack's wife Joanne, but Joanne later remarried Jack. Jennifer Brooks died of cancer and Stuart found himself getting closer to Liz Foster. Jill got a job at a salon managed by Derek Thurston and Katherine decided she wanted to marry Derek and offered him money and his own salon for one year of marriage.

In 1978, Lance and Lorie were married and then Lance's brother Lucas showed up in town. Lorie wrote a tell all book about Leslie's previous breakdown which led to Leslie almost having another one, but Lance helped Leslie overcome her doubts and keep performing. Lance and Leslie made love and Leslie became pregnant. Leslie kept the secret and married Lucas. Jill conned Stuart into marrying her by claiming she was pregnant, but he later found out she lied and Jill refused to divorce him. Derek's ex wife Suzanne arrived in town, drugged Katherine and got her sent to the mental hospital where she sent more drugged candy. Kay's roommate ate the candy, set the place on fire and died. Katherine made it look like she had died and then came back to haunt Suzanne driving her insane temporarily. Jill divorced Stuart and got ready to marry Derek when Katherine showed up at the wedding. Stuart and Liz were married. Snapper fell in love with Casey Reed a fellow doctor who had a wild younger sister named Nikki. Casey remembered that her father Nick had raped her and went to confront him. Nick was trying to rape Nikki and during the attack, Nikki killed him.

In 1979, Katherine made Derek head of Chancellor Industries. Leslie gave birth to a boy and then had trouble with raising him and keeping his paternity a secret. She also did not love her husband Lucas. She decided to leave town and left the baby with Lance and Lorie. Lorie realized the baby was Lance's and Leslie had another breakdown resulting in complete amnesia. She wandered to a bar run by a man named Jonas who promised to help her get her identity back. Lucas expressed an interest in Casey who was still seeing Snapper until Chris returned to town and then Casey and Chris both decided to steer clear of Snapper until he made up his mind which of them he wanted. Nikki became involved with Dr. Scott Adams for a short time, but went back to her wild ways. Nikki ended up in an affair with Paul Williams and contracted gonorrhea. Paul then moved on to April Stevens and she ended up pregnant. Katherine replaced Derek with Victor Newman as head of Chancellor. Victor's wife felt lonely and turned to Brock for friendship. Nikki met Greg and instantly fell for him and the two were married. Nikki took a job she thought was modeling for Rose DeVille, but it turned out it was prostitution. Nikki refused to have sex and the man died from a heart attack. Rose helped her cover it up, and a street kid was later charged with murder with Greg as his lawyer.


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Re: Show History - The 1980s
Young and Restless - Show History - The 1980s

In 1980, Victor was jealous of Julia's relationship with Brock and turned to Lorie for comfort. Victor then had a vasectomy without telling Julia. Brock left town and Julia started modeling at Michael Scott's studio. Julia later slept with Michael. Katherine made Derek head of Chancellor again. Douglas Austin developed feelings for Katherine and Derek turned to Judy. Katherine decided to dump Derek, but he got her drunk and they made love. They later went on a cruise where Katherine jumped overboard and ended up on an island. Derek tried to take control of Chancellor, but Mitchell Sherman got Victor involved to stop that from happening. Lance had an affair with Monique but then decided to work out his marriage to Lorie. Leslie returned to town in love with Jonas. Leslie gave Lance and Lorie full custody of her baby while continuing to perform and get her memory back. Leslie agreed to go on a cruise with Lucas. Jill went to work for Jabot owned by John Abbott. John's son Jack also started working at Jabot. Paul refused to help April with her pregnancy and told her to give the baby up for adoption. Paul and Nikki got mixed up with a cult for a bit and Peggy Brooks decided to investigate the cult with help from Steve Williams.

In 1981, Julia became pregnant and Victor locked Michael Scott in the basement of his house to torture him. Julia found out and while trying to rescue Michael, fell down the stairs and lost the baby which turned out to be Victor's. After this, Michael and Julia left town. Katherine was rescued and returned home to torment Derek and then divorcing him. Greg divorced Nikki who went to work at the strip club. Paul married April who gave birth to a daughter. Leslie realized she did not love Lucas anymore and also regained her complete memory. She then sold her stock in Prentiss to Victor. Lucas decided to leave town. Steve Williams and Peggy Foster left town, separately. Jill wanted John Abbott, but he balked and she ended up in bed with Jack and John saw them together. John left town. Patti Williams became involved with both Jack and Danny Romalotti. Chris gave birth to a girl and Snapper's ex girlfriend and mother to his son Sally returned to town and the boy was very ill. Paul rescued Nikki from a stalker and Nikki's sister Casey left town. Victor caught Nikki's show at the Bayou.

