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Scene starts when the girls are at Prue's burial site(for the year of her death)
-Phoebe- We miss u prue(her voice breaking)
-Piper- Yea we do miss u prue, but we kno you're looking at us from a good place.(her face smiles)
-Paige- I hope im doing a good job to please you prue.Kinda hard to meet up to yoor level(smiles)
Phoebe and Piper laughing.
-Piper- you're doing a really good job paige.(smiles)
-Paige- THanks piper(smiles bak)
-Phoebe- Well i say we say one last thing and say goodbye to prue.
-Piper- Right. Prue watch us over the year and help us out, and we'll alwayz love you
-Phoebe- Yea, and you'd better come visit when you and we are ready to see each other again(smiles)
-Paige- Goodbye Prue, and even though i wasnt there when you were, i feel in my heart that i have love for you(smiles)
Phoebe, Paige, and Piper all say goodbye (piper and phoebe leaves before paige) when paige puts down a flower on prue's grave, and touches prue's name carved on the rock, she gasps and feels weird.
Phoebe and Piper turn around after hearing her gasp
-Phoebe- Are you ok Paige?
-Paige- Yea..... i just got a chill...
-Piper- Alright let's get a move on sister
-Paige- Ok...(turns around to see prue's grave once more)

Scene Underworld having a meeting A demon named Oscar talks to the underworld
-Oscar- You all know that the source is gone and we dont have a leader.But as the brother of the original source, i belive that i should be the rightful heir to the throne.
-Demon- It doesnt matter if you're a relative by blood, we need to see action and power. And do you have powers.
-Oscar- I sure as h*ll do.
-Fades out-
-all demons- Where did he go?
Suddenly 10 fireballs come go different directions and one leading to the smart talking demon and kills 10 demons. Other demons gasp and are in confusement.
-Oscar Fades in- I told you i had power(smiles)
-All demons- Kneels down, and says my liege.
Scene fades out and music to casts

Scene with Paige and Phoebe in the diner(morning)
-Paige- Hmm... this bread is good
-Phoebe- Realli? piper went to buy some yest, is it good?
-Paige- Yea!! it's totaly good. So, what's on yoor planner today?
-Phoebe- Well, i told elise that i wont be going into work today.
-Paige- Why not?
-Phoebe- Because, i need a mental health day, and i cant deal with otehr people's problem today.I need a break to think and watch tv.
-Paige- Hahaha ok phoebe. Mayb i should do that once.(smiles)
Piper comes in
-Piper- Morning.
-Paige and phoebe- Morning piper
-Piper- Ooh is the bread i bought yesterday good?
-Paige- Hmm yea delicious!!(smiles)With breads all over her teeth
Piper and Phoebe laughs. Phoebe gestures that pagie got bread stuck on her teeth. Paige looks confused and when the bread falls onto the table she laughs
-Piper- Hahaha. dont you have to go to work paige?
-Paige- Well, i was thinking, since phoebe called in sick, and you're staying home too, i thought, i should stay home too and we should have a sister day out!
-Phoebe- Yeah that would b soooo awsome!!Come on Piper how about it?
-Piper- (smiles) Ok how about it.
Paige and Phoebe cheering and goes to hug piper. Piper trying to break free
Scene fades
-Oscar- Ludis come to me
Demon shimmers in
-Ludis- Yes my friend
-Oscar- I have a favor for you my close friend.
-Ludis- What is it?
-Oscar- I need you to attack a mortal.
-Ludis- Who?
-Oscar- This man(then darryl's face shows on a water like a screen)This man keeps on getting involved in crimes that are from our underworld. I want him killed so we wont lose anymore of our best men.
-Ludis- Why cant' you do it?
-Oscar-Because, if i do, then i wont be able to check things out here and i wont be able to become the source
-Ludis- i donno
-Oscar- Please Ludis. Im asking this as a favor for what you did to my leg(shows his leg and is scorched like from an energy ball)
-Ludis-(out of words to say except a look of guilt)Alright my friend(Shimmers out)
-Oscar- Stupid Demon. He doestn kno i only use him. That's why he is good to use to lure the charmed ones(laughs)
Scene Fades Out

