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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
July 30 July 31 August 1 August 2 August 3
1 серия
1979 - Channing is shot, 1984 - Joe is released from prison and takes a bus to Santa Barbara
2 серия
Joe reunites with Jade and Marisa, Peter and Kelly arrive on the yacht, Santana tells Rosa about her baby
Danny goes hanggliding, Rosa confronts CC about Santana's baby, Joe sees Kelly on the boat
CC's goons toss Joe in the water, someone throws a bomb into the Perkins' house, Dominic approaches Joe
Joe remembers he had a witness who never came forward, Danny does his stunt for a movie producer
August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9 August 10
Joe & Kelly argue on the yacht, Peter comes in with a gun, Santana leaves for Acapulco
Ted & Danny arrive in Hollywood, Santana talks to the doctor who delivered her baby, Peter gets hurt at polo
CC has a cocktail party and calls Mason Channing, Joe convinces Jade to take a vacation
Kelly reads some of Joe's letters, Jade arrives in Hollywood, Santana back from Acapulco
Santana hires a private investigator, Augusta offers Joe a job, Joe breaks into the Capwell house
August 13 August 14 August 15 August 16 August 17
Cruz arrives to help with the oil rig fire, Kelly asks Peter if he wants to move to NY 12
Cruz in the hospital, Santana finds out her private investigator is working for CC, Dominic arranges a meeting for Kelly & Joe
Peaches gets her purse stolen, Laken arrives in Hollywood, Joe & Kelly meet at the stables, Joe goes to work for Augusta
Cruz goes to the Capwell house to rest, Peter and Augusta chat about old times 15
CC has a party on his yacht, Augusta tries to blackmail Peter, Joe breaks into the Capwell house again
August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23 August 24
Cruz helps Joe get out of the house, but Joe gets caught by Kelly
Kelly helps Joe get out of the house, Santana brings CC a present to give to her son 18
Kelly sees Augusta & Joe while riding her horse, cuts herself on the fence, Joe kisses Kelly, Cruz & Santana look at the houseboat
Joe kisses Kelly (replays), Jade has a screen test with a sleazy producer, Joe gets drunk and goes to Augusta's, Kelly goes to Peter's
Morning after - Joe & Augusta wake up together, as do Peter & Kelly, Laken wants to go to Hollywood
August 27 August 28 August 29 August 30 August 31
Augusta follows Joe, Dominic tells Joe to stay away from Augusta, Joe goes to see Santana
Joe & Santana argue at the stables, Mason & his secretary get it on in his office 23
A sarcophagus arrives at the Lockridge house, Santana out cold after falling off a horse, Lionel arrives in Santa Barbara
Santana gets bitten by a rattlesnake, CC rescues her and she is taken to the hospital 25
Danny goes to rescue Jade from the sleazy producer, Augusta cooks Laken's pigeon, Joe gets in Dominic's trunk to follow him
September 3 September 4 September 5
September 6 September 7
Laken upset, goes to the Capwell house, Dominic goes to the cemetery, Joe figures out Dominic is his witness
Lionel goes to the Capwell house to get Laken, Joe takes a gun and goes to meet Dominic
Ted & Laken leave the Capwell house and go to a motel, at the warehouse Dominic admits to Joe he is Joe's witness
Ted & Laken at a motel, Mason searches the Lockridge house
Kelly and Joe meet at La Mesa and dance
September 10 September 11 September 12
September 13 September 14
Kelly and Joe meet at Cruz's houseboat
Joe and Peter fight at Cruz's, Augusta and Lionel create their circle of truth, David Hasselhoff cameo
Peter tells Mason that Kelly has seen Joe a few times, Ted & Laken invite their parents to the snack bar for a meeting
Ted & Laken meet their parents at the snack bar, Peter & Kelly fight and she leaves, Santana tells Cruz she & Channing used to meet at the gazebo, Paul Burke starts as CC
Kelly missing, Dominic breaks into Santana's apartment and steals her letters, Dominic goes to the gazebo
September 17 September 18 September 19
September 20 September 21
Joe finds Dominic at the gazebo, they find Santana & Channing's letters, Lionel watches Augusta & Peter in the presidential suite 37
Peter records Mason and Veronica talking in the presidential suite, Cruz finds out from Joe about Santana's baby 38
Auction for the Lockridge beachfront property starts, CC takes Santana for a plane ride, Kelly returns to Santa Barbara 39
Bidding for the property starts - Mason wins, Dominic and Joe each visit the Yucca Dunes Motel, Gina & Brandon arrive 40
Kelly goes looking for Joe, Veronica juggles Lionel, Peter & Mason, CC offers Cruz a full-time job on the rigs
September 24 September 25 September 26 September 27 September 28