In 1982, Jill got involved with Andy Richards. John Abbott returned to town and Jill started working at Jabot again. Ashley and Tracey Abbott came to town. Ashley worked at Jabot while Tracey was smitten with Danny. Jill and John were married. Jack married Patti Williams and then continued seeing Diane Jenkins. Jack hired Julia Newman as the new model for Jabot instead of Diane. Lance and Lorie's marriage ended and he left town. Chris and Snapper also left town. Lorie got involved with Victor and they almost married, but Lorie regained control of Prentiss and left town to give Prentiss back to Lance. Nikki was in love with Victor and became pregnant with his child, but married Kevin Bancroft instead. Paul helped his father Carl beat trumped up bribery charges. Danny's sister Gina came to town and started singing at Jonas.

In 1983, Nikki gave birth to a girl Victoria and started stripping again. Kevin and Nikki divorced. Jill arranged for Patti to see Jack and Diane making love and it caused her to miscarry. After Jack resumed his affair with Diane again, Patti shot him and then forgot all about doing it. While Jack was recovering, John made Ashley president of Jabot and when Jack returned Ashley stayed on as president. Patti and Jack divorced and she left town. John had a heart attack and Jill slept with Jack again with someone taking photographs of the two of them together. Paul, Nikki and Carl were caught up in the mob and Paul's friend Jazz killed the head of the mob. Eve Howard and her friend Max tried to kill Victor but he set them up and Max was killed and Eve sent off to the mental hospital. Ashley discovered her boyfriend Eric and her mother Dina had been lovers. Traci was desperate to win Danny and lose weight so she turned to diet pills. Lauren Fenmore also wanted Danny for herself. She had a car wreck and ended up in the hospital.

In 1984, Nikki's husband Kevin learned that Victor was Victoria's father and he left town. Nikki was kidnapped and then saved by Victor. She learned Victor was Victoria's father and they were married. Julia had an affair with Eric and had his child, but he did not know the truth. Lindsay Wells a former flame of Jack's had snapped the photos of Jack and Jill together and used them for blackmail. Jill became pregnant, but miscarried. John started seeing his first wife Dina again. Katherine got her hands on the photos of Jack and Jill. Paul married Lauren Fenmore and she met a crazed fan named Shawn Garrett. Dina Abbott's former lover Brent Davis came to town. Tracey tried to kill herself after finding her professor/boyfriend in bed with another woman. Tracey was saved by Cricket Blair and found she was pregnant. Danny agreed to marry Tracey to give the baby a name. Tyrone and Jazz Jackson were being pursued by the mob. Patti Williams left town.

In 1985, Tyrone pretended to be a white man to get into the mob and married the mob heads daughter. She found out the truth about him and left town. Tyrone reconciled with Amy Lewis. Ashley learned Brent Davis was her real father and developed amnesia and left town. Victor later found her and brought her back and Ashley stayed at the Newman place. Ashley was attracted to Victor and Nikki had an affair with Jack. Nikki set Ashley up with Victor's brother Matt Miller. Julia Newman left town. Douglas Austin married Boobsie. Katherine sent the photos of Jack and Jill to John and he had a stroke. John divorced Jill and she got involved with the Abbott gardener Brad Carlton. Shawn Garrett threatened to kill Paul unless Lauren did what he wanted. Tracey miscarried and she and Danny divorced. Tracey focused her attention on Brad Carlton.

In 1986, Shawn made Lauren divorce Paul and move in with him and then planned to bury her alive. Paul and Andy rescued Lauren, Shawn was killed and Lauren miscarried. Andy and Diane divorced and Andy took up with a mystery woman named Faren who claimed to have amnesia. Andy and Faren were married and then a man showed up who claimed to be her husband. Brad and Tracey were married and Brad went to work at Jabot. Cricket became friends with Nina who lost her baby to Rose DeVille's black market. Cricket and Danny agreed to help Nina find her child. Ashley and Victor's romance picked up steam. Nikki learned she was dying and Victor reconciled with her. Ashley learned she was pregnant with Victor's child. John learned Jack was the man in the photos with Jill and ordered him out of the house. Jill's son Phillip returned to town a teen and moved in with Kay.