The girls at the manor, and when piper is about to open the door, the door opens and smacking piper's face, and it's darryl.
-Piper- Owww!!
-Darryl- Ssss, sorry piper
Piper groaning
-Piper- It's ok Darryl
-Paige- What are you diong her darryl?
-Darryl- Oh nothing, just wanted to come by and see how you guys are doing, and also to see if you guyz are busy...
-Phoebe- Alright Darryl who is it?
-Darryl- I donno that's why i came to you guys.
-Paige- *sigh* No sister day out?
-Phoebe- I guess not hunny.Come in Darryl.
-Piper- So what's the situation?
-Darryl- Well, there's been 5 brutal murders and we cant seem to find out who it is. But they all attack people who have this tattoo(shows a picture of a tattoo of a crescent moon with star in the middle of the crescent)
-Phoebe- Hmm.... anything else Darryl?
-Darryl- Nope, nothing else.
-Piper- Well we don't kno anything about this tatto, never seen it before.
Phoebe holds the picture then gasps and gets a premonition of a women getting killed by a demon with a sharp blade athame. Phoebe then release the gasp.
-Piper- What? what is it?
-Phoebe- Looks like we have a new innocent and demon to save and kick.
-Paige- Great just great.(sighs of disgust)No sisterly bond.
-Phoebe- Aww paige, we'll have our bond.
-Paige- I hope...
Then Ludis shimmers in
-Piper- Demon!!
-Ludis- You're dead man!!
Ludis throw an energy ball to darryl, and paige calls energy ball and throws it back to ludis which he ducks. Then Phoebe Levitates and then flies across the room and kicks ludis's face. All 3 girls, and ludis surprised. Ludis is mad so he levitates too, and kicks phoebe into the wall. Piper tries to freeze but he blocks it with his hand(very powerful demon)and throws an energy ball to Piper which she ducks by throwing herself to the ground.Paige then gets mad and says.
-Paige- You **** DEMON!!
Then the demon suddenly orbs into little lights onto paige's hand and paige is soo shocked that she just throws the ball onto the wall. Ludis orbs out and he is hurt and shocked and so are the other girls.
He shimmers out of there
-Darryl- Are you guys ok?
-Paige- Im peachy
-Piper and Phoebe- Yea we're TAT too.
-Piper-*groans* what the hell jsut happend and who the hell was tat?
-Phoebe- I think we just met a very powerful demon and our new powers.
-Piper- Wait, but then he just tried to kill Darryl.
-Paige- Yea and dont usually demons come to our house to kill us not kill our guests?
-Piper- I dont think the underworld knows who this house belongs to.
-Paige- I think you're right(smiling)
-Piper- LEO!!!
-Phoebe- Darryl are you alright?
-Darryl- Yea im fine(piper still calling out leo in the background.)
-Piper- LEO!! Omg where is he? LEO!!!
Paige, phoebe and darryl all cover their ears.
Leo orbs in
-Leo- What, what's wrong?
-Piper- where were you and what wer eyou doing?
-Leo- I waz at a whitelighter meeting.
-Piper- Oh.. ANyway, and pretty powerful demon just came to visit us, and tried to kill Darryl.
-Leo- Darryl?(looking at darryl)
-Darryl- hiee leo
-Leo- HIee
-Piper- Hey can we stop with teh conversation please??!!?
Everyone looking very weird by piper's aggravation.
-Leo- Honey wat's wrong?
-Piper- I dont kno im just feeling very MOODY right now so jsut beare with mee.*sigh* so anywayz i was saying, we have two demons to worry about now.
-Phoebe- But i dont get it, why was tat demon after darryl?
-Leo- Tat's what teh elders and i were having a meeting about.
Everyone looking confused.
-Paige- Explain please?
-Leo- Well the underworld is in chaos, but rumor has it that the brother of the old source not cole, but the old source is taking power and knows a lot of things about you guys.
-Phoebe- Yea, but y darryl?
-Leo- Well, maybe he know that darryl iz close to the charmed ones.
-Piper- Nono that doesnt make sense.
i mean if he wanted us, wouldnt he just kill an innocent...Oh ok, now i get it. Darryl is the innocent and they knew that we would protect him no matter what so they attacke him.
-Paige- Wait, but what about the other innocnet? The tattos?
-PHoebe- Uh.... we have soo much going on right now. Two innocnets and our new powers,
-Leo- uh new powers?
-Phoebe- Yea, turns out i can fly now
-Paige- Yea and i can smash demons into the wall.
-Piper- and i got NOTHING!!
-Phoebe- Piper are you sure you're ok?
-Piper- yea fine fine
-Phoebe- Alright then, here's what we're going to do. Darryl you stick with us whereever we go today ok? So we can protect you tat way. So first we're going to go find the tattoed innocent, then get the demon screaming, then we're going to protect darryl and kill the **** everyone with meh/
-Paige- Ok im with you. Book of shadows everyone.
-Piper- Alright. Darryl you follow
-Darryl- Ok piper.
-Leo- And i'll go up there to see what i can find out.
-Piper- Alright honey.*kiss kiss*
Leo orbs out. everyone storms to the attic.

