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кто нибудь мне может помочь перевести две последние серии Шпионки. Трейлеры для перевода я дам ниже.
Для начала трейлер 4.22
Original Airdate (ABC): 25-MAY-05


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Shows airplane flying. Shows airplane hatch opening. Nadia, Irina, Vaughn, Jack, and Sydney all jump out of the hatch. And into Savogda. Nighttime. There is a big red ball hovering over Savogda. Team meets up on the ground, in the streets. There are many wrecked vehicles.

Jack: DSR team is supposed to be here. Contact APO.

APO. Marshall and Weiss.

Marshall: We’ve got Mr. Bristow on sat-comm.

Weiss: Jack, what’s your situation?

Jack: We’re at the rendevous point, still waiting on the DSR team. We’ll give them 5 more minutes and then move on. Have we made any progress with the Russians?

Weiss: No. Director Chase is in Washington. They’ve organized a coalition to pressure the Russians to call off the air strike, but so far, no luck.

Jack: They do understand that destroying the device with conventional explosives will cause enough toxic fallout to make Chernobyl look like a kitchen fire?

Weiss: Yeah, their official position is they’re not buying it, which gives you about 2 hours (both Marshall and Weiss look at their watches) to deactivate the device.

Sydney: Dad, we got a signal from the DSR team’s transponder. They’re a block and a half away.

Jack (into phone): We’ll be in touch.


Marshall: The Russians rely on the Milsat satellite network to vector the bombs, right? If I can hack into it, I can shut it down.

Weiss: And violate several thousand international laws? (whoohoo let’s go for it)

Marshall: We’re talking about the end of the world. I’m not worried about a tribunal.

Weill: That’s a good point. Gogogogo


Elena’s hangout. Sloane’s here too. Man walks up to Elena.

Man: It’s operational.

Elena: Have you notified our cells?

Man: We’re on schedule.

Elena: Good. (Man leaves. Pause. Elena turns to Sloane. ) It won’t be long before you see her again. I know Nadia. She’s gonna make us proud.


Team walking along streets.

Sydney: The signal’s coming from right here.

They find the DSR vehicle with an arm inside. They grimace

Jack: We should keep moving.

Rattling sounds. Sydney and Vaughn hold up tranq guns. Brodien comes around the bend.

Sydney: Brodien.

Brodien: Bristow? Oh for G-d’s sakes, what are you- I thought you were relieved of duty.

Sydney: Well, don’t believe everything you hear.

Vaughn: What happened here?

Brodien: Uh, let’s just say those tranqs-they’re not gonna do you any good. Not on the infected. They’re like rabid dogs. They travel in packs. (pulls out machine guns for everyone) It only took them one night to wipe out my entire team.

Jack: You’re the last one alive?

Brodien: I don’t know how many there are out there. Hundreds, could be thousands.

Sydney: What about the resat?

Brodien: Dead if they’re lucky. When there’s no one left to kill they turn on each other. The municipal water supply was tainted. And the device is broadcasting a subaudible frequency off any spectrum. Anyone within the radius of the signal who drank the water has been psychologically altered.

Nadia: Are we gonna just shoot them?

Brodien: Yes. I mean, It’s either them or us. They’re already gone anyway. We’re putting them out of their misery. There is no cure. Once you’re infected, there’s no reversing the symptoms.

Jack: What have you learned about the device?

Brodien: Uhhh, Best we can tell, the epicenter is, uh, 4 miles northwest. (pulls out a map) Over the Oransky building. Right here.

Jack: In that case, the control center for the device should be located on the rooftop.

Brodien: I’ve taken out the city’s power grid. The device keeps running.

Nadia: Irina knows how to bring it down safely.

Brodien: Irina? Irina Derevko? (stares at her)

Irina: The device has been modified to run off an internal energy source. We need to get to the roof of that building.

Brodien: Okay. Uhh, right. But we can’t drive. All the roads are closed off with gridlock.

Sydney: We can get through town through the subway tunnels. It’s a straight shot to the Oransky building. There should be an emergency battery system to power up the cars.

Brodien: Those tunnels are pitch black. There’s only one way in or out.

Sydney: I’m not saying I’m looking forward to it.

Brodien: All right. Let’s go.

They continue walking. Camera pans to show one of Elena’s men.

Man: (into radio) They’re here.


Elena’s hideout.

Elena: (to Sloane) Less than 2 hours before the Russians launch their strike. Nothing can stop us.

Sloane: Regardless, we should eliminate all possibility. I’ll lead the assault team. ( He turns to leave)

Elena: Nadia.

Sloane: (turns back) What about Nadia?

Elena: Bring her back. Give her the option to join us.

Sloane (exasperated): I was going to. (to assault team) Let’s go.



Marshall trying to hack into Russian network. Weiss is close by.

Marshall: Dammit. It’s too secure. I can’t get in from the outside. Unless we have a valid access code, this isn’t gonna work.

Weill: So get an access code.

Marshall: Only Russian military officials have access codes to those.

Weiss: We’ve managed harder. Come on, there’s got to be a way. What would Jack do in this situation? Jack is the king of this sort of thing. (hehe it rhymes)

Marshall: Well, first he’d probably glower a bit, right? And then he’d probably blackmail or torture somebody. Right? (he gets that lightbulb facial expression) You’re a genius. You, Eric Weiss are a genius.

Marshall and Weiss in Sloane’s office looking at the Blackwell Index.

Weiss: I thought Sloane turned the Blackwell Index over to Langley.

Marshall: He didn’t. It’s complicated.

Weiss: Sloane’s evil. Why wouldn’t he hold on to blackmail material on world leaders.

Marshall: Okay, here it is. Russian Deputy of Defense, Minister Karkov. (highlights name on the index, opens files) We find the right dirt, he’ll be begging to give us the code.

Weiss: I think we found your passion. What’s this guy into?

Marshall: Let’s take a look. (clicks file) Whoah, hello.

Weiss: Is that a. . .

Marshall: I hope not.

Weiss: Wow.


Jack and team walking along the street. Jack on the phone.

Weiss: Jack, we found a Russian minister off the Blackwell Index who can get us access to the Milsat. We’ll keep you posted.

Jack (to Irina): Marshall and Weiss are working on the Russians. Stubborn bunch, your countrymen.

Irina: We like to control our own fate. You never put much faith in that, did you? Fate, destiny.

Jack: About as much faith as I put in horoscopes, fortune cookies.

Irina: Look. (We see and hear a horse walking along the street. The horse is white, but appears red because of reflection of Rambaldi ball.) Rambaldi wrote, “when bloodred horses run through the streetsand angels fall from the sky, the Chosen One and the Passenger will clash. And only one of them will survive.”

Jack: You really are through the looking glass, aren’t you. When I see angels fall from the sky, I’ll start to worry.

Irina: I just can’t shake the feeling that tonight, one of my daughters will perish.

The team reaches a gate.

Brodien: This is it. (Uses a blowtorch to open lock on gate.)

Sydney: Hey, Brodien. It looks like the ear heeled up pretty nicely.

Brodien: Yeah, and if you plan on putting any more holes in me, just go ahead and tell me now. All right? (Opens gate)

Infected guy, who was waiting inside the gate, stabs Brodien with a long metal pole. Sydney and Nadia shoot Infected guy. Sydney rushes over to Brodien.

Sydney: Hang in there.

Brodien: Go. End this. (dies)

Jack: We should move. Now! (enters gate, everyone follows)


All are on radios.
Underground subway. Switching room. Nadia and Sydney walk in with flashlights.

Sydney: We found the switching room. We’ll set green lights all the way down the line.

Jack is in the subway. There are dead people.

Jack: It should only take a few minutes to redirect the power to the drive wheels. How are we on the brakes?

Vaughn is working underneath the subway.

Vaughn: The calipers have seized. Must have happened when the power shut down. But if we cut the hydraulic lines and bleed the fluid, they should disengage, but we’ll have no manual topping power.

Nadia: We can set the track switch to trigger an emergency stop.

Jack: Right. Be careful out there.

Vaughn and Irina are working on the brakes.

Irina: You shouldn’t wait.

Vaughn: For what?

Irina: I saw the ring.

Vaughn: Yeah, you know what? You killed my father. The way I see it, I don’t have to ask for your blessings.

Irina: Despite that, you may have them. Along with some advice.

Vaughn: Marital advice from you. Wondeful. Like what, don’t betray your spouse?

Irina: Yeah, that’d be one of them. But even between a husband and a wife, some secrets are acceptable. However, your activities are not.

Vaughn: What are you talking about?

Irina: You’re not as covert as you like to think. Consider my life an object lesson. If you don’t want to end up like Jack and me, tell Sydney the truth.

Back to Nadia and Sydney in the switching room, flipping switches.

Nadia: It’s not catching.

Sydney: They’re at either end of the platform. Maybe when the train’s at the station, they have to be set manually. We can do it.

Nadia: Okay. (sighs)

Sydney: You still feeling it too?

Nadia: Like something awful’s going to happen.

Sydney: I know. (pause) Vaughn asked me to marry him.

Nadia: Sydney. . .That’s amazing.

Sydney: I’m sure there are plenty of brides who want to kill their maid of honor. I’m not one of them.

Nadia: Okay.

Sydney: I’ll take the switch in front. (they leave the switching room)


APO Weiss and Marshall on the phone. Speaking Russian, badly.

Weiss: May I speak to Deputy Minister Karkov?

Voice: Please hold.

Karkov: This is Minister Karkov. To whom am I speaking.

Weiss: Careful. Be listening. We are needing your code of Milsat network.

Karkov: Whoever this is your Russian is awful.

Marshall (covers phone): (In English, half to Weiss, half to himself, half to Karkov) I wrote this program in five minutes, you perv.

Weiss: (in English) I’m gonna make this real simple for you. We need your Milsat access codes. Either give it to us now, or every major news organization will get the tuva photos by morning.

Karkov: (in English) A, I don’t know what you’re talking about. B, I’m running a trace on this call.

Weiss: Great. I look forward to meeting you. While I’ve got you on the line, let me ask you-what’s the significance of the green balloons. (pause, Marhall gives a thumbs up)

Karkov: Alpha-5-7-2-8-1-1-black. Now let me be clear. If those photos ever-

Weiss: Oh, sure thing, Minister. Or should I call you, “cowboy.”? ( Marshall and Weiss both laugh)

Marshall: Got it.


Jack alone in subway. There are dead people. A cell phone rings. Jack finds it and answers.

Woman: (in Russian??): Leonid? Thank G-d, What’s happening out there? I’ve been watching the news and they-

Jack: I’m sorry. Leonid is dead. (woman cries, Jack puts cell phone away)


APO Marshall and Weiss hacking into computer.

Marshall: Okay, code’s good. We’re in.

Weiss: Good.

Marshall: Okay. Wait a second. This is odd. (computer shows map of world with arrows all over it)

Weiss: What? What’s odd?

Marshall: Well, there is a signal coming out of Savogda. Someone’s trying to uplink an encrypted broadcast connect to the Russians’ network.

Weiss: It could be Elena. But why would she broadcast over a closed network? Can you find out?

Marshall: Let me see.


Jack in subway. Vaughn and Irina come in.