In 1987, Faren's memories began to return. Brad was seduced by Lauren. Jill hired a man named Rex Sterling to romance Kay. Cricket, Nina, Phillip and Danny were involved in relationships together. Phillip began drinking and Nina seduced him. Nina then announced she was pregnant with Phillip's child. Ashley aborted Victor's child and then had an emotional breakdown ending up at a mental hospital treated by Dr. Lassiter. Ashley returned to town and Dr. Lassiter came along because he was in love with Ashley. Nikki went into remission, saw Victor hugging Ashley and made plans with Jack to get Victor's shares of Mergeron stock. Victor discovered her deception and vowed to divorce her.

In 1988, Faren decided to be with her family, but her first husband's housekeeper shot and killed him. Faren decided to stay with her child and Andy moved to Pittsburgh. Brad's ex wife Lisa kidnapped him and Tracey miscarried their baby. Tracey turned to Tim Sullivan for comfort. Jill started an affair with her assistant David Kimball. Kay and Jill tried to get Nina out of Phillip's life, but it did not work. Cricket's mom Jessica came to town and became involved with John. Everyone later learned that Jessica had AIDS and she was treated by Dr. Scott Grainger. Leanna Love came to town and hooked up with Jack. She then wrote a tell all book about Victor. Ashley married Steven Lassiter and Victor put off his divorce to Nikki. Victor thought Nikki was responsible for the tell all and divorced her, but the divorce was not legal. Steve was killed and Ashley was a widow. Paul fell for Cassandra and learned that she was married. Her husband George Rawlins wanted Paul to father a baby for them.

In 1989, Lauren discovered Brad's whereabouts and Jack rescued them both. Brad tried to win Tracey back, but she left town. Victor learned of Leanna and Jack's involvement and took over Jabot and made Brad Jack's boss. Nina and Phillip were married. Phillip started drinking again and was killed in a car crash. An old cell mate of Rex's named Clint Radison came to town and romanced Gina while plotting to get Kay's money. He found a waitress named Marge who looked a lot like Kay. Cricket became engaged to Scott Grainger but learned he was her half brother. Cricket was raped by Derek Stuart. Scott proposed to Lauren. George Rawlins set Paul up to look like he killed George, but Victor realized the truth and that Cassandra was involved in the set up as well. Paul faked his death to try and catch Cassandra in her web of lies.


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Re: Show History - The 1990s
Young and Restless - Show History - The 1990s

In 1990, Jack decided to get back at Victor by marrying Nikki. Victor tried to get Jack to divorce Nikki by offering Jabot back to the Abbott's, but the deal was voided by crafty contract wording. Nikki found out Jack was ready to divorce her for a company and decided to divorce him. Nikki started drinking to cope with her bad marriage. Victor and Ashley got married on a whim causing trouble all over town. Nikki miscarried and turned to painkillers. Clint got Marge to pose as Katherine and kidnapped Kay. The plot almost worked until Brock returned and disovered the truth. Rex married Jill, but the marriage was not legal. Jill started dating John again and Rex started seeing Leanna Love. Paul and Carl along with Cassandra exposed George's real killer. Lauren miscarried leading to trouble in her marriage to Scott who got involved with Sheila Carter. Soon, both Sheila and Lauren were pregnant. Drucilla Barber came to town and was reunited with her sister Olivia. Nina married David Kimball. Chris and Danny were married.

In 1991, Cassandra drugged Brad and married him. He got out of the marriage and she headed to Paul, but was run over by a truck. She had made Paul sole heir to her fortune, but a legal loophole made Brad the one who got the money. Sheila gave birth to a stillborn child and pretended to be pregnant. Lauren gave birth to a boy. Sheila arranged to trade a black market baby for Lauren's baby. Lauren's baby later died. Victoria returned to town from boarding school and hooked up with Ryan McNeil. Victor promised to help Nikki get clean and sober. Ashley and Victor separated. Olivia married Nathan and Dru was attracted to Neil Winters. Nina found out that David was planning to kill her and Phillip. David ended up dead in a trash compactor.