-Ludis- You sent me to the charmed ones!!!
-Oscar- What are you talking about? I sent you to a mortal.
-Ludis- There were 3 witches with him, which makes the charmed ones.
-Oscar- How waz i supposed to know about the charmed ones? I only wanted the mortal(turns around and smiles)
-Ludis- You really didnt know?
-Oscar-( turns back) I really didnt kno. WOuld i set you up my friend?
-Ludis- No i guess not.
-Oscar- HOw about we go together this time. I want to know the faces of who killed my brother.
-Ludis- Realy you would do tat?
-Oscar- Of course. Besides, i dont think they know who we are do you?
-Ludis-(laughing) NO i dont think so.
Fades out

-Paige- I cant find him anywhere!!
-Phoebe- Are you sure?
-Paige- Yea, there's noone tat looks like him.
-Phoebe-Tat's realy weird.
-Piper- Mayb mom and grams didnt kno who he was. i mean he waz pretty powerful right? Blocking my powers and stuff?
-Paige- yea i guess.
-PHoebe- So what are we supposed to do? Write a spell?
-Piper- That's the idea sister
-Phoebe- Alright i'll write the power of 3 spell. Paige you scry for the innocent with the picture.
-Paige- Yes ma'am(saluting)
-Piper- *sighs* i feel soo tired
-Phoebe- Piper you ok? You dont look soo good.
-Piper- I dont feel so good.my stomach is really bothering meeh.
Phoebe stops writing her spell and turns around.
-Phoebe- Piper, i think you might be pregnant!
-Piper- What? You think so? Wait...Omg!!
-Paige- Omg are you seirous?? AHH!!!!
-Darryl- (smiles) you kno?
-Piper- Im not sure, but i guess i'll go to the doctors tom!!
-Phoebe- YAY!!!
paige and phoebe hugging piper
-Paige- Alright, let's deal these demons and then celebrate.
Paige scrying. Lands on a park.
-Paige- Found her let's go.
-Phoebe- Alright. Darryl yoo're coming with us.
-Piper- Let's get to it sisters.
fades out
fades into the park

The gurls and darryl hiding in the bush
-Phoebe- There she is.
-Piper- What is this? What are they doing?
-Paige- they're doing sum kind of witchy ceremony.you think she's a witch?
-Piper- Mayb, otherwise why would a demon want to kill her?
-Paige- For the fun of it?
-Phoebe-Tsk Paige!
-Paige- What? demons are disgustin.
-Piper- Well, there's olny one way to find out huh?
Piper rushing out of the bushes. Phoebe and paige saying Piper!!
-Piper- Hiya
The innocent fades out
-Paige-where'd she go?
Piper screaming and pusehd to the ground. Tries to freeze but doesnt.
-Piper- Get off of meeh or yoo'l see the rath of the CHARMED ONES!!
The innocent fades in.
-The innoncent- What did you say?
-Piper- We're the charmed ones. Heard of us?
-The innoncent- The charmed ones? Of course i did, you're a great prophecy to us withches.
-Phoebe- So you're a witch?
-The innocnet- YEs, my name is amelia, and i have the power of invisibility.
-Paige- Hiee. nice to meet you.
-Phoebe- We're here to protect you amelia. A demon will try to hurt you.
-Amelia- Yes i kno, the demon has killed 5 of my fellow sisters.
-Phoebe- yes we kno.
-Piper- So let's get mooving to the manor shall we?
-Paige- Alright let's go.
Then suddnely a demon shines in.
-Paige- *gasp*(thinking new power new power) DEMON!!
The demon orbs and paige throws it to the bush. Piper blow him up!
Piper blows him up.
-Phoebe- well he's gone now.
Then suddenly oscar and ludis shimmers and fires in.
-Paige- darryl, amelia take cover!!
ludis throws an energy ball towards piper. Piper freezes it. The Oscar throws a lighting bolt at phoebe then she jumps it and then flies and kicks him in the face and lands. Ludis Throw an energy ball at phoebe but before it hits her paige calls it out and throws the energy ball back to Ludis. Ludis is down.
-Piper- Spell Spell!!
All three girls.
Evil which has caused us pain
Let your evil ways vanquish in vain!
Ludis then goes screaming and crying
-OScar- SO i have seen the powers of the charmed ones who have killed my brother. I can ****ure you that i will b back with vengeance.
He fires out.
-Piper-*sighs* darryl, amelia??!!?
-darryl- Is it over?
-Paige- Yea it is.(smiling)
-Darryl- Thanks gurls
-Amelia- Yes thank you too, you have awsome powers. You make our witches proud.
All of them smile and say goodbye.