Vaughn: Jack, we cut the breaklines. As soon as you restore power, we’ll be good to roll.

Jack: I’m almost done here. Give me a sec. ( He continues to work with wires)

Cuts to Nadia walking in front of the subway train, with flashlight. She finds the brake switches.

Cuts back to Jack. He gets the power to work.

Irina: Need any help?

Jack: No just another minute.

Sydney enters the train.

Irina: Where’s Nadia?

Sydney: She isn’t back yet?

Irina: No.

Nadia is trying to lift the brake switches. She hears screams. \

Nadia: Guys, they’re coming.

Vaughn: Nadia, get out of there! (runs down the train)

Nadia: Got it.

Train starts to move, Nadia starts to run. Behind her is a mob of infected people. Zombies.

Sydney: (follows Vaughn) Nadia! Vaughn! (Opens th back door of the train) Nadia! Nadia! (Nadia is running, Vaughn shoots at zombies.) Dad, Stop the train!

Jack: Sydney, we can’t!

Sydney: Stop the damn train! Nadia! (holds out her arm, Nadia keeps running)

Nadia: Sydney!

Sydney: Come here! Come here!

Sydney’s and Nadia’s fingers touch. Nadia gets tackled by a zombie. Hmmm, someone yells, not sure who, Nadia or Sydney. Other zombies tackle Nadia. Vaughn pulls Sydney back inside the train.

Vaughn: Syd!


Inside subway train.

Irina: (to Sydney) Your sister’s alive.

Sloane and assault team run along the subway stations. Sloane kills the assault team.

Jack: (in subway train) Hold on! We’re coming into the station.

The wheels screech. Subway doors open. Sloane is aiming his gun at them. They aim their guns at him and walk out of subway train. They see the dead assault team.

Sloane: These are Elena’s men, sent here to kill you.

Jack: I suppose you’re expecting a thank-you.

Sloane: There’s no time for sarcasm, Jack. Elena’s men have already primed the world’s drinking water. No one else can stop her if we don’t get to her within the next few hours.

Sydney: Wait a minute, you expect us to believe that you came here to help us?, please.

Sloane: I have never been disingenuous with you on this, Sydney. I allied myself with Elena in order to put an end to her plan, to shoulder the risk myself. But she’s built in security devices, and I haven’t had the time.

Jack: I’ve heard quite enough, Arvin.

Sloane: Jack, I’ve been inside the operation. If you want to stop Elena, this is how we’re gonna do it. She’s secured herself inside an antiquated COG facility, below the Oransky building. Sydney, Vaughn, open a line to APO. Jack, you take point. Irina, forgive me, but there’s no time for pleasantries-(punched by Jack, and knocked out)

Jack: You’re no longer in charge of this team.



On phone.

Weiss: Jack we might have a breakthrough. Marshall detected a signal coming out of the city. We believe Elena is trying to uplink to the milsat network.

Sydney: Do we know why?

Marshall: I decoded the signal-it’s a subaudible frequency below the range of human hearing, the same frequency being used by the Mueller device. She’s using the Russian satellite network to distribute that frequency worldwide.

Jack: If she succeeds, the effects we’re seeing will occur globally, everywhere the water’s been primed.

Marshall (frantic): I know I told you there were 2 hours before the air strike, but the instant the Russians scramble those bombers, the satellite network, it’s going to go online. The minute that happens, that signal-It’s going to be broadcast. She is super tricky-counting on the Russian air strike all along.

Sydney: How much time do we have?

Marshall: 40 minutes, give or take.

Irina: We need to get to the roof of that building and shut down the device.

Jack: (to Marshall) Can you send us intel on the facility-thermal scans?

Marshall: Okay, just give me a sec. (opens files at computer) The Meuller device is causing too much interference. The best I can do is building blueprints. Uploading now.

Vaughn: (his cell phone rings) Got it?

Jack: Put in a call to Chase-Washington should be kept up to speed so they can order foreign leadership to begin preparations.

Weiss: Good luck.

Jack: Yeah, likewise.

Vaughn: Our best bet is the northwest entrance. We can approach it through the alley without being seen.

Sydney: If she anticipated that, all her defenses would be there.

Jack: (to Sloane) You’re going to help us get inside that building and up to the roof. We have 40 minutes.

Sloane: Of course.

Jack: If we fail, I will personally put a bullet in your skull. (How many times has he said that?)

Sloane: You won’t have to. I can take you up to the roof. It’s not a problem, Elena left it unguarded. Once you disable the device, the toxins that are inside will dissipate into the atmosphere. What you’re talking about is a suicide mission.

Irina: Just get me to the roof. I can cut the wire to the relay- reverse the ionization. Aside from the impact, the water will be harmless.

Sloane: I’ll take you, but your sister changed the wiring scene. It’s one of her fail-safes.

Irina: In that case, take me to my sister.

Sloane: I will. Where’s Nadia?


Nadia fighting the mob of zombies wither her gun.

Nadia: (into radio) Do you copy? Can anybody hear me? (starts climbing up ladder) Sydney! (climbs back up to the street.

She walks along the street, and comes across some angel statues that must have fallen off a church or something.

Guy: Hello? Is somebody there? Help me! Please. (he’s sitting on some steps) Don”t hurt me!

Nadia: What happened to you?

Guy: My leg- I think it’s broken. Thank G-d. I’ve been here for hours.

Nadia: It was pretty risky, going out like you did. How did you know I wasn’t one of them?

Guy: Because (holds a gun up to her face) I know who you are.


Elena’s hideout. Elena has Nadia tied up to a chair.

Elena: Sweetheart. I’m sorry it had to be done this way. I hope you understand. I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted children of my own, Nadia. Then you came along. And ever since then, no matter how far I was from you, I always thought of you as my daughter. (puts her hand on Nadia’s cheek)

Nadia: (pulls back roughly) Don’t touch me!

Elena: You have a choice. You can embrace your anger and hate me or you can join me. The flood has begun. (she holds Nadia’s head in place) Only precious few will survive. (Looks at a map on wall with pins sticking out of it. Pins probably show places where contaminated water was distributed.) There she is. I see her now-your mother. She used to look at me with those eyes. (Nadia starts to cry.) It’s time that you accept the life you have ahead of you. I know it’s not easy. Greatness never is.

Nadia: You’re right. (Tears stream down her face) I see my future. Two minutes from now, I see myself killing you. (Elena hits her) The only reason you want me to be on your side is because you believe I’m the one to stop Sydney Bristow. But she’s my sister. You’re nothing to me.

Elena: I am sorry you feel that way. (goes to get a syringe and needle)

Nadia: What’s that?

Elena: Don’t worry, darling. It’s only tap water.

Nadia: I will never betray my sister.

Elena: We’ll see. (she injects the fluid right in the middle of the Rambaldi eye that Ana had branded on her neck, she screams)


We’re probably in the Oransky building. Sydney is walking to go to the roof when Vaughn comes up behind her. Irina, Jack, and Sloane are a bit further away.

Vaughn: Syd!

Sydney: Did I forget something?

Vaughn: Yeah, me- I’m coming with you.

Sydney: Did my dad change the plans?

Vaughn: No, I did. I’m joining you on the roof.

Sydney: It’s a one-person job. My mom will relay up the wiring instructions. I can disarm the device myself.

Vaughn: You can’t outrun the wall of water that thing’s gonna turn into.

Sydney: How are you going to help me?

Vaughn: We’ll figure something out. You’ll run faster if I’m chasing you.

Sydney: I’ll be fine. And they need you in the bunker. If we don’t get Elena. . .

Vaughn Syd.

Sydney: Don’t say it. I’ll see you in a few minutes.

Vaughn: Okay

Sydney (starts walking away, but turns back): Just in case, yes.

Vaughn: yeah?

Sydney: (close to tears) Yeah, I want to marry you.

They kiss. Vaughn pulls out the ring. Sydney takes it and puts it on.

Sydney: It’s perfect. So are you. (they kiss again)

Vaughn: Go.

Sydney: I’ll see you.

Vaughn: I know.

Sydney turns and leaves. In the elevator, she fingers the ring.



Marshall: (Into phone) That’s right, a polymorphic computer virus capable of infecting military-grade encryption. You think you can handle that? Not 10 minutes- I need it now! Just get it done, okay? Thank you.

Weiss: Are we close?

Marshall: That’s not really a helpful question right now okay?

Weiss: Don’t blame yourself. This satellite network was designed to withstand World War III. I just got off the phone with my buddy in the secret service. They’ve initiated the “continuity of government” protocol. The president, his cabinet, their family members-all being evacuated to underground command centers. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’ve kidded myself, but I thought maybe I’d be on the list.

Marshall: Yeah. It’s kind of like high school all over again. The cool kids are having a party, and I’m not invited.

Weiss: All right, there’s still time left. Let’s not give up on them yet.

Marshall (picks up cell phone, dials): Hey, honey. Hi, uuuh, no, I don’t have a lot of time. I just- I just wanted to tell you I love you. I don’t get to tell you that often enough. No, I haven’t been drinking. I’m just- I’m just gonna be home early tonight, okay? Bye.


Elena’s bunker.

Man: Russian bombers are taxing to the runway.

Elena: Have you uploaded the signal?

Man: Once Milsat is online, the signal will be broadcast worldwide. Sloane’s back.

Shows video footage of Sloane helping someone to walk. Man goes running to greet Sloane. Sloane shoots Man dead. Vaughn, Jack, and Irina follow Sloane to Elena.

Irina: (to Elena) Hello, sis. Ever since you were 11, there’s something I wanted to do. (PUNCH. Elena falls to the ground.) Now.

Sloane picks Elena up and ties her to a chair. Vaughn and Jack go to the computer.

Jack: Can’t retract the signal from this terminal. (to Vaughn) Find the relay room and destroy it.

Back to Sydney on roof of the Oranskey building. She stares up at the Mueller device and the big red ball. She finds and opens a hatch, which shows a great mass of wires. She turns around and sees Nadia.

Sydney: Nadia! Nadia, it’s me. (Nadia’s eyes glow red) It’s Sydney. I don’t want to hurt you. (Starts backing up while Nadia continues to advance.)

Jack (on comms): Sydney, what’s happening?

Sydney: It’s Nadia, she’s guarding the device. She’s infected. (starts to tear up)

Sloane: (to Elena) This is all you’re doing.

Jack (to Sydney): You have to take her out.

Sydney: No, dad. She’s my sister.

Irina: Listen to me, she’s not your sister anymore.

Sydney: I know. Please Nadia. Please let me help you. (she cries a little)

Nadia attacks Sydney, twisting her around. N kicks then punches S.

Irina: Sydney?

Jack: Sydney, what’s happening?

Sydney: (has N’s arm pulled back behind her) Nadia, stop!

N gets free and kicks S a few times. N starts to strangle S, who in turn, starts to choke, and cough. S punches N in the face. S kicks and punches N a few times. N gets S’s gun. They both do a few more twists and turns. Nadia shoots twice at Sydney, who dodges.

Vaughn enters the relay room and shoots some wires with his gun.

Vaughn: The relays blown. Check the signal strength.

