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Планы на седьмой сезон(интервью с Джейн Эспенсон)

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Jane Espenson interview ( Whoopee!!!!!)
Hi ,
Jane Espenson ( who wrote the awful 'Doublemeat Palace' epi, but I can forgive her because she also wrote 'Afterlife' ;) was interviewed at the Succubus club tonight.
It's still too soon to get hold of a proper transcript, so I got this from the Kitten board!
As can be expected from the kittens it's Tara/Willow centerd,( which I don't hold against them, full marks for managing to transcribe anything)
A lot of stuff about other characters is missing, but there are still a lot of clues about characters motives, for instance The Demon did not trick Spike Whoo Hoo........Spike wanted a soul!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, hopefully I'll manage to get hold of a full trancript later on today.
Heres what the Kittens managed to get.

These are live, off the cuff, not meant to be 100% accurate:

C=Candy K=Kitty J=Jane


K: Right next to me in the hotseat, Jane Espenson.

C: You didn't right a lot at this season.

J: I wrote a lot of episodes early in the season. I was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs. I did the four part Buffy comic Haunted, that took some of my time. We are hoping we all get more this year with Buffy, Angel and Firefly.

C: Isn't like a Western.

J: It's very much a western, there are horses in the pilot.

C: What entailed the co writing process, you seem to be the only one involved in co-writing.

J: Cause I am the one always volunteering, if you need help.

J: I wrote Mummy Hand and Kitten Poker part of Life Serial. I like writing the comedies.

C: Your first episode this season, Afterlife was serious.

J: Normally I would be thrid in the rotation, Marti, Fury and then me. Joss said I could wait for a comedy, but you probably want to take this one. So I though ok, we'll give it a try. I had a wonderful time writing it. It turned out very well, I was pleased with it.

C: Best one liner - Spike's where he says "every night I save you."

J: Thank you, normally Joss gets all those good lines. Marti really liked that scene and I was very fortunate it stayed the way I wrote it. Joss wrote the Anya cutting herself scene.

C: Questions about DMP and AF. Jane can only stay until 7, but we will be on until 8.

J: And you guys need to talk about me. I dyed my hair blonde, it's quite shocking.

C: She went blue once. Ok, about Afterlife. When Buffy went to Spike's crypt in Afterlife, why do you think she is there. What is going through Buffy's mind?

J: She went there and sat with him there, right. Um, I think she didn't know why she was there, except she wanted to be with someone who wasn't demanding anything of her.

J: Buffy doesn't open up to people. She doesn't like to show what she is thinking. She tends to be very closed off. I think the most brilliant thing we did this season was her insane delusion. It makes so much sense when you think about it.

J: I think it makes so much sense because Buffy is always in her own head. It didn't really not work out, the fact that she can't love him has so much more to do with her than him.

J: And of course anytime we talk about B/S relationship, that it's a very bad thing. I like Spike and I was very worried about the attempted rape, that is not something you play around with. It's very hard to come back from. You have to be very careful with it. We are not saying anything about humans, when you see that Spike looked into himself and saw that he wanted to go get a soul. We knew the whole time he was going to get a soul, the chip was an intentional mislead.

J: When we are vague, we are vague for a reason.

*More talk about Spike soul stuff

C: If you make that he went to go get a soul for her, it makes it romatic.

J: Yes that makes it very dicey. A human guy that says I saw the badness in myself, might not be the same thing. We have to be careful not to say that. He is a vampire with a soul, not a human.

C: That is the most interesting question, would it be fair to say that Buffy / Spike and Angel / Cordy are becoming a lot alike.

J: You can make that argument. We are certainly fighting that. Suppose we don't change Cordy, because it's too Buffized. Then we screw Cordy out of being a strong female. About souling Spike, it's only like Angel if we let it be. They have a much different relationship than Buffy / Angel had. What keeps Buffy and Spike from being together is their natures. They are thwarted by who they are. To me it feels very different. We don't report a formula. I think we suceeded in making it different.


*More on Spike soul stuff

J: He's loves bitch.

C: Scene in Seeing Red, in his crypt talking with Clem.

J: We love Clem.

C: Who doesn't love Clem. People want Sophie and Clem together.

J: We should put him with Dawn.

J: There were a number of Clem scenes we added in late, because the episodes ran short.

C: Doublemeat Palace, was the Demon deliberate?

J: It was an enormous penis, but we did not realize that at the time. We thought it was going to look eel like. It wasn't intentional. Would we have a lesbian cut off a giant penis? No, that's icky. But once it happened we felt free to comment on it. We had the W/T conversation about it, that I thought went really well. It's called hanging a lantern on it. You have the characters point it out.

J: We don't want to mock the show or its characters, but we will do, that's a funny thing. You can think it's a cheat, to point something out. So I was very pleased with whoever wrote that exchange. Might have been Drew.

J: We did not intend that to look like a penis.

C: Who decided on a fast food restraunt. Did someone have specific experience in fast food.

J: Everyone did but me. Marti had done a lot, worked at McDonalds. We almost backed off it when Joss pointed out she had waitressed.

J: Food is funny. I love food. No coincidence that Bandcandy and Gingerbread are also mine.