Joe takes Kelly to meet Dominic, Ted, Laken, Danny, Jade look at renting the motel for a hangout, Santana meets Gina & Brandon 42
Ginger and her thugs show up at Peter's and blackmail him, it's revealed Dominic is a woman, CC and Santana make love 43
Kelly's dressmaker turns out to be Ginger, Danny has a soccer match, Mason says CC slept around a lot before he met Sophia 44
Summer's first episode, Joe goes to Alaska to find out info on Dominic 45
CC's birthday, Peter plants drugs on Joe's bike, Eden flying on her way to Santa Barbara
October 1 October 2 October 3 October 4 October 5
Eden parachutes onto the Lockridge property, CC hears the tape of Mason trashing him 47
Warren burns some things at a storage locker and injures his hand, the cops find the cocaine on Joe's bike 48
Cruz tells CC he knows that Santana's baby is Brandon, Peter saves Kelly from Ginger's goons 49
Dominic confronts Lionel in his car, the cops go to La Mesa to arrest Joe but he escapes towards the ocean 50
Joe is presumed drowned or killed by sharks, Ted comforts Jade
October 8 October 9 October 10 October 11 October 12
Mason tells Ted that the things that were stolen in the robbery belonged to Sophia, Lionel leaves things for Eden at Sophia's grave 52
Kelly meets Dominic, Brandon is missing and Gina tells Mason that he was adopted, Joe is picked up in a rowboat 53
Joe wakes up on a yacht, Danny and Ted put a camel in Mr. Bottoms' classroom 54
Brick arrives, Santana calls Brandon and finds out his birthday and realizes he's her son 55
Santana goes to LA and CC confronts her, someone is following Kelly - it turns out to be Joe
October 15 October 16 October 17 October 18 October 19
CC and Santana fight about Brandon, Kelly realizes Joe is alive, Joe and Kelly make love 57
Amy arrives, CC & Santana break up, Joe's funeral starts 58
At the funeral Jade tells Marisa Joe is really alive, Jeff breaks up with Amy, Cruz finds out Joe is alive 59
Marisa tells John that Joe is alive, Amy gets drunk, Peter goes to the presidential suite with a gun to spy on Kelly 60
Joe and Kelly spend the night in the presidential suite and Peter realizes she's seeing someone, Peter goes in with a gun
October 22 October 23 October 24 October 25 October 26
Charles Bateman's first day, Kelly breaks up with Peter, Lionel accuses the Capwells of sinking the Amanda Lockridge 62
Mason finds out Gina is in Nice, Ginger breaks into Peter's apartment and decides to use Kelly to get money out of Peter 63
Ginger wants Peter to help her kidnap Kelly, Kelly goes to meet Ginger 64
Santana arrives in Nice, Ginger's goons drug Kelly after "knocking out" Ginger, Mason gets a ransom call from Ginger 65
Santana babysits Brandon, Mason tells CC Kelly was kidnapped, Joe calls Dominic to help find Kelly
October 29 October 30 October 31 November 1 November 2
Dominic gets a disguise for Joe so he can go look for Kelly, Amy temps at Peter's office, the cops go to Ginger's but Kelly is gone 67
Ginger tells Mason some guys knocked her out and took Kelly, Dominic confronts Peter about his past with Ginger, Peter meets up with Ginger 68
Mark Arnold's first day as Joe, Peter "saves" Kelly, Halloween at the motel, Joe goes to the hospital to see Kelly, Peter sees Joe 69
Joe visits Kelly at hospital, Eden flashes back to when she & Cruz met, Joe tells Kelly about Peter & Ginger, Peter decides to kill Joe 70
Dominic tells Joe the things Warren stole were Sophia's to cover up Sophia & Lionel's affair, Eden takes Lionel flying, Mason flies to Nice
November 5 November 6 November 7 November 8 November 9
Peter tells Kelly he wants to help her find Channing's killer, Mason arrives in Nice, a minor quake hits, Lionel goes to the cemetery 72
Sophia's "ghost" haunts Lionel at the cemetery, Gina, Brandon, Mason & Santana fly back from France, Lionel thinks Eden is the ghost 73
Party for Marisa & John, Peter plants a fake note from Dominic to lure Joe, Ted & Laken planning to spend the night, Joe goes to meet "Dominic" 74
Peter shoots at Joe at the wildlife refuge, Santana planning to take Brandon to Rio, Peter and Joe struggle, Ted goes after Warren 75
Peter is wounded and Joe is arrested, Ted chases Warren on horseback, Eden and Lionel at the cemetery, Santana and CC fight
November 12 November 13 November 14 November 15 November 16
Earthquake! A major earthquake hits Santa Barbara... 77
John Perkins dies from injuries after the earthquake, Warren saves Ted, Augusta & Lionel trapped at the bottom of a cliff 78
There's an explosion at the Andrade's from a gas leak, Kelly trapped - she and Joe get "married", it's revealed Dominic is Sophia 79