Irina (she sounds weary): No good, Vaughn. The signal’s still broadcasting.

Elena: I’ve planned this for 5 years. Don’t you think I’ve accounted for every possibility?

Irina: Vaughn, is Sloane with you?

Vaughn: No, he’s not with you?

Irina: Get to the roof, right now.

Vaughn: On my way. (runs out of the relay room)

Nadia and Sydney continue to fight on the rooftop. Nadia picks up a metal pole and starts hitting Sydney with it, much like the way she did with that big stick in the Descent. Camera shows Vaughn running down a corridor. (This music reminds me of LOTR, don’t you think?) Back to N and S. The arm N has the gun in is stretched way out. S puts her hand on it and the bullet chamber falls out. N pulls out her own gun and shoots at S. The bullet appears to have grazed S’s cheek. She swings around, kicking N. We see Vaughn running up some stairs. N is knocked out. S is chaining her up. Sydney goes back to big mass of wire’s. Music goes back to normal Alias music.

Sydney: Okay, Mom, I’ve removed the panel.

Irina: Do you see the master circuit board?

Sydney: I see a lot of circuit boards.

Irina: It’s the one closest to the power supply. Trace the ground wire. It should lead you to the coil.

Sydney: Got it. (she removes the circuit board to reveal, the coil from Nightingale) Okay, I’m there.

Irina: There should be 2 wires, one black, one yellow.

Sydney: No. She’s changed them out. One wire’s blue, the other’s white.

Irina: Hold on, Sydney. (she walks over to Elena) I’ll give you one chance to do the right thing. Not that you were ever any good at that. Which wire?

Elena: It’s useless. In a few minutes, when the signal broadcasts, the whole world will be different. However you plan on torturing me, I’ll hold out-at least for that long.

Irina (smirks): I’m not gonna torture you. I’m gonna let him do it. (she jerks her head at Jack) And he really doesn’t care for you. Especially after you tricked him into killing me. (Jack moves around, getting equipment) One thing you should know about Jack, he hates being anybody’s puppet.

Jack: I’m actually hoping, you don’t tell us what we need to know. (Gets a syringe, a needle, and a vial of tap water) There’s a 50/50 chance Sydney cuts the right wire. I’m willing to take those odds. . .if it means I can stand here and watch you turn into an animal.

Elena (shakes her head, worriedly, it looks like): You’re not a gambling man, Jack.

Jack: I didn’t used to be, but it’s been a rather interesting year for me. It’s made me re-evaluate certain parts of my life. I’m trying to have more fun these days. (inserts the needle in Elena’s neck)

Elena: Wait! How do I know you won’t inject me anyway?

Jack: You don’t.

Elena: White! Tell her to cut the white wire! (BANG)

Irina (Holding a gun, her arm’s outstretched): Sydney, cut the blue wire. And then run like hell. You have 15 seconds before the ball bursts.

Sydney: Copy that. Cutting the blue wire. (Chain goes around her throat)

N is choking S with the same chain that S chained N up with. S is choking. BANG. Sloane shot N. N falls. S coughs. S stares at Sloane.

Sloane: I had no choice.

Vaughn (finally arrives): Sydney we got to go.

Sydney: Get her into the elevator.

Vaughn: (picks up Nadia) She’s still breathing.

Sydney leans over the wire mass.

Vaughn (Nadia in arms): Sydney, let’s go.

Vaughn heads the elevator. Sloane follows. Sydney shuts her eyes, takes a deep breath, cuts the blue wire. And she starts running like hell. In the elevator, Sloane rubs Nadia’s head.

Sloane: She’s bleeding out.

Vaughn: Put some pressure on it. (Sloane puts his hand over the bullet wound.)

Big Rambaldi Ball explodes. But instead of flame, like with normal explosions, we get tons of water.

Back in elevator.

Sydney: The device is coming apart.

Windows of the Oranskey building shatter. Water follows the elevator. They reach the bottom. Water follows. They run. They meet up with Jack and Irina, who close the big gate that blocks the water, barely.



Weiss (Paces, on comms.): Raptor, do you copy? Come on. Phoenix. Raptor. Phoenix. Do you copy? Come on. Anyone?

Marshall (on computer): Hold on. I’ll try an alternate signal.

Weiss: Anything?

Marshall: Nothing.

Weiss: All right, what’s the status of the building?

Marshall (mouth agape): It’s not there anymore.



Vaughn (into phone): 3-9-alpha-2-4. We’ve transitioned out of the bunker. Requesing immediate evac. Med-support needed. Popping smoke now.

Jack (to Irina): The chopper should be here any minute.

Irina: We both know how this is supposed to play out. You bring me back to the States, turn me over to your superiors.

Jack: On foot, you could reach the border by daybreak.

Irina: What about the Agency? What would you tell them?

Jack: Oh, I think they know- no one can hold on to Irina Derevko for too long.

Irina grins and gives Jack a kiss on the lips. She walks over to Sydney.

Irina: Take care of your sister.

Sydney: I will.

Irina: 3 years ago, when I told you, you were the Chosen One, that only you could take down the greatest evil, I know your mind must have been overwhelmed with confusion. But tonight, you recognize that you’ve done just that. I’m so proud of you. (she kisses Sydney’s forehead)

Sydney: Thank you.

Irina walks away a bit then stops and turns around.

Irina: Sydney. You may not see me on your wedding day, but I’ll see you.

Sydney cries as she watches her mother leave.


Sloane in a prison cell. Sydney comes to visit.

Sloane: Nadia. Is she-

Sydney: Her vitals are stable. They’re keeping her under sedation until we find an antidote for her condition.

Sloane: What about the survivors? Russians must be running tests-

Sydney: There aren’t any survivors. The Russian military executed all remaining civilians inside Savogda.

Sloane: Of course. Otherwise it would bely their claim of a chemical explosion. It’s because of me. . .Because of my choices. I’ve hurt the most precious thing in my life.

Sydney: We’ll get her back. Whatever it takes, we’ll find a cure. Thank you. (Cell door opens.) I’ve arranged for you to see Nadia.

Sloane: Sydney.

Sydney: I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I believe you were trying to do the right thing.

Sloane: Thank you. (He’s escorted out.)


Santa Barbara, not really, Vaughn and Sydney are in the car driving.

Sydney kisses Vaughn’s hand. She glances out the window. She fingers the back of Vaughn’s head. She takes her hand away to look at her ring. Smiles.

Sydney: I had a thought.

Vaughn: Yeah.

Sydney: What if we just blow off the whole big-wedding thing? What if we just do it on the beach?

Vaughn: The beach. (Glances back and forth between Sydney and the road. Both are all smiles)

Sydney: What do you think?

Vaughn: I like it. Barefoot on the beach, you’d look sexy as hell. Oh, but wait. What about your dad? He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who likes to have sand between his toes.

Sydney: That’s true. So. . .we won’t invite him.

Vaughn: Your father?

Sydney: What if we don’t invite anyone? We just elope?

Vaughn: You’re serious?

Sydney: I would love it.

Vaughn: All right. Then we’ll elope.

Sydney: Have I told you that I love you?

Vaughn: Yeah. Go ahead, tell me again.

Sydney: I love you.

Vaughn: I love you too. (She starts to play with his hair again.)

Sydney: I know. Say it again.

Vaughn: I love you, Syd. That’s why I need to tell you something. Just so there’s no secrets between us.

Sydney: Okay, whatever it is, I can handle it. Just don’t tell me you’re a bad guy. (pause) You’re not a bad guy, are you?

Vaughn: I guess that depends on who you ask.

Sydney: Vaughn. . .

Vaughn: It’s from a long time ago. It’s before we met. Actually it’s the reason we met. It’s no accident that I was the one you came to when you walked in the CIA with your story about SD-6.

Sydney: Wait. I don’t understand. Vaughn, what are you telling me?

Vaughn: Well, for starters, my name isn’t Michael Vaughn.

CRASH. Another car crashes into them.




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Original Airdate (ABC): 22/MAY/2006




"ALIAS" and other related entities are owned, ™ and © by J.J. ABRAMS, BAD ROBOT PRODUCTIONS and TOUCHSTONE TELEVISION in association with ABC. All Rights Reserved. This transcript is posted here without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. Any reproduction, duplication, distribution or display of this material in any form or by any means is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.

Travelling of the Prophet5’s pictures from the bunker.

SYDNEY VOICEOVER: The first time I learned of Prophet5, my fiancй was gunned down in front of me. It turns out, he wasn't the first. They killed anyone who got too close. They'd infiltrated the highest levels of governments and the inner sanctums of intelligence agencies. They appeared to control entire sectors of technology, finance, defence. We believed they were run by a group of Twelve...whose power was everywhere and nowhere. Because no one knew who they were... Until now. I've lived with secrets all my life. And I'm done.

Using the collected Prophet Five documentation, the APO team spreads out across the globe to identify its members and prepare for a mass arrest…

Sydney (Australia). Sydney dressed with a light dress style leopard goes to a very smart bar located in the hall of a hotel.

BARMAN: I don't believe I've seen you here before.
SYDNEY: Vodka martini, please. Dry. (She looks at a prophet5 member near here). I've got visual confirmation.
JACK: (com) Copy that. I'm standing by.
SYDNEY: (With a camera hidden in its lipstick she takes a photograph) (com) Got it.
JACK: Understood. Good work.

She was about to leave when she hears…

WAITER: Mr. Kheel, Ms. McMullen, of course. Your party is waiting. Right this way.
SYDNEY: (com) this is Phoenix, do you read?
JACK: (com) go ahead.
SYDNEY: Kheel and McMullen, I remember those names. They're in the Prophet5 archive.
JACK: Pulling it up now. McMullen and Kheel, You're right. They're members of Prophet5.
SYDNEY: (com) they’re here.
JACK: (com) Can you get their picture?
SYDNEY: (com) I think so. I'll have to improvise.
JACK: (com) don’t risk blowing your cover.
SYDNEY: (com) I won't.

Rome. Dixon is in a taxi cab. He observes a woman on other side of the street.

JACK: (com) Outrigger, what's your status?
DIXON: (com) I'm in position.
JACK: (com) Copy, any sign of your target?
DIXON: (com) Standing by… Come on! Turn around.
A GUY: I need to get across town fast.
DIXON: Sorry I’m off duty.
A GUY: Do me a favour, Will you? I just --
DIXON: -- Get out of here. (Angry the man walks away and Dixon takes a photo of the woman) Target acquired. I'm done here.

Bangkok, Marshall is in a sauna with other men.

MARSHALL: (To another man) I got a nasty skin condition. Trust me, you do not wanna see me without my shirt. It's not a...it's not a pretty, uh, a pretty sight. (A new man enters and Marshall takes a photograph) Ti flies in the old...steam room. Has it really been six minutes? It feels like...two. I'm gonna run. Nice talking with you. (With a friendly way, Marshall touches the shoulder of his neighbour) Sorry.

Siberia, by night: A diplomatic car arrives near the control passage where Thomas stands. Tom is in the Russian army uniform.

TOM: (com) Son of a b****. Why do I always get the assignments that involve hypothermia?
JACK: (com) 'Cause you're always late to briefings..
TOM: Papers. (He looks at the men and makes with his special pen a scan over ID picture and information)
MAN: Problem?
TOM: Yeah, there is. I’m freezing my ass off.