In 1992, Sheila kidnapped her mother and Lauren and after a fire she was thought dead. Lauren moved back in with Scott but started an affair with Brad. Sheila had survived and was living in LA. Nikki got pregnant with Jack's child. Olivia became pregnant and developed cancer, but went on with the pregnancy. Ryan had an affair with Nina, but eventually married Victoria. Rex and Katherine remarried. Jill dated Blade and had an affair with Victor. Jill eventually moved back into the Abbott house. Tracey gave birth to a girl, Colleen and soon after moved to New York. Michael Baldwin sexually harrassed Chris and she took him to court.

In 1993, Michael killed Rebecca, the woman he had set up to look as though she were involved with Danny, he was then found guilty of sexual harrassment and censured. Victoria and Ryan's marriage dissolved and he turned back to Nina while Victoria got involved with Cole Howard. Sheila blackmailed Lauren over her affair with Brad and later Scott died of a terminal illness. Nikki suffered a miscarriage after an argument with Victor. Eve Howard claimed that her son Cole was Victor's son. Victor ended up in Kansas with a blind woman named Hope after his car was stolen and everyone in Genoa City thought Victor was dead. Cole had an affair with Nikki., but later married Victoria. Victor returned to town. John and Jill remarried and she gave birth to a boy. While Danny was out of town, Chris and Paul got closer. Ashley got involved with Blade.

In 1994, Victoria and Cole's marriage was annulled when they thought he was Victor's son. Victoria took a job at Jabot. Victor made love to Hope and proposed marriage. Hope got pregnant. Nick returned to town from boarding school and got involved with Sharon Collins. Danny had an affair with Phyllis and she had a baby boy. Danny and Phyllis returned to town. Blade and Ashley were married, then his former lover Mari Jo showed up and got involved with Jack. Blade's twin brother Rick showed up in town. Jack learned he had fathered a son while in Vietnam and met him, a man named Keemo. Neil's brother Malcolm came to town and Dru accidentally slept with him while medicated. She became pregnant and was not sure if Malcolm or Neil was the father. Nina and Ryan married and Nina miscarried. John and Jill divorced and had a bitter custody fight for their son Billy. Esther fell for a con artist named Norman who tried to rob Kay. Norman was discovered by Rex and Norman shot and killed Rex. Norman was arrested for murder.

In 1995, Matt Clark raped Sharon. Nick proposed to Sharon. Nick learned of the rape and went to confront Matt who was already shot. Matt said Nick had shot him and he was arrested. Nick and Sharon eloped. Rick assumed Blade's identity, but Blade returned to town and Rick left. Blade was killed in a car wreck and Ashley went to Paris. Hope gave birth to Victor's son. Brad had an affair with Nikki and Lauren left town for LA. Phyllis tried to run down Paul and Chris and the accident left Paul impotent. Phyllis changed Daniel's birth records so that Danny would look like his father. Dru had a baby girl named Lily. Ryan went to work for Jill. Nathan had an affair with a woman named Keesha, but stayed with Olivia. Keesha dated Malcolm.

In 1996, Sharons' friend Amy revealed she shot Matt after he raped her. Nick took a job at Newman. Sharon became pregnant and her old friend Grace Turner showed up in town. Not long after, Grace's ex Tony showed up in town too. Keemo's mother Luan died of a terminal illness. Jack started an affair with Mari Jo Mason and planned to marry her. Victor was shot in his office. Nikki married her doctor Josh Landers. Mari Jo was arrested for shooting Victor. Jack started to see Diane Jenkins. Phyllis and Danny divorced. The day before Paul and Chris were to be married, Chris slept with Danny. Chris and Paul married. Olivia learned Keesha had AIDS. Nathan was hit by a car and died. Keesha died from AIDS after marrying Malcolm. Dru signed a modeling contract behind Neil's back. Victoria was attracted to Ryan while Cole was attracted to Nina.

In 1997, Danny learned he was not Daniel's father and decided to divorce Phyllis and sue for custody of the boy. Michael got out of jail and represented Phyllis where the two of them ended up in an affair. Diane had an affair with Victor which ended her engagement to Jack. Victor married Diane. Sharon gave birth to a baby boy named Noah. Grace and Tony found Sharon's baby she gave up for adoption, Cassie. A drunk Nick had sex with Grace. Jill became involved with Keith Dennison who had two daughters, Tricia and Megan. Josh Landers surgically altered wife showed up in town and became Nikki's housekeeper. Nina had a breakdown when she learned of Ryan's affair with Tricia and held him at gunpoint. Ryan and Nina divorced and Ryan and Tricia resumed their romance. Neil left Dru after learning of her modeling job. Malcolm and Olivia were married. Ashley and Cole had an affair. Katherine had a facelift.

