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Hello! Forgive me for writing a message in English. I loved ...

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Гость_"Santa Barbara"
Гость_"Santa Barbara"
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Forgive me for writing a message in English.
I loved Santa Barbara when it aired in the United States from 1984-1993! Which episodes
are you currently watching?

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(Excuse for my badly English. As far as I understood, you can't speak Russian, can you? Or you havn't russian keyboard?)
It is very difficult question because our TV-company - RTR (www.ptp.ru) shows SB badly. In 1999 show was interupted and resumed in 2000.
Santa Barbara aired in Russia in 1992 but the first episodes (near 217) we didn't showed (I don't know why) We are currently watching 1608 episode. In Santa-Barbara Christmas&New Year1991
Robert Barr v Quinn Armitage. Quinn (?)was killed. Eden in koma after carcrush. New Keith
Timmons wants inprison Kelly for Quinns murder.
Julia&Mason divorced. Julia was raped by Dash Nickols.
Do you have a sait about SB? Or some materials? (As articles)
I want to correct our episodes numeric. Do you have a resume, with episodes number?
It'a very interesting to talk you.
If you want to remember sb you can watch it!!! By our TV!
Click RTR-live http://rtr.relline.ru/rtr (you need media player). SB airs 11-05 by Moscow time (GMT+4) from monday to friday.

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