London: Vaughn is in position on a roof to photograph someone in the street. A truck stops in front of him, which enables him to see the street.

VAUGHN: Damn it!
He moves fast down the street, masks quickly the camera under its coat and passes a hood on its head. He moves towards the man and discreetly takes it in photograph at the time when he passes by him.
VAUGHN: Visuals acquired.

Sydney (Australia). Sydney kicks the frappe a waitress in the kitchen.

SYDNEY: I am really sorry... (She looks at the label) Debbie.
JACK: Phoenix, do you copy?
SYDNEY: Phoenix here.
JACK: I need to sign off. Can you handle this without me?
SYDNEY: I'm on it. Good luck, Dad.
JACK: Likewise.

Washington, Jack goes out the van and asks a woman to take a photo of him.

JACK: Excuse me... Would you mind? It's for my granddaughter. (He gives his camera)
WOMAN: Sure.
JACK: Try to get the Capitol in the back. (There is a prophet5 member behind him)
WOMAN: Smile!

Sydney: Sydney is now disguised in waitress and she goes to the restaurant room.

MANAGER: Excuse me? What do you think you're doing?
SYDNEY: Hey, I'm covering for Debbie. She said she told you. Did she not clear it with you?
SYDNEY: Okay, well, she said she did. She had some kind of family emergency. Her sister was like, sick. The gross kind or something.

In the kitchen another waiter finds the corpse of Debbie.

MANAGER: Well, it's good of you to fill in.
SYDNEY: Thanks, I need the tips with rent and, it's expensive down under.

The waiter calls the manager.

WAITER: Mate, we've got a situation down here.
MANAGER: Excuse me! How did you say you knew Debbie?

Sydney kicks the manager and makes is way rapidly into the kitchen. She runs up the stairs and onto the roof. She leaves the building by jumping off attached to a wire. As she slides down, she takes a picture of McMullen.

APO, Sydney enters and puts up the final three pictures to put with the names.

SYDNEY: Now we know who we're fighting.

Alias Theme.


JACK: Now that we know who the Twelve are, we've been able to fill in details... none of which are reassuring. Between them, these people wield an enormous amount of power. Their global reach is well... global.
THOMAS: Well, we know who they are now, Why don't we just take them in?
JACK: Unfortunately, it's not that simple. When we make a move against Prophet5, it needs to be the right one.
DIXON: We need to arrest them simultaneously to avoid tipping them off.
JACK: Marshall, we need a program to track the movements. I want you to input the visuals and data we have on the twelve. Cross-reference everything with international databases.
MARSHALL: Okay, sure, that should just take me a lifetime. I mean, that's really... No problem. I'll get right on that.
SYDNEY: What about Sloane?
JACK: As of now, we're operating under the assumption that he's working for the Twelve. We take them down, we get to him.

Hiding-place. Sloane suggests to Sark and Peyton that they solidify their position in Prophet Five.

SLOANE: The Twelve have been searching for this for a long time, since before you were born.
PEYTON: Don't get too attached. They're expecting it to be turned over. I should get going.
SLOANE: Tell me, have you ever considered what would happen if you did that? Once Prophet5 has the amulet, their use for you, for all of us, would be limited. Unless we find a way of solidifying our position, making ourselves less expendable.
PEYTON: That's a very bold move, Arvin, trying to cut a side deal with one of their top assets.
SLOANE: I'm well aware that you could walkout of here and tell them what I'm proposing. You might curry some favour, save your life, temporarily.
SARK: But you won't. You're like me. You have good instincts for self-preservation. I can vouch for the fact that you will be well-compensated for your efforts.
PEYTON: So does he come with the package?
SLOANE: I assume that means you're interested?
PEYTON: What do you have in mind?

At Sydney’s home, Vaughn asleep and finds Sydney gone. He see’s her at her desk working on the manuscript.

SYDNEY: Oh, hey.
VAUGHN: You know, Isabelle's gonna be up in like, two hours..
SYDNEY: Yeah, I can't sleep.
VAUGHN: Yeah, I can see why. That stuff would give anyone nightmares.
SYDNEY: The man that gave me the amulet told me that what was inside was the end of nature, and that stars would fall from the sky. And that no matter what I did, I couldn't stop it.
VAUGHN: Well, consider the source, a prisoner in a maximum security prison...
SYDNEY: He recognized me. He knew who I was.
VAUGHN: Weird, yeah. Not really conclusive.
SYDNEY: What if he's right?
VAUGHN: He's not.
SYDNEY: How can you say that with everything we've seen?
VAUGHN: "This woman, without pretence..." That would be you. "Will have had her effect, "never having seen the beauty of my sky behind Mount Subasio. "I mean, wordy and wrong. All this talk about prophecy and fate, you've disproved it. You climbed Mount Subasio. You saw the sky.
SYDNEY: It's not just that.
VAUGHN: Sloane?
SYDNEY: I keep thinking about all the people he's killed, I mean, including his own daughter. I know what it's like to grow up without a mom. I don't want that for Isabelle. She needs me.
VAUGHN: Which is why we won't let that happen!
SYDNEY: You promise?
VAUGHN: I promise.

Marshall’s Home. He is in bed with Carrie.

MARSHALL: Hey. Your hair smells like fruit.
CARRIE: Mmmm, Mitchell threw apple sauce at my head this afternoon. I didn't get a chance to wash it out.
MARSHALL: Don't worry. I find it very attractive.
CARRIE: You do realize I'm half asleep, right?
MARSHALL: Perhaps I could inspire you to wake up.
MITCHELL: (Talkie-Walkie) Daddy?
CARRIE: Or perhaps you could go check on Mitchell?
MARSHALL: Right. I'll be back.
CARRIE: Turn off the light.

Rachel’s home. Tom arrives at Rachel’s home.

THOMAS: I'm sorry. I didn't realize how late it was.
RACHEL: No, that's okay. I was... I was up working. What's going on?
THOMAS: Just in the neighborhood. I thought I'd see if you were awake. Which is ridiculous, because it's not true. I just... I wanted to talk to you.
RACHEL: Come on in, please. Do you, want something to drink?
THOMAS: What do you got?
RACHEL: Coffee.
THOMAS: You're not gonna give me some lecture about drinking on school night, are you?
RACHEL: Not yet. You're thinking about her, aren't you?
THOMAS: I wish I had done things differently. I could've saved her. But I didn't.
RACHEL: What happened to your wife... it was a crime. Korman pulled the trigger, not you.
THOMAS: Then why do I feel like I'm to blame?
RACHEL: Because you're a good man. (He kisses her)
THOMAS: Rachel, I'm sorry.
RACHEL: No, it's okay.
THOMAS: That's...That's not why I came here.
RACHEL: No, I know. I know. It's not a big deal at all. I mean...
THOMAS: No, you know what? I should go.
RACHEL: No. Stay and we'll talk. Please. I'm gonna get us that coffee.
THOMAS: OK. (When she leaves the room, Tom sits, reconsiders, and leaves.)

Marshall’s Home. Carrie misses Marshall in bed and goes looking for him.

CARRIE: What's taking you guys so long? (Marshall is not in the house and Mitchell is sound asleep. She finds an open window) Marshall?

Rachel’s home. She comes back with the coffee but fins an empty room.

RACHEL: About what happen...

Rachel hears a knock on the door and thinking its Tom coming back, rushes to open it without checking first…

RACHEL: Where did you go?

It’s Sark.

SARK: It's been a while, hasn't it?

Sark chloroforms her.

Sloane's hideout. Marshall is tied up and faces Peyton and Sloane.

MARSHALL: Where's Mitchell? Where's my wife?
SLOANE: Your family's fine. They're safe at home. Although I imagine they're sick with worry.
MARSHALL: What do you want from me?
SLOANE: Rambaldi described an underground cavern. He gave a very precise description of the stone formation inside. I want you to locate it for me.
SLOANE: You're familiar, of course, with the U.S. government's ground-penetrating satellite network? I need you to access the system.
MARSHALL: You're......tasking me? What, you think you're still my boss?
SLOANE: Marshall...
MARSHALL: Whatever you're doing is bad, okay? I know that. It's like. End of the world bad.
SLOANE: This is not a request.
MARSHALL: I will not help you.
SLOANE: (To Peyton) let me know when you persuade him.
MARSHALL: What... are you doing? What is that? (Peyton opens a tool box) What is that? Take it easy, okay? Let's talk about this! (Peyton approaches with a grip) Please! (Peyton begins to torture him) Aaarrrggg!!!

Marshall’s Home. Sydney takes Carrie in her arms.

CARRIE: Thank you for coming. I'm so glad you're here.
SYDNEY: How are you holding up?
CARRIE: I sent Mitchell to my mother's. I didn't want him to see me like this. I mean, he wouldn't just leave. I mean, you know him, right? He wouldn't do that.
JACK: No, he wouldn't.
CARRIE: It just doesn't make sense. I mean, he's... a game designer. Why would somebody abduct him? (Jack looks at Sydney).
SYDNEY: There's something you need to know.
JACK: (his mobile phone rings) Excuse me.
SYDNEY: Marshall doesn't work for a video game designer.

Not far from Sydney, Jack speaks with Thomas.

THOMAS: I'm at Rachel's place. I got worried when she didn't check in. Door was open. Wallet, keys, phone are still here. That can't be a coincidence.
JACK: Get back to A.P.O. Alert the team. We'll meet you there ASAP.
THOMAS: I'm on my way.. (He observes two cups, keys and a wallet on a table).

CARRIE: But I worked for the C.I.A., the N.S.A. Why would he need to lie?
SYDNEY: You have to understand, Carrie, he was ordered not to tell you. We all were. He was trying to protect you.
JACK: We need to get back. There's another situation.
CARRIE: I wanna go with you.
JACK: That's not possible.
CARRIE: Well, I can't just watch from the sidelines. And I bet that without Marshall, your technical support is severely compromised. I can help. Please.
JACK: Okay. Grab your coat.

Sloane's hideout. Sark meanwhile is about to torture Rachel with electricity. He puts some electrodes on the chest and face.

SARK: ... I've thought a lot about you since the last time we saw each other. I was hoping we'd meet again. Of course, in my mind, it was... under much different circumstances. Rachel, don't make me do this.
RACHEL: Is now the part where you tell me this is gonna hurt you a lot more than it hurts me?
SARK: I wish that were true. (He turns on the electricity, which causes her to scream)


DIXON: Sloane did this. He knows where we live, where we work, how we work.
JACK: But the question remains: why?
DIXON: To......disable our technical capabilities, to distract us?
JACK: Well, perhaps he needs some thing from them.
DIXON: And Marshall and Rachel? You know he won't hesitate to kill them once he gets what he needs.
JACK: I know. You were right about him. After Irina was extracted, I was taken into custody. I had to designate a guardian for Sydney. I chose Sloane. In spite of everything he's done, I believed that some part of him was still the friend I once trusted with my daughter. Clearly, I was wrong.

Carrie sees Vaughn.