C: Lets talk about W/T. The whole Tara death and Willow what happened to her. Obviously people are upset.

J: As we intended, we we're upset ourselves. I didn't think Joss was going to be able to do it. We really struggled.

K: How do you feel about the backlash?

J: I wasn't aware of it, but we talked about it. What happens is one is introduced to be killed. She had been on the show, she was not brought in to be cannon fodder. She was not gay bashed, she was shot accidently. We did talk about, we're doing that thing, we're killing the lesbian. But it didn't feel that way to us, because she wasn't that lesbian character.

C: But Willow went evil.

J: She went evil out of deep loving grief.

J: I think we are shirking ourselves if Willow goes out and hooks up with a boy.

C: People want to know, the backlash, they are going to be tuning out.

J: People always say they are not going to watch anymore and our numbers stay the same.

C: But the numbers are down this year.

J: Yeah but our boy numbers are up. We certainly feel we did a really bang up season. We really like this season, we feel we did a really good job. Even if you take the musical out I think it's a really good season.

C: What about next season?

J: More funny, more standalones.

J: I am distressed to hear people are going to tune out. Tara was not our only gay character. Willow is still around and is a good role model. There is no reason to say we won't be seeing a little or more of um Tara or something resembling Tara.

C: She is picking her words very carefully.

J: If people are saying they are tuning out because they miss Amber Benson well...mumble mumble mumble.

K: Is Willow going to go to jail?

J: Um no she doesn't go to jail. She is somewhere interesting when we open the season. She is up somewhere doing something with someone we know.


Live Transcripts
Lost the feed, and winamp hosed my system, and needed to reboot.


*More Spike crap

C: Does Spike's chip still work?

J: Yes he has a soul, but his chip still works.

C: I have never been a big fan of Dawn. One of my favorite moments in last night's show was Willow being mean to her. What does last night mean for Dawn (fighting with Buffy)?

J: Dawn doesn't have strength. She can be a Scooby, she can do what Willow does, but she has certainly been dumped into the gang. I love the line I have been protecting you from the world, what I really want to do is show you the world.

J: You may noticed that Dawn is at the right age to start high school. She is at a good age to start participating in more things. She is going to be a little bit different next year and she is going to be in the thick of things. And she is not going to always be the damsel.

J: At the beginning we had a lot of people that didn't have powers and one that did. We had a lot of damsels. Now we have a lot of people with powers and not enough that don't. So Xander and Dawn were our only damsels. Now what do you do when the Xander saves the world and Dawn has a sword, your run out of damsels.


C: Joss involvement this season. You did mention about the first episode for next season.

J: Yes it is my understanding that Joss will be writing that episode himself. He will also be more involved with Angel.

C: Her digging out of the hole, had to be intentional.

J: Absolutely, crawling about out of the grave.

K: Did you dye her hair?

J: No it was a wig. She was really uncomfortable. Plus she had those enormous contact lens. Painful to put in. She was out on the bluff and they had scattered charred earth around and it was blowing all this dirt in her eyes. You can see she her eyes are almost closed.

K: Has Sunnydale always been on the coast?

J: We figure it's near Santa Barbara, and of course that is why the Shumash tribe would be the local tribe.

C: How do you feel when the fans transfer their anger to you on the boards etc.

J: It does get tiring because you bond with the show so much and even if the descision isn't yours. You have to take responsiblity for it and defend it. Where maybe if you were a fan you would not be happy about it. Also the fans know the episodes better than we do. We always have a blast at the PBP. This Tara thing is probably going to be really hard on us, because you do find yourself getting defense and feeling misunderstood.

C: We asked David Fury about defending things last week. We asked him how difficult that is, how about you.

J: Less difficult for me. Fury has very independant ideas. He is the most extreme and I am the most likely to hop on board. I tend to pretty much love everything we've done. Here's one, a think cut from sleeping with Parker. Harsh Light Of Day. All the fans were very upset, that Buffy got so hung up on this guy. A bit got cut where she said look at me, I am doing something that doesn't have to do with Angel. I was upset that got cut.

J: I had to defend Buffy being with Parker and that cut. There have been some where I have been skeptical, the attempted rape. But then I saw it and I was like I can groove with that.

*More rape scene stuff, more Spike lurve

Final words from Jane:

I am very very sorry about Tara, really. We really feel bad. It is very possible that we did a bad thing. And I don't want to completely exonerate us... it is possible.


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Re: Jane Espenson interview ( Whoopee!!!!!)
Hi all,
A bit more stuff from the wonderful Jane ESpenson!
Lumily from the Big Bad board was taking notes while it was on, and she has included a few things that the kittens left out!
All I can say is YAY SPUFFIES go book your tickets, 'cos it looks like our 'ship' might be getting ready to sail
Here's what she posted!

Jane Espenson Spoilers from the Succubus Club
You got your wish, Marcee. He's a soulled vampire, not human.

He went to this place to endure the trials because he wanted a soul all along, never wanted to be evil again. He wants to be good enough for Buffy.

Buffy's problems with Spike have more to do with her than him. In other words, the girl has issues.