P3 at night.
The gurls are sitting down on the couches.
-Paige- Well, i guess we're gonna keep going with our jobs.
-Piper- Yea, and i gotta go to the doctor's tom. And you guyz dont tell leo ok? I dont want him to b disappointed later.
-Phoebe- Aww dont worry honey, we wotn tell
-Paige- Yup, charmed one's honor(smiles)
-Piper- Alright. So, how do you guys like your new powers?
-Paige- It's great!!
-Phoebe- Yea!!. Hey come to think of it. Paige isnt your power realli supposed to just orb other things and not demons? Cuz i kno demons cant orb.
-Paige- Well i think i kno where my power came from. Remember yesterday at prue's grave i gasped. Well i felt sumthing energyful come inside me. And these days i wished to have more powerful power to protect myself, so i think prue helped me out there.
-Piper- Really?
-Paige- yea i tink so.(smiles)
-Phoebe- I lub mai power too(smiles)
Piper and paige laughing.
Phoebe looking down.
-Piper- Phoebe are you ok?
-Phoebe- I miss Cole you guys.....
-Paige- Oh honey....
THey all hug phoebe and piper says it's ok phoebe it's ok.

Last scene:
Cole in the astral plane and orbs to earth and says. "Im Back"

Tell meeh what you think guyz!! i hope it wasnt too corny!! see yaz~

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Привет! Не ну разве так моджо? зшла даж не поздоровалась :cry: Давай знакомится, я Jenny и я ветеран этого форума :D Регестрируйся тут и давай к нам :yes:
А перевести я могу, только не сейчас, а что это такое???


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да...чё эт я.....
Ну всем приветы!Я рада , что нашла этот форум, потому-что он похоже последний живой и классный :D ...надеюсь, что этот форум будет "вечно-таким"!
Дженни, этот какой-то фан-фик по 5 сезону........
я уже сама начала переводить.........
просто интересно, что они там нацарапали :D


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Вот теперь совсем другое дело :yes:
А регестрироваться не будешь? :(
Форум у нас очь живой и очь классный! У нас ещё есть сайт http://charmed.r2.ru правда пустой совсем, вот заполняем потихоньку!
Фан-фик к 5-ому сезону? Ух-ты! Обожаю фан-фики, особенно обожаю их переводить и выкладывать на сайте(все мой намёк поняли? 8) ) Надо этим заняться, наверное классный :yes:


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Ниса, пpивет! Всегда pады гостям! Особенно тем, котоpые становятся участниками! ;)
Дженни, я тоже люблю фан-фики, но не все, а очень-очень немногие, и честно говоpя, не хочу чтобы на сайте был такой pаздел, если только иногда в pазвлечения вставлять особо удачные и интеpесные.... 8)


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А мне правда нравится переводить всякие рассказики! Мы с подругой переводим вместе(сложно объяснить как) фан-фики с инглиша на clubharry.by.ru, такое загляденье и впечатленье, классно :D Но действительно попадаются не очень интересные. Я знаю одн оместечко где на все темы есть, надо посмотреть и Зачарованных там... Ну а если кто-то переведёт фанф, почему бы его не поместить на сайт? Это ж не преступление 8)


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регистрироваться буду.....сейчас...а сайтик у вамс классный! :D
мне нравится!
вообще мне очень жаль сайт Charmed Girls,жаль что его забросили....
Я тоже ещё как-ой то сайтик с фан-фиками находила, тоже на английском....сейчас попытаюсь адрес вспомнить....


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ну вот.....зарегистрировалась :D
you dead,you really don't know it.

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Ой,що енто быво?! :surprised:
Привет Ниса!
Добро пожаловать,любим мы новичков!
Целую крепко,Ваша репка!!!

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это хорошо! :D .....а как вам можно с сайтом помочь?
you dead,you really don't know it.

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