CARRIE: Oh, my...I thought you were...I thought... Okay. I guess that was a lie too, right?
SYDNEY: It's complicated.
CARRIE: I...Anyway, what... can I do?
VAUGHN: Marshall wrote a program to track the Twelve's moves, and I ran it through our standard decryption program, but he has so many security protocols...
VAUGHN: Yeah, sure.
CARRIE: You're in. (Elle arrive а se connecter)
SYDNEY: What was it?
CARRIE: "Moon glum of Elwhere."
VAUGHN: Yeah, well, that was my next guess.
CARRIE: He's rereading all his favorite books to get ready for when Mitchell starts reading. Anyway, so what else can I do?

Sloane's hideout.

SLOANE: Peyton, would you mind giving us a moment alone? So you want to see your family again, don't you? Don't be difficult. Think about your son. No, Marshall, you're not cut out for this.
MARSHALL: You know, I never liked you. I tolerated you because I had to, you know, because you were my superior. And I was afraid of you. And I saw how......twisted......you were. But now, I see you for who you really are. You are a weak, pathetic man. You know, you're right. I'm not cut out for this. But I am thinking about my son. I want Mitchell to look up to me, to be proud of his dad. Which is why no matter what you do to me... I'll never help you. You know what? I got...a hangnail right there on my thumb. You mind working on that one next?

In another room, Sloane is thoughtful, whereas the ghost of Nadia arrives.

NADIA: Marshall's right about you.
SLOANE: I'm doing what needs to be done.
NADIA: Does that help you sleep at night?
SLOANE: Eventually, Marshall or Rachel will do what I ask.
NADIA: No. They won't.
SLOANE: Why not?
NADIA: Because they have something you don't.
NADIA: Love, family, honour... take your pick. That's why you'll never break them.
SLOANE: You're right. I need to find another way.

Los Angeles. Car park.

SYDNEY: (with Isabelle in her arms she phones to her dad) What about airports?
JACK: We've notified the F.A.A., but I assume Sloane would have other means.
SYDNEY: I'm taking Isabelle to the sitter's. I'll be back as soon as I can. (She sees Sloane).
SLOANE: If you try anything, be advised, it will end badly.
SYDNEY: What do you want? Talk to Marshall. He'll listen to you.
SYDNEY: They didn't do what you wanted.
SLOANE: You have an opportunity to save their lives. I suggest you take it.
MARSHALL: (phone) Syd, oh, my God. Listen, find Carrie and Mitchell, make sure they're Ok. They're fine. Nothing is gonna happen...
MARSHALL: If anything happened to me, tell Mitchell how strong I was...Make sure he's proud of his old man. Tell Carrie to move on, okay? And find someone else. It's totally fine.
SYDNEY: Marshall, listen to me! Whatever Sloane is asking, I want you to do it.
MARSHALL: What? Syd, no, I can't.
SYDNEY: Whatever he asks. Your life is more important. Now before I hang up, is there anything you want me to tell Carrie?
MARSHALL: Yeah, actually, I want you to tell Carrie that I love her, and that I'll finish reading "Littlest Fish" to Mitchell when I get...
SLOANE: (Stops the conversation between Syd and Marshall) you did the right thing. (He gets in a car and drives away).

Sloane's hideout. Sark brings Rachel in the room where Marshall is tied up.

RACHEL: Why are we here? I told you I wouldn't help you.
SARK: Yes, but he agreed to, and he needs your help.
RACHEL: Marshall
RACHEL: Look, I know this is bad, but we cannot do this!
MARSHALL: We have to. I spoke to Sydney. She understands. Listen, Rachel, I'm gonna do this, okay? And unless you help me leapfrog the system, it won't work.
RACHEL: Leapfrog?
MARSAHLL: We have to make sure we're not detected, or else they'll shut us out.
RACHEL: We're gonna need to open a bunch of ports. I wouldn't stay on any of them or longer than 15 seconds each.
MARSHALL: That's right. 15 seconds...that's a good idea. She's very bright. Terrific.
SARK: Get to it.


VAUGHN: It was Sydney. She just got off the phone with Marshall.
VAUGHN: He's fine. I'll explain later. But he passed on a message for you. He said he'd finish reading Mitchell "The Littlest Fish" when he got home. Rings any bell?
CARRIE: We haven't read him that book in at least a year.
VAUGHN: What's it about?
CARRIE: It's about a goldfish and some boy who's his friend. Oh god, his name is Niles. No... Noah! N.O.A.A.: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They monitor weather patterns, ecosystems......
VAUGHN: Using a state-of-the-art satellite network. Maybe Sloane's trying to get them to hack in.
CARRIE: I can set up some trip wires to monitor the hack. . If I can detect them, I can pinpoint their location.
VAUGHN: Well, whatever Sloane's making them do, it's happening now.
CARRIE: I'll be fast.

Sloane's hideout.

SLOANE: Any progress?
SARK: They're close.


CARRIE: The firewall's flagging an insane amount of network activity. Someone's sending out signatures. It's... It's Marshall. He's intentionally triggering the network security protocols.
VAUGHN: Can you trace the location?

Sloane's hideout.

RACHEL: That's it.
SLOANE: Where is that?
RACHEL: Central Italy. Zoom out.
SLOANE: I should have known.
MARSHALL: What happens now?
SLOANE: Good work, as usual.


CARRIE: I'm narrowing it down. Mexico. They're in Ixtapa.
JACK: I'll assemble a rescue team immediately.

Sloane's hideout.

SLOANE: I've convened the Twelve. They're eagerly anticipating our arrival.
PEYTON: The jet's waiting. We should get going.
SARK: Perhaps we should reconsider our plans for the prisoners.
PEYTON: Don't tell me you're getting sentimental. Or do you just have a thing for blondes?
SARK: It simply seems unnecessary, that's all.
SLOANE: This isn't open for discussion. Eliminate them.

In another room.

MARSHALL: Where are they? Do you think they just left? Oh, my god, Rachel, what's wrong? You having a heart attack? Exposure to electricity? Rachel...
RACHEL: (She picks her handcuffs using a device) No, no, I'm not having a heart attack.
MARSHALL: What are you doing? What is that, a garrotte? You carry a garrotte?
RACHEL: It's an under wire. Sometimes it pays to be a girl.

A guard comes in.

MARSHALL: Hey! Listen, I have a family, okay, and a child. And I wanna have another one, maybe even a girl.

La man takes his gun. Rachel stands up quickly, catches his arm, takes the gun and kills him.

MARSHALL: Oh, my god, that was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Seriously, that was, like, "Empire Strikes Back" cool.
RACHEL: Let's get out of here.

They run into the arriving APO rescue team.
SYDNEY: Get down! (She kills guards who were behind Rachel and Marshall)
MARSHALL: Oh, my god, Syd, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. How did you find us?
SYDNEY: Your wife, Marshall. Carrie found you. Any sign of Sloane? (Dixon and Vaughn joint hem)
DIXON: We checked the entire facility. He's not here.
CARRIE: I think you should see this. (She gives a file to Jack) Marshall's program to track the Twelve was designed to notify him automatically should anything significant happen. That's pretty significant, if you ask me.
JACK: They're gathering. (Phone rings) Bristow.
SYDNEY: Hey, dad, Marshall and Rachel are good.
JACK: (To Carrie) they got to them. Marshall's safe.
CARRIE: Thank god.
SYDNEY: But Sloane, Sark and Peyton... they're gone.
JACK: They're going to Zurich. The Twelve are meeting there. Sloane must be presenting them with the information Marshall and Rachel acquired.
SYDNEY: Is it what we've been waiting for? We can bring them all down.
JACK: I know. I'll alert our contacts, have them assemble in Zurich. It's almost over.
Sloane's hideout.
MARSHALL: And then I told him that, you know,he better move to my thumb or hangnail. He didn't think Flinkman had it in him. Yeah, I mean, you know, he's such a jerk.
TOM: I could think of some other words.
SYDNEY: You said you were mapping caves in Italy. Do you have the coordinates?
MARSHALL: That's the other thing... we spent hours hacking into the system. And when he got what he wanted, he was all cryptic; you know..."I should've known." What is that about?
SYDNEY: He should've known?
MARSHALL: Yeah, that's what he said. Where in Italy? What region?
RACHEL: Umbria.
SYDNEY: Mount Subasio. (She looks at Vaughn) Dad's team will take care of the Twelve in Zurich, but if they go after something in Mount Subasio, I'll beat them to it.
VAUGHN: Sydney.
SYDNEY: You were right, Vaughn. I can't give in to this idea that I'm powerless. I can bring them down.
VAUGHN: I know. I was just gonna say I'll go with you.
MOUNT SUBASIO. Syd and Vaughn trek to the snow-covered mountains of Mt. Subasio. They find the cave from the cliff above.
SYDNEY: Vaughn, over here! You'll have to lower me.
VAUGHN: You sure about this?
SYDNEY: Yeah, I am.
VAUGHN: I'll be tracking you.
After kissing Vaughn, Syd is lowered down to the cave entrance. She slips quickly inside a narrow corridor and finds Sloane with the amulet in his hand.
SLOANE: You came. (Sydney points her gun) Oh, I wouldn't do that. The sound of one shot would trigger a cave-in.
SYDNEY: You're coming with me.
SLOANE: Remember when you were a little girl, and you came to live with Emily and me?
SYDNEY: I try not to dwell on it.
SLOANE: Oh, Sydney, you were so withdrawn. Of course, we understood. You had just lost your mother, and your father was taken into custody. Remember? We tried to reach out...but there was a time when that was impossible. So we lined the shelves of your room, all of them, with stuffed animals...hoping that that would comfort you. And every morning, I would come into your room to wake you up...there they were, buried underneath your blanket. (APO: we see Carrie kisses Marshall) You said there was a storm in the middle of the night, and it knocked them over, and they were drowning...So one by one, you rescued them. Even then, I wondered when you would learn...you can't rescue everyone.
Sark starts a bomb in a subway tunnel.
JACK: I just received word from Zurich. The team's taking up positions outside the building.
THOMAS: We'll be getting visuals soon. We got a problem. I was going through what we got from Sloane's safe house. Look at this... It's a schematic of the L.A. Subway system.
MARSHALL: Wait a minute. Load-bearing data engineering analysis?
RACHEL: He's mapping architectural weaknesses of the tunnels around our facility. Sloane's targeting A.P.O
JACK: Clear the building. Tom, Dixon, organize a search team. Start sweeping the tunnels. I want all civilians evacuated from the subway.
MARSHALL: How do we do that?
JACK: Calling a bomb threat.
Sark takes the escalators.
SLOANE: I know when you talked to Marshall he gave you a message. But really, it didn't matter anymore, because I had accounted for everyone.
SYDNEY: What do you mean by everyone? (At the same time, Sark walks in a park)
SLOANE: Prophet5, A.P.O...I had to remove those obstacles.
SYDNEY: If you so much as touch anyone else I love...
SLAONE: The time for threats has passed, Sydney. Besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn't stop it now.
ZURICH, In Zurich, Peyton appears at the Prophet Five gathering.
PEYTON: (To the guard) Mr. Sloane couldn't make it. (The guard opens the door). He sent me instead.
SLOANE: I'm making sure that this is going to happen, that I'll see this through. You, above all, should understand that. There's no shying away from fate.
SYDNEY: I don't believe in fate.
SLAONE: Be that as it may, I'm very glad you're here, Sydney, because I wouldn't want you to be there when it happens.
SYDNEY: What have you done?
APO. People evacuate the office and clear out the subway while Tom and Dixon sweep the tunnels. Tom finds the bomb.
THOMAS: I found it. It’s big.MONT SUBASIO
SLOANE: I never wanted you to suffer the way you did when you were a child. The way you suffered when you lost Danny, when you lost Vaughn.
LOS ANGELES. Subway. Inside a wagon.
THOMAS: How much longer till we're evacuated?
DIXON: Rachel just radioed in. hey need more minutes to secure the area. Can you disable it?
THOMAS: Not without triggering the fail-safe. But the timer...It's a quartz oscillator. I could slow it down, buy them the time.
DIXON: Are you sure?
THOMAS: I've got liquid nitrogen. I could freeze the mechanism.
DIXON: Hitting it with nitro's only gonna buy you 20 seconds.
THOMAS: Not if I stay here and keep hitting it.
DIXON: All right, Tom, do what you can. But the second that timer dips below a minute, get the hell out of there.
THOMAS: Will do. (He freezes it repeatedly in order to delay the explosion. The countdown stops at 1’59).
ONE OF THE TWELVE MEMBERS: I'm assuming you have the amulet.
PEYTON: Of course.
Instead of presenting them with the amulet, she sprays the room with gunfire, killing all the Prophet Five members
SLOANE: Sydney, I'm offering you a chance......to walk.
SYDNEY: You know I can't do that.
SLAONE: The only person you can rescue is yourself.
People still evacuate the area.
THOMAS: (com) Jack, what's the status on the evac?
JACK: (Outside. Com) The last of the civilians just made it out.
THOMAS: (com) Good.
JACK: (com) Don't lose your second window. Get up top now.
THOMAS: (com) Okay. Will do. (Instead of leaving, Tom seats inside the wagon) Hey, listen...can you patch me through to Rachel?
JACK: (com) Copy.
RACHEL: (Outside. Com) Tom, you need to get out.
THOMAS: Yeah, Rachel? I wish there were more time. I would've asked you out.
RACHEL: I would've said yes.
The bomb explodes, killing Tom. Outside the explosion creates a large crater
Vaughn sees the sun rises at the horizon. Sloane sees the light rises over the rim of the cave above him.
SLOANE: The sky...
Sloane holds the amulet against the light. We can see a projection of the Rambaldi sign on an ice wall.
SLOANE: I'm sorry, Sydney, this isn't my choice. You're not allowed to see this.
He shoots the icy ground she is standing on. Syd falls through and is rendered unconscious a few meters below.