This are just quick things I jotted down while Jane was talking. Hopefully, she will give more juicy stuff out.

She's being very open about stuff.
Re: Jane Espenson Spoilers from the Succubus Club
I get the feeling that she's very sincere. I'll be back in a minute.

Joss needs to shut this woman up because she's just talking.

They don't know if they are going to explore the Cecily thing yet. Maybe. It's an option. Spike did recognize the resemblence though.

The writers adore Clem.

The monster in DMP was not suppose to look like an enormous penis, but it did, and they thought it was kind of gross when they saw it, especially since Willow, the Lesbian, killed it by cutting it off.

They talked a lot about what Buffy's job was going to be. Options were phone sales, janitor, cop, they wanted something really unpleasant for her to do.

Tara was very difficult for them to kill. Joss had a hard time with it. Her character was not brought in to be killed, it just evolved. Her death was not punishment for being gay (Duh). Tara's death was an accident.

More later....... No time for editing

BtVS, she said it won't be the same, because the circumstances are different, and Spike and Angel are very different.

The writers loved, loved this season.

Next season will be more funny, there will be more stand alone episodes.

Ack.....they're back.

Willow will be dealing with her grief and moving on. We will probably being seeing Tara "in some form" next season. No jail for Willow, but at the start of next season she won't be "somewhere" with someone we know.

Joss will be more involved with Angel next year, and Jane will also be writing for Firefly in addition to BtVS.

Jane doesn't know about any scenes being shot in England next year.

Force wasn't going to bring Willow down, it had to be love and emotion that made her deal with her grief and move her out of her rage. That's why Xander succeeded where Buffy didn't.

Willow was suppose to go evil much earlier in the season, but they moved it back.

They are back

Buffy will probably never be called on her beatings/treatment of Spike. She made a "normal" mistake that people sometimes make in their 20's (what???)

Buffy isn't honest with herself (duh)

Spike's chip is still there and still works.

Dawn doesn't have slayer strength, but she will probably be a full-fledged Scooby next season. She will be particpating in a much different way. She was their "distress girl" this season. She won't be next year.

Alyson Hannigan was wearing a wig in the finale, and she hated it. The contacts were very painful, and in the last scene with her and Xander the wind was blowing very hard and she got lots of dirt in her eyes. It was very painful for her.

The writers say Sunnydale is near Santa Barbara.

Sometimes the writers have to defend things they write that they wouldn't defend if they were just fans. They are told what to write.

They realize how bad Tara's death was on the fans. She was very sorry about it, and said they may have made a mistake in killing her, but it's done now.

Fury is very independant. He has a difficult time writing somethings he's assigned. Jane says she's the opposite, she'll write anything and like it.

She wasn't comfortable with the attempted rape scene at first, but James made it work for her, and made her see Spike's pain. She said Spike was devistated by his actions.

Buffy totally trusts Spike with Dawn. She knows him and that's why she was so upset by him attacking her. When she asked Clem when Spike was coming back, she was missing the Spike she thought she knew; the old Spike.

Buffy slept with Parker to seperate herself from Angel. There was a scene that was cut from HLOD where Buffy says, "Look at me, I'm doing something that has nothing to do with Angel. Yay, me." (Paraphrased that) Jane regrets that, that scene was cut from that episode. She thinks fans would have understood Buffy's actions more if it had been left in.

They were going bring Giles back for X/A's wedding, but decided against it. All the flowers at the wedding were a gift from Giles.

There will be some Giles next season. She has no idea what is going on with the series "Ripper."

Joss specifically said he wanted no glasses on Giles in his scenes in the finale.

The writers have tossed around the idea of Giles and Anya.

There will be a few re -o ccuring characters next season, including a new principal. They are rebuilding Sunnydale High.

Jane thinks Anya has a soul and always has had one. She believes Lorne and Clem have souls too, as do many demons. It's a touchy subject with the writers.

All the characters are complex. All vampires, demons, and people are not alike and can't really be compared to each other.

Jane doesn't like Tara being labelled as a lesbian; she was a person, period. They are all individuals and should be treated and viewed as such.

She joked about Warren being gay since he turned out so evil. (Poke at the Kittens perhaps)

Buffy has now embraced the role of mentor to Dawn....and possibly other characters as well.

Buffy learned that she does respond to Spike and she does indeed have a dark side that she didn't recognize before.

Giles laughing last night was a way of showing that he recognizes Buffy as an adult now. He's was treating her like a grown-up, and she realized that as well, so she laughed with him.

If Buffy hadn't been ashamed of Spike, things would have worked out much better with them.

Xander was more angry about Buffy's lying than about her sleeping with Spike.

Character changes have been very real in the writers eyes and Jane is proud of the changes all the characters have gone through.

Next season hints

Back to High School (Dawn)

Buffy has most likely been fired from the DMP and won't be going back there.

Villians from the past will likely return next season. Drusilla (spit) was mentioned, as was the Trio. Jane would like to see John Ritter (Ted) return somehow.

Okay that's it. Sorry it's so choppy, but I took choppy notes.

Oops I forgot to add, that Joss will be writing more for BtVS next season, and he will be writing the season premiere.


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