Kelly, Joe, Lionel, Augusta rescued but Dominic is gone, Gina arrives from LA, Mason promises Kelly he'll drop the charges against Joe 80
Sophia visits the hospital to check on Kelly, Warren retrieves the coins from the cave, the Lockridges provide well water for Santa Barbara
November 19 November 20 November 21 November 22 November 23
Peter goes into cardiac arrest but is OK, Eden befriends Matt, a young boy whose parents are missing from the quake, Kelly goes to see Peter 82
Lionel follows Dominic to his apartment but finds a woman, Peter about to tell Kelly who he saw in the study the night of Channing's murder 83
Peter tells Kelly he saw Mason in the study, Lionel visits Sophia's grave with the coins Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 84
Peter admits to Mason he lied about Mason being in the study, Brandon having nightmares, Matt's parents are found
November 26 November 27 November 28 November 29 November 30
Peter's press conference on TV, Joe is cleared, Mr. Bottoms arrested but Ted gets him out of it and they call a truce 86
Amy learns she's pregnant, CC makes a statement supporting Joe, Joe formally exonerated, Brick decides not to leave town, Mason & Peter argue 87
Peter falls into a coma after he and Mason argue, Kelly starts to tell CC what Peter said about Mason 88
CC overhears Kelly and Mason arguing and throws Mason out, then disinherits him, Jade learns Amy is pregnant 89
Mason and CC argue and CC pulls a gun, Warren tells Lionel about Channing and the party, Mason learns Santana is Brandon's mother
December 3 December 4 December 5 December 6 December 7
Amy tells Brick she's pregnant and they go to San Francisco to see Jeff, Mason confronts Santana about Brandon 91
Eden asks Cruz to teach her to dive, Brick & Amy meet Jeff & stay overnight in San Francisco, Santana & Mason fight and she pulls a knife on him 92
Santana decides to leave town after Mason threatens to tell Brandon and Gina the truth 93
Amy tells Jeff she's pregnant but he says it's not his, Lionel finds Eden diving, Mason smuggles Peter out of the hospital 94
Ted & Laken plan to spend the night on the yacht, they see Eden and Lionel together on the Lockridge boat
December 10 December 11 December 12 December 13 December 14
Ted & Laken's evening ends, Mason takes Peter to a clinic, Dominic breaks into Lionel's closet to plant the note in the tux 96
Jeff sends Amy a letter offering to pay for an abortion, Dominic puts the note in the tux and knocks Lionel out 97
Liz Peale arrives, Veronica finds out where Peter is, Lionel & Liz plan to put forgeries on the Amanda Lockridge 98
Dominic plants the coins in Lionel's briefcase, Veronica tells Mason she visited Peter, Lionel visits Peter 99
Lionel & Augusta take Peter from the clinic, CC tells Eden & Ted about Peter's accusation
December 17 December 18 December 19 December 20 December 21
Gina offers to be CC's secretary, Summer tells Gina Hank raped her, Amy decides to keep the baby, Lionel & Liz bring up the safe 101
Lionel & Liz go through the safe, Dominic plants clippings of Channing's murder in Lionel's desk 102
Lionel puts the safe back, Warren & Lionel publicly dive for the safe, Peter has a press conference & says he couldn't see the killer 103
Party at museum for opening of safe, Mason searches the Lockridge house and finds the coins 104
Mason finds the clippings, Lionel opens the safe and Mason has him arrested
December 24 December 25 December 26 December 27 December 28
Mason tells Kelly that Lionel was arrested for stealing the coins, Dominic tips off Mason about the tux and he finds the note, Christmas Eve 106
Christmas - the Lockridges have Christmas in jail, Marisa & Jade surprise Amy with a nursery, Mason searches the Lockridge house again 107
Lionel & Warren discuss Sophia and the affair, Mason charges Lionel with Channing's murder 108
Mason tells CC Lionel & Sophia had an affair, Liz gets Augusta bail money, Lionel realizes the note was in Warren's tux 109
Cruz & Eden both end up at the museum to look at the log book, Lionel, Warren & Augusta burn Lionel's tux
December 31
New Year's Eve - Eden & Cruz locked in the museum together, Danny & Jade get stuck in the snow, Kelly wants Joe to marry her today


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
January 1 January 2 January 3 January 4
. Pre-empted - New Year's Day 111
Cruz wrestles Eden to the floor in her office because she stole the slides he took at the museum, Lionel chases Dominic 112
Jackie Parks arrives, Mason tells Ted about Lionel & Sophia's affair, Lionel follows Dominic onto a train but they argue & Dominic falls off 113
Dominic/Sophia didn't fall off the train, she follows Lionel to his compartment and is about to attack him, Lionel realizes it's Sophia!