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Original Airdate (ABC): 22/MAY/2006





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Flash-back: Sydney is at the bottom of the crack and starts to dream. She reminds her Pre-school

TEACHER: It looks like Austin is going with... an astronaut. And Kelly's drawing a police officer. I'm not sure "elephant" counts as a job, Laurence. What about you, Sydney? Are you having trouble getting started? That's okay. I can help you. I want you to close your eyes and tell me the very first thing that pops into your mind when I ask you this question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sydney is still at the bottom of the crack inside the snow.

LOS ANGELES: After the explosion.

JACK: (to Dixon) I just spoke with Zurich. Sloane hit the twelve. They're all dead.
DIXON: He's solidifying power.
JACK: I must contact Sydney. Get Marshall and Rachel. We'll rendezvous at Mikro storage. Trust no one else.
DIXON: (to Rachel) You will be all right. Rachel, we have to leave. We don't have time to mourn right now.

Jack calls Sydney.


VAUGHN: (Coming down the crack) Syd, Syd, Sydney. Sydney, Syd. (He starts a cardiac massage) One, two... three. Come on! Come on! One, two, three...Come on! You're stronger than this!

Flashback: Sydney is 6 years old and arrives in a room where his father speaks with an officer.

JACK: (To a man) Excuse me. (To Sydney) Sydney, something’s happened. Your mother was in an accident. Her car skidded off the road, and...She's gone. Your mother...She's dead. Sydney, sweetheart, I need you to be strong right now. I need you to be... strong. It's okay.

End of Flashback: Sydney gets conscious again.

VAUGHN: You're okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

In a street, Sloane meets Sark and Peyton.

SLOANE: I saw the news reports on Los Angeles. Good work.
SARK: I'm not certain "good" is the proper word for it, but thank you. I've dispatched a team to the location you acquired at Mt. Subasio.
SLOANE: I want to be airborne as soon as they find something.
SARK: Understood.
SLOANE: Were you able to make contact with our friend in Hong Kong?
PEYTON: Yes. She sends her regards. (Sloane opens the box which contains the sphere of life) Should I tell her we have a deal?
SLOANE: Yes. Let her know the transports will leave just as soon as they're ready.
SARK: Am I to understand that we're still going through with this?
SLOANE: Don't tell me you're having second thoughts.
SARK: Of course not. It's just it's not every day one gets to be a part of global genocide.

Sloane takes them to a storage facility where Sark and Peyton discover two trucks with nuclear missiles.

LOS ANGELES. Inside a facility.

JACK: (To Dixon) If I can get a signal down here, I maybe able to tap into Langley's network. I can spoof the origin. They won't be able to trace the hack. Sloane will try to seize control of Prophet5's operations as quickly as possible. We should look to identify any unusual activity in their holdings. (Telephone) Bristow!
VAUGHN: It's me. We're in Siena.
JACK: So Sydney is with you?
VAUGHN: Yeah. We're both okay.
JACK: Thank God. We've had a situation here. Home base has been compromised. Tom... didn't make it. Stay at the safe house. Once we gather some more information, we'll forward it to you there.
VAUGHN: Got it.
JACK: Vaughn, How is she?
VAUGHN: She took a pretty big hit, but she'll bounce back.

Sydney is looking outside the window.

Flashback: Sydney (6 year old) looks at Irina’s photos. She plays with an odd set of blocks which are from Project Christmas.

JACK: Sydney?
JACK: You did this? Can you show me how you did it? (He looks amazed when he sees his daughter assemble the puzzle alone)
JACK: It's a test; called an "indicator" People in my line of work use it to identify people with a highly developed sense of 3-dimensional reasoning. Very few people can do it. I can't do it.
SYDNEY: You can't?
JACK: Sydney, What it means, Sydney, is...You are a very special...girl.

MOUNT SUBASIO: Inside the chalet.

SYDNEY: Twelve hours ago, two intercontinental cruise missiles were stolen from a storage facility in Moscow
VAUGHN: We think it's Sloane?
SYDNEY: Whatever he's up to, he said it was too late to be stopped.
VAUGHN: He also said that he'd wipe out everyone at A.P.O. He was wrong.
SYDNEY: Still, how can we find him? It's impossible. We don't have a single lead.- We can't trust the C.I.A
VAUGHN: Sydney, stop, alright? Let's not overlook the fact that you basically died today. You and I have gotten pretty good at impossible. I'm gonna have to deal with this wound. I don't have any anaesthetic. It's gonna hurt. (He looks after Sydney’s neck where there is a deep wound). Just hold still.
SYDNEY: Sorry. Why would Sloane steal the missiles?
SYDNEY: He just wiped out the Twelve, right? Which means that he controls their assets? He wouldn't steal missiles. He'd just buy them on the black market. I think I know how to find him.
SYDNEY VOICE OVER: We start with the money. If we can hack into the system, we can I.D. who the payoffs went to.

View of Jack hacking a computer. View of Marshall hacking the Russian bank network.

SYDNEY VOICE OVER: Then all we need are phone records.

View of Rachel stealing a mobile phone in a man suit.

SYDNEY VOICE OVER: If I'm right, they'll lead us right to Sloane... Or at least, someone he's been working with.

Using phone records and satellite telemetry, someone locates Peyton. Vaughn and Dixon stop her when she is about to take a lift. Inside the facility, Sydney takes off the hood of Peyton’s head.

SYDNEY: We know you're working with Arvin Sloane, and we know about the I.C.B.M. She's recently acquired. What we don't know is where they are or where they're headed. Now I'm well aware that you're tough, that you've been conditioned to withstand torture. But I have something you don't have. I have your former best friend.
RACHEL: And I know what you're afraid of.

A snake comes upon the right shoulder of Peyton, who looks scared.

SYDNEY: If I were you, I would stay extremely still.

Sydney goes outside the room.

SYDNEY: (to Dixon, Vaughn and Jack) She has no idea where those missiles are.
DIXON: Are you sure?
SYDNEY: Positive. What she does know: Sloane is planning to target two cities with high civilian concentrations.
JACK: He's not interested in the devastation. He plans to profit off the reconstruction. Sloane controls Prophet5's network, communications, pharmaceuticals, finance, he'll make billions.
SYDNEY: It gets worse. Sloane is in Mongolia.

MONGOLIA. Mountain landscape. A jeep arrives among some tents. A lots of men digs on an excavation site.

A MAN: (To Sark) Good news. I think we found it.

Sloane and Sark go out of their car and follow the man. They go inside a cave which has the mark of Rambaldi on the top.

Flashback: Sydney is in the faculty with Francie.

FRANCIE: Put on your dancing shoes. We are going out tonight.
SYDNEY: I can't tonight.
FRANCIE: "Can't" is not an option. Charlie got us passes for that new club in Silver lake.
SYDNEY: That job fair is tonight. I really wanna go.
FRANCIE: Job fair? What? Syd, you have four years to figure out what kind of job you want.
SYDNEY: I just had a meeting with my advisor, and she yelled at me 'cause I haven't picked a major yet.
FRANCIE: Education. Done. You can be a teacher like your mom. I mean, you always talked about how happy she was.
SYDNEY: I thought about that, but I've always thought about teaching as my safety net.
FRANCIE: Teaching's no safety net. You know how dangerous it is to be a teacher? Kids bring knives to school these days.
SYDNEY: I hate the thought that I could make a decision now that would affect the rest of my life.
FRANCIE: Well, I say go with education. Charlie is bringing a friend tonight, Danny something. We'll pick you up at... I'll see you later.
SD6 AGENT: Sydney Bristow, I was hoping I might have a moment of your time. (He gives her a CIA card).

In a facility. Sydney is training with a gun.

SYDNEY: Tell Dixon we'll touch base as soon as we cross into Mongolian airspace.
RACHEL: Marshall and I are gonna hack into the N.R.O., see if we can use their optical satellites to locate the missiles.
SYDNEY: Rachel, listen. Prophet5 is gone. Your family is no longer in danger. You don't have to do this anymore.
RACHEL: People have given their lives for this. I'm not gonna bail on them now. I'm in this until it's over. Of course, if we don't find Sloane, that may not be very long from now…

MONGOLIA: Sark and Sloane enter inside the cave.