In 1998, Sharon was reunited with her daughter Cassie. Nick slept with Grace again and Sharon found out. Victoria and Cole divorced. Victoria gave birth prematurely to a daughter named Eve who later died. Danny left town after a mugging which had Michael donating one of his kidneys to Danny. Paul's father Carl came back to town with a new identity and memories. Josh's ex wife shot and killed him and then Nikki married Victor again after she was shot too. Jack and Phyllis started an affair. Tricia and Ryan married. John Abbott left town.

In 1999, Victor was presumed dead after a plane crash, but returned to town. Victor agreed to give Jabot back to the Abbott's along with a promisary note. Diane took a sample of Victor's sperm from a sperm bank. Nikki slept with Brad. Sharon and Nick bought the coffeehouse. Malcolm and Olivia divorced. Tricia got pregnant, but miscarred and fell into a depression. Tony and Megan embarked on a relationship. Kay and Jill were awarded joint custody of the mansion. Katherine found her granddaughter MacKenzie. Billy returned home from boarding school and Mac caught his eye and the eye of Billy's friend Raul. Grace left town and so did Phyllis.


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Re: Show History - 2000 and Beyond
Young and Restless - Show History - 2000 and Beyond

In 2000, Tricia ran over Megan's boyfriend Tony on their wedding day and he died. Ryan hooked up with Victoria and Tricia vowed revenge by teaming up with Matt Clark. Victoria was stalked by Gary who eventually ended up in prison. Nikki and Victor reunited then broke up when she invested 35 million in Jabot. Diane became pregnant with what she thought was Victor's sperm. Ashley was also pregnant with Victor's sperm and married Brad right before she gave birth to a daughter, named Abby. Phyllis returned to town and hooked up with Jack. Billy, Mac, Raul and Brittany were all involved in various relationships together. Nina agreed to marry Tomas. Dru returned to town and then left again. Chris went to work for Michael at his law firm. Matt returned to town as Carter and went to work at the Coffeehouse.

In 2001, Brittany schemed and made it possible for Mac's mother Amanda to show up in town. Raul learned he has diabetes. Diane gave birth to a boy but a paternity test proved he was not Victor's and she moved to Italy. Nikki learned Jack was the father of Diane's baby. Nick was put in jail on trumped up drug charges. Matt had tried to rape Sharon twice, but failed. Matt ended up in a car wreck with Tricia and later died after telling Nick he had raped Sharon, pinning the "murder" on Nick who ended up in jail again. Warton helped Nick get out of jail. Tricia kidnapped Victoria on her wedding day to Ryan and pretended to be Victoria. Tricia then shot Ryan and he later died. Tricia was sent to a mental hospital. Sharon tripped and fell after an argument with Nick and her baby died. The baby turned out to be Nick's after all and not Matt's. Tracey brought Colleen home and she moved in with her grandfather John. Chris returned from Hong Kong to find Paul having sex with Isabella, a woman hired by Michael to break up Chris and Paul. Chris filed for divorce and Isabella announced she was pregnant. After Ryan's death, Neil started to drink heavily. Jack and Phyllis were married. Nina and Phillip moved to LA. Jill started dating the much younger Sean.

Spoiler warning!
In 2002, Mac's abusive stepfather Ralph showed up to torment her. Amanda left town and Ralph disappeared. Billy and Mac reconciled. Jill got closer to Larry. A nasty custody fight for Kyle, Diane's son by Jack, took off with Phyllis and Diane declaring war on each other. Phyllis was accused of setting the Abbott pool house on fire, but was later cleared. Victor and Nikki remarried. Colleen fell for former bad boy J.T. Malcolm was presumed dead in Africa. Neil kept up his heavy drinking, but later got clean and sober. Dru returrned to town with new boyfriend Wes and teenaged Lily. Sharon slept with Diego once and when Nick found out he slept with Grace Turner again. Sharon decided to file for divorce. Victoria got involved with Diego. Raul started dating Brittany but her parents tried to break them up. Paul married Isabella. Chris got involved with Michael and then Paul forced himself on her during a heated argument. Ashley survived a bout with breast cancer and Olivia learned the truth about Abby's father with Dru learning the secret as well.

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