SARK: Did it have to be so filthy? I mean, really, if Rambaldi a prophesize the future, he might have advised me not to wear 500$ shoes. Structural imaging shows that there's a chamber about 200 feet below us. That's quite a climb.
SLOANE: You needn't worry. The next step is for me alone. (Leaving Sark behind, Sloane descends to Rambaldi's burial chamber. He poses the lamp on the tomb and open the box) At last, after almost 30 years.
NADIA: Is it everything you imagined?
SLAONE: Nadia, I'm so glad you're here. If I didn't have someone to share this with, I may have doubted my own eyes.
NADIA: You're talking to your dead daughter. This is an odd time to question your sanity.
SLOANE: Perhaps.

He places the Sphere atop Rambaldi's tomb between the two signs “<” and “>”. The sphere starts to spin and light. Above it appears the red hovering ball.

Outside, Vaughn, Syd and Jack infiltrate the camp above Rambaldi's tomb. Syd sneaks into the underground chamber.

Inside, Sloane looks at the red ball which flies above the sphere of life. The red ball empties itself in the sphere of life.

NADIA: So that's it? All this time, that's what you wanted.
SLOANE: This, sweetheart, this is what everybody has always wanted. And I've found it.

Sydney arrives inside the room and holds Sloane at gunpoint.

SYDNEY: It's over, Sloane.

Outside, Vaughn kills a guard but Sark puts is gun on his head.

SARK: Correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Vaughn, but aren't you supposed to be dead? I suppose we'll have to rectify that.

Jack arrives behind Sark. Unfortunately another guard just appears behind Jack.

SARK: Well, then, it appears we have a predicament.

Inside, Sydney moves near the tomb.

SYDNEY: Don't move.

Syd grabs the Sphere.

SLOANE: No! Sydney, don't!

The liquid from the hovering ball splatters.

SYDNEY: What is this, Sloane?
SLOANE: Sydney, please don't be rash.
SYDNEY: Give me one reason why I shouldn't destroy this right now.
SARK: Suppose I were to give you two good reasons?

Sydney looks back to see that Sark has just arrived, holding Vaughn and Jack at hostage.

In the facility.

MARSHALL: (To Dixon) Rachel and I hacked into the N.R.O.'S global surveillance system to look for the missiles. We noticed some weird network activity on the E.W.S.
RACHEL: Someone's trying to disable our defence satellites. They've released a virus. It's eating through our entire grid.
DIXON: Sloane, he's gonna strike the U.S. Can you purge the virus?
MARSHALL: No, not from here. But I did pinpoint the origin. Someone uploaded it from Hong Kong.
DIXON: (To Peyton) Who's in Hong Kong? Who are you protecting?
MARSHALL: Should I get the snake?
PEYTON: Don't. Sloane had to call in a partner. He needed something he didn't have.
DIXON: What's that?

MONGOLIA. Inside the chamber.

SLOANE: (holds Sydney at gunpoint) Hand me the sphere, Sydney. I'll let you all walk out of here. I won't insult you with pretence, Sydney. We know each other too well for that. Oh, I know you're trying to figure a way out. Just hand over the sphere, and I will let you all walk away.
SYDNEY: If I give this to you, what's to guarantee you won't shoot us anyway?
SLOANE: Despite what you may think, I'm not heartless. Come on, take my offer. It appears that Vaughn is back. Go. Be a family. Frankly, I don't think you have any other option.
SYDNEY: If you want this, we'll walk out of here together, and then we'll talk.
SLOANE: Well, remember, Sydney, it's your choice.

Sloane moves first, shooting Jack. Syd drops the sphere to go over to Jack while.

SYDNEY: Dad!Dad!

Arvin catches the sphere. Vaughn dispatches their captors. Syd shoots Sloane. He tumbles into the red liquid on the tomb, dead. Sark makes off with the Sphere.

Flashback: Sydney arrives at home.

SYDNEY: Dad? Dad?Dad? Are you home?
JACK: (phone) That's right, they're having problems with their tail rudder controls. Yeah. Okay, well, I'll get back to you. Hello, Sydney. (She gives him a file) What's this?
SYDNEY: Open it. You've been paying my tuition. I thought I should at least help out.
JACK: What'd you do, rob a bank?
SYDNEY: Sort of. I got a job at a bank. It's just part-time for now, at least. It's...It's, a French bank. It's called Credit Dauphine. They have a very international clientele.
JACK: Credit Dauphine?
SYDNEY: Yeah, they have 12 branches around the world.
JACK: You're already working there?
SYDNEY: About a month. I wanted to make sure it would work out before I told you.
JACK: A month. Good. It's not too late to quit.
JACK: Sydney, listen to me.
SYDNEY: I'm not quitting this job. I like it. I'm good at it.
JACK: I imagine you are. That's not the point.
SYDNEY: What is the point?
JACK: Sydney!
SYDNEY: God, if mom were here, she...
JACK: If your mother was here... If your mother was here, she would want you to focus on school, which is what you're going to do.
SYDNEY: (nearly crying) I didn't come to ask your permission. I've already made my decision.
JACK: This is not your decision to make. (Sydney leaves) Sydney, come back.

MONGOLIA. Outside.

Vaughn and Sydney lift Jack outside who's badly wounded.

SYDNEY: OK. Right here.
VAUGHN: All right, Syd.
SYDNEY: You're okay, you're okay.
JACK: It's okay. I'm gonna go call for help, okay?
SYDNEY: Okay, just be still. Look, you're gonna be okay.
VAUGHN: (call Dixon) We have a problem. Jack's been shot.
DIXON: How bad?
VAUGHN: It's critical. We need air support.
DIXON: (To Marshall) Contact Salim Behari in Ulaanbaatar. Have him send a med vac unit. Tell them to hurry.
SYDNEY: Dad, keep talking to me.
JACK: I'm doing fine. It's...It's just...It's just a scratch.
SYDNEY: I'm just gonna take a look. (She finds an horrible bleeding wound on his chest) You're gonna be okay.
MARSHALL: (To Dixon) Chopper's on its way. Should be here in half-hour.
DIXON: (To Vaughn) Did you hear that?
VAUGHN: Yeah Listen. Sloane's dead, Sark got away. He's got the artifact.
DIXON: I think we know where he's going.
VAUGHN: Mede vac's on its way. How's he doing?
SYDNEY: His heart rate's up. I think the bullet penetrated his lung. He's not getting enough air.
VAUGHN: Sloane has a partner. We know who's behind this.

CHINA. Irina calls Sark.

SARK: I have the artefact. I'm on my way.
IRINA: Good. See that it gets here intact.

MONGOLIA. Outside.

Wait, Vaughn...Wait, Vaughn, wait!
JACK: Irina!
VAUGHN: He traded her the missiles. Marshall managed to access the launch protocol, but he can't shut them down. She's in Hong Kong, preparing to strike as we speak.
JACK: Listen to me. We have to stop her.
SYDNEY: Listen to me. Dad, you have been shot in the chest. The medical team is on their way. You...I can't risk moving you. Right?
JACK: (To Vaughn) I can't... Vaughn, get the transport ready.. (Vaughn runs).
SYDNEY: Wait, Vaughn... Wait, Vaughn, wait! Dad, what are you doing? You can't go anywhere.
JACK: Sydney, Sydney, your mother's not the type to make empty threats. If she's acquired missiles, she intends to use them.
SYDNEY: You can't even stand up straight. How do you expect to confront mom?
JACK: I'm not coming with you. You have to go to Hong Kong. There's no other way. I am not leaving you here. You're the only one who can get to Irina in time. You're the only one who can beat her.
SYDNEY: I can't.
JACK: Yes, you can. I never wanted this life for you, you know. I never wanted you to bear this kind of responsibility, but you...you were a very......difficult little girl...You were far too driven, far too strong to let someone like me stop you from becoming who you are.
SYDNEY: Dad, the medical team is coming. If you'll just sit tight...
JACK: Sydney, listen to me. There's no one in this world that can do the things that you can do. I can hold out until help arrives, but you have to go. You have to stop your mother
SYDNEY: Okay...Just...Okay, good. Just...Keep applying pressure, please. You... you can't afford to lose more blood.
JACK: Just get moving.
SYDNEY: I love you, dad.
JACK: I love you, Sydney.
SYDNEY: (Crying) I don't want to leave you.

She reluctantly leaves her father. As the jeep is leaving, she looks her father who has just stand up. As soon the jeep is gone, Jack falls.

Hong Kong. In a hotel room.

IRINA: Did everything go according to plan?
SARK: Your daughter arrived, mucked things up a bit. Sloane's dead, and we lost the tomb.
IRINA: But the artefact's intact.
SARK: There's a reason my fees are so high.
IRINA: Sloane's death doesn't change our agenda. Contact controls. As soon as the satellites are down, launch the missile strikes.
SARK: Have you decided on the final targets?
IRINA: Washington and London.
SARK: Right away.

In space, a satellite starts to burn and fall on the earth. Sark enters a control room.

SARK: What's our status?
VOICE: Mil-sat one just hit atmosphere. The rest of the satellites are right behind it.
SARK: Initiate the countdown.

LOS ANGELES. Control room.

MARSHALL: Oh, my God. They've started the launch.

Hong Kong. In a hotel room.

SYDNEY: So that's it. It's the Horizon, isn't it? You shot the man I loved. You betrayed my trust. You risked my daughter's life, all for that.
IRINA: I don't expect you to understand. We're very different, Sydney. You still cling to naive ideals. I learned, at a very young age, the only currency worth anything in this world is power
SYDNEY: And the Horizon gives you that?
IRINA: You've never seen Rambaldi for what he is. You dismissed his work as the labour of a madman. You blind yourself to his true potential. I've spent a lifetime acquiring power. With this...And I'll never have to give it up. Rambaldi is life, Sydney. Through him, we can live forever. (We have a view of Sloane who rises with his mortal wounds healed). I offered you an out. I gave you your daughter. I was hoping you'd settle down, leave me to my affairs.
SYDNEY: You don't know me very well, do you?
IRINA: Sadly, I think I do. After all, I'm still your mother.
SYDNEY: That doesn't mean anything. Not anymore. I am through being disappointed by you.
IRINA: I hate that it's come to this.
SYDNEY: I suppose it had to.
IRINA: I've come too far to let anything get in my way.
SYDNEY: Then you'll have to go through me first.

Flashback: Sydney enters Sloane’s SD-6 office.

SYDNEY: You wanted to see me, sir?
SLOANE: I've been reviewing your evaluations since you arrived at SD-6.To a letter; they're nothing short of exemplary. I've upgraded your clearance, and I'm considering promoting you to field officer.
SYDNEY: Really?
SLOANE: Now, Sydney, I want to know that you have given this job its proper consideration. I realize that you have a romantic notion of the espionage trade, but this job......is more than just brush passes and dead drops. You will be facing life and death situations on a regular basis. Do you understand that? You will be forced to make decisions that will haunt you for the rest of your life. This job requires sacrifice, and you need to know that you are able to live with that.
SYDNEY: I can, sir. For as long as I can remember, I have been searching...for what I'm supposed to do, for what I'm supposed to be. This is my purpose. It's in my blood. It's who I am. I have never been so sure of anything in my life.

Hong Kong. In a hotel room.

Sydney and Irina fight a ferocious battle. It ends when both of them pass through a glass window. They fall together on the roof, among all the pieces of glass. They’ve got a lot of wounds all over their bodies. As they try to regain their breath, they roll on their back and watch the sky.

IRINA: Why are you fighting me on this? The defence satellites are destroyed. (Satellites ignite in the sky such as shooting stars).
SYDNEY: «The stars will fall from the sky."
IRINA: Even if you manage to beat me on this rooftop, it's still too late to stop the launch.
SYDNEY: You think I came here alone?

Hong-Kong. Control room.

VOICE: Sir, beginning final preparations..
SARK: Excellent. Proceed according to....

Vaughn catches Sark and punches him hardly.

VAUGHN: It appears we have a predicament.

MONGOLIA. Inside the chamber.

NADIA: You did it. You were right all along.
SLOANE: I will never forget your sacrifice. I promise. The Horizon is gone. Your mother is probably dividing up my spoils as we speak.
NADIA: Then we should get moving. We don't have to hurry anymore, Nadia. We have all the time in the world.

Jack gets back in the chamber.

Hong-Kong. Control room.

VAUGHN: Give me the override codes.
SARK: I don't have the codes, I swear. (Vaughn shoots Sark in his leg) You shot me!
VAUGHN: Yeah, and I'll keep shooting until you either give me the codes or bleed to death. Your choice.
SARK: You know, I didn't want any of this. Mass extermination isn't exactly my passion, Michael. I'm a businessman. You know, I simply wanted to come out on the winning end. I'll give you the codes, but you have to let me go after I do.
VAUGHN: Codes first, then we negotiate.

LOS ANGELES. Control room. Marshall is on the phone with Vaughn.

VAUGHN: ---alpha--tango---. 6 4 7.
MARSHALL: (On the screen : LAUNCH ACTIVATED) Come on. Come on! (On the screen: LAUNCH ABORTED) Launch aborted!

Hong-Kong. On the roof.

IRINA: I'm afraid I can't allow you to be such a complication in my life any longer.

Irina punches Sydney two times in her head.

IRINA: For whatever it's worth, I truly do love you.

Sydney kicks Irina onto a glass skylight just out of reach of the Sphere. We can hear cracks.

MONGOLIA. In the chamber.

JACK: I owe you an apology, Arvin. I never gave your faith in Rambaldi the credit it deserved.
SLOANE: There's no need to apologize, Jack. You're a practical man. I'd always admired that in you. Jack, I didn't wanna shoot you. Sydney forced my hand.
JACK: Yes. She can be very... stubborn at times.
SLOANE: You're dying. I can help you.
JACK: I don't want your help, Arvin. You've...caused my daughter so much pain. I could have prevented it. I won't continue to make that mistake.
SLOANE: I think you've overestimated your position, Jack. You can't hurt me anymore.
JACK: True. But I can keep you down here with me. (Jack, show a strapped with explosives around him).
SLOANE: What are you doing?
JACK: You beat death, Arvin. But you couldn't beat me.

Jack knows now that Sloane can't die, but as he wants to be sure that Sloane never makes it out of the cave, he triggers the explosives.

Hong-Kong. On the roof.

SYDNEY: The glass won't hold you. Mom, you need to come back. (Irina stretches for the Sphere without listening at Sydney who urges her to crawl back). Mom. You can make it. Give me your hand.
IRINA: I'm sorry, Sydney.
SYDNEY: Mom, come back!

Tiny cracks spread through the glass. Irina falls through to her death. Sydney looks down and cries. Vaughn arrives and takes Sydney around his arms. A shooting star passes above them.

MONGOLIA. In the chamber.

In the cave, Sloane is buried in the rubble. Nadia's ghost appears.

SLOANE: Nadia? I can't move.
NADIA: I don't think there's anything I can do
SLOANE: I can't move.
NADIA: Well...as you've said, you have all the time in the world. Unfortunately, I think you'll have to spend it here.
SLOANE: Well, at least you're here with me … (she fades away) No, Nadia, don't leave me here. Noooo….

He screams, alone in the darkness.

House of Vaughn and Sydney. 5 years later.

Isabelle plays in front of her beach home.

ISABELLE: Daddy! (Vaughn appears and sees Dixon) Uncle Dixon!
DIXON: Isabelle! How are you, sweetie?
VAUGHN: Deputy Director.
DIXON: Please, this far from Langley, you can just call me "sir." Good to see you.
VAUGHN: Did you have a hard time finding this place?
DIXON: What, are you kidding? I had an impossible time finding this place.
VAUGHN: Well, I guess that's sort of the point, right?

They walk to the house where Sydney waits them with a baby in her arm.

SYDNEY: Hello, stranger.
DIXON: Hello, Sydney. And this must be...
DIXON: Hello, Jack. Marshall sends his best. He wanted to tag along, but Carrie’s stuck at home on bed rest.
SYDNEY: Another baby? Oh, God, I don't know how she does it.
DIXON: This makes four. All boys.
SYDNEY: Well, come on inside. You'll just have to pardon the mess.

Inside the house.

VAUGHN: (To Isabelle) Speaking of mess, didn't someone promise to finish unpacking her toys before dinner? Go on.
SYDNEY: Go on, Isabelle. (To Dixon) Can I get you something to drink?

Isabelle arrives in her room.

SYDNEY: Why do I get the feeling this isn't a purely social call?
DIXON: Truth be told, I could use some field assistance. A merc team hit the national research facility in Paris yesterday. I need someone to intercept the seller and retrieve the hard drive.
SYDNEY: Can't you put Rachel on it?
DIXON: She's on deep cover assignment in Santiago. I can't risk pulling her. Besides, this job has......sentimental value. (He shows a file with a photo of Sark).
SYDNEY: Don't look at me. You're the one that let him go.

Isabelle opens a box.

DIXON: We've already prepared the mission specs. Low risk insertion, simple areas. Who knows, it could be fun.
SYDNEY: That's what you say every time you show up on my doorstep. Then next, you know, I'm jumping over canals and tree and shield while Napalm explodes around me.
DIXON: Yes. That's how I define "fun".
VAUGHN: Why don't we finish this conversation over dinner?
SYDNEY: And you haven't lived until you've seen our sunset. Isabelle, dad and I are going for a walk.

Meanwhile, Isabelle finds the Project Christmas building blocks and effortlessly connects them. She breaks the puzzle and comes back to see her parents.

SYDNEY: What have you been doing back there?
ISABELLE: Nothing, mom.

Together they walk on the beach.

The final episode ends with this sentence:

« Thank you for five incredible years. »

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Я никогда не разбирался в сезонах этого сериала.
Но он уже давно идет в Казахстане на казахском и русском.
Я даже не смотрю,по Астане.
Но,сегодня неожиданно увидел Роджера Мура в серии,он еще с Роном Рифкином разговаривает.
Кто хорошо помнит эту линию-Мур в эпизоде или как?

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Насчет Роджера Мура не знаю, но Тарантино был в двух эпизодах первого сезона. Он играл бывшего агента SD-6захватившего SD-6 , чтобы достать там некий артефакт Рамбальди нужный новой действующей Организации, которая разными способами добыла почти все Артефакты собранные SD-6 и К-директоратом и некой азиатской террористической организацией

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ALIAS (Promo season one)

Música de Michael Giacchino y J.J. Abrams, realizado el 2001.

Track listing:

01. Alias Theme (00:31) (Performed by J.J. Abrams)
02. Bristow and Bristow (03:31)
03. Spanish Heist (04:37)
04. This is my Office (02:12)
05. In The Garden (02:34)
06. Arvin Talks, Arvin Kills (03:01)
07. Home Movies (00:48)
08. Arvin at The Polls (01:39)
09. Sleeping Beauty (03:18)
10. Anna Shows UP (03:35)
11. Oh My God (05:55)
12. Garage Fight (02:11) Performed by J.J. Abrams

ALIAS season one

Track listing

01. MAIN TITLE (00:27) Composed by J.J. Abrams
02. DISSOLVED (02:07) Tracks 2-26 Composed by Michael Giacchino
03. RED HAIR IS BETTER (02:31)
04. SPANISH HEIST (04:30)
05. DOUBLE LIFE (01:53)
06. TUNISIA (04:12)
07. IN THE GARDEN (02:29)
08. LOOKING FOR A MAN (03:53)
09. ANNA SHOWS UP (03:30)
10. HOME MOVIES (00:40)
11. ON TO PARIS (01:49)
12. PAGE 47 (01:54)
13. THE PROPHECY (02:10)
14. BADENWEILER (05:11)
15. ARVIN AT THE POLES (01:36)
17. BLOW'D UP (02:26)
18. IT'S NOT THE C.I.A. (01:38)
19. OH MY GOD!!! (03:18)
20. THE TOOTH DOCTOR (02:00)
21. IT WAS ANNA (01:54)
22. WET SUITS (02:39)
23. BALL BUSTER (01:39)
24. THE END? (00:57)
25. BRISTOW & BRISTOW (03:26)
26. SD-6 DANCE PARTY (03:18) Bonus Track

ALIAS season two

Track listing

01. Main Title (00:27)
02. On the Train (02:59)
03. Mother of a Mother (01:38)
04. Rabat (02:22)
05. Over the Edge (03:03)
06. Emily’s Eulogy (03:06)
07. Fond Memories (02:16)
08. Post A-Mortem (01:32)
09. Syd’s Best Alias Yet (03:44)
10. Going Down? (00:51)
11. Sydney Implores Dixon (02:40)
12. Aftermath Class (04:14)
13. Sarkavator (00:33)
14. I’m So Promoted (02:28)
15. I’m So Screwed (02:47)
16. I’m So Demoted (01:39)
17. Inferno (02:33)
18. Do I Have To Do Another Eulogy? (06:16)
19. Something Fishy (02:37)
20. Sloane’s Revelation (02:48)
21. Hitting the Fan (04:20)
22. Balboa and Clubber (01:10)
23. Almost Two Years (04:58)


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Мне нраивтся сериал,раньше его е смотрела когда по телеку шел,но щас решила качнуть с торрена и с удовольствием смотрю. Очень нравится пара Сидни и Майкл. Хотя пара Джек и Ирина тоже мне кажется интерсеной. Джек вообще саам по себе интересный персонаж,Виктор Гарбер его отлично играет.
Кстати если кому интерсено п\недавно нашла на ютубе приколы со съемок 1,2,3,4,5 сезонов.
вот ссылка на приколы с первого сезона

а сбоку там есть ссылки на ютубе на остальные.))

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Просмотр сообщения ИВАН (Понедельник, 03 декабря 2007, 00:08:31) писал:

Насчет Роджера Мура не знаю, но Тарантино был в двух эпизодах первого сезона. Он играл бывшего агента SD-6захватившего SD-6 , чтобы достать там некий артефакт Рамбальди нужный новой действующей Организации, которая разными способами добыла почти все Артефакты собранные SD-6 и К-директоратом и некой азиатской террористической организацией


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Обожаю Маршалла от туда :D

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Виктор Гарбер играет роль, которая, как мне кажется, отличается от того, что он обычно играл.
Непривычна для него роль агента.
Очень нравится Майкл Вартан. Больше его нигде не видела.
Аналогию с "Никитой" провести можно, но и нот всего семь, и сюжеты часто пересекаются.

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