January 7 January 8 January 9 January 10 January 11
Marcello arrives on the train, Peter's doctor tells him he is sick, Lionel falls off the train after a struggle with Marcello 115
A bum finds Lionel unconscious and switches ID's with him, Peter kills the waitress 116
Lionel wakes up in a circus van, Det Monroe arrives at La Mesa to investigate, Eden passes out after a dive, Peter burns evidence 117
Cruz revives Eden, Cruz & Eden look through the desk for the diary, Lionel confronts Sophia on the train but the sheriff shoots at him 118
Peter finds out he's dying, Cruz & Eden destroy the desk, the bum is arrested as Lionel, Summer gets in the car with Peter
January 14 January 15 January 16 January 17 January 18
Summer's body found, Mason hears Laken ask about Sophia's death and thinks Lionel killed Sophia too 120
Lionel staying at Veronica's, Gina tells Mason about Hank, the Contessa Armonti arrives at the Capwell Hotel 121
Gina denies knowing about Hank's mob activities, Sophia dresses as a bag lady & meets Ted on the beach, Mason finds Hank 122
Hank was in jail the night Summer was murdered, Summer's memorial service, Monroe asks Cruz to join the hunt for the killer 123
Kelly meets with Mrs. Carlyle, Peter lures Eden to fetch Joe's toolbox for Kelly
January 21 January 22 January 23 January 24 January 25
Pre-empted for Reagan's inauguration 124
Lionel goes to the presidential suite to see Sophia, Cruz joins the force, Peter has Eden, they struggle & Eden falls down a cliff 125
Eden missing, Peter realizes he's the killer, Mason realizes Veronica's hiding Lionel 126
Eden wakes up and wanders, writes HELP in the pine needles, Cruz talks to Peter's doctor, Peter about to kill Eden 127
Eden rescued by Cruz, Ted & Laken talk to Lionel about Sophia's death, Cruz questions Peter
January 28 January 29 January 30 January 31 February 1
Veronica's last full day, Peter sets up his alibi at the movies, then goes to kill Veronica 129
Peter kills Veronica & then returns to the movie, Lionel tells Warren that Dominic is Sophia 130
Peter's alibi checks out, Ted tells Mason the tux with the note in it was Warren's 131
Cruz thinks Peter may have faked his alibi, Cruz convinces Mason that it could have been a recording of Veronica he heard 132
Eden unmasks Sophia, pre-wedding preparations, Kelly & Joe invite Mason to the wedding
February 4 February 5 February 6 February 7 February 8
Eden tells Sophia to leave town, Peter visits Kelly while she's getting ready 134
Kelly and Joe's wedding 135
Kelly and Joe's reception 136
Kelly & Joe check into the hotel, Mason announces that Lionel killed Sophia, Mason confronts Gina about Hank, Peter kills the hooker 137
Peter passes a lie detector test, Warren plans to leave town, Joe and Kelly make it to Palm Springs and Peter follows them
February 11 February 12 February 13 February 14 February 15
Liz drives Warren to a barn, Jeff shows up & is pissed when he sees Amy is still pregnant, Peter shows up and grabs Kelly 139
Peter takes Kelly to a house, she tries to escape but Peter stops her, Amy goes to the hospital after fighting with Jeff and having pains 140
Peter rapes Kelly, Warren sends a note to Sophia to try to meet with her, Kelly gets a knife and prepares to stab Peter 141
Amy needs to have surgery, Warren meets with Sophia, Kelly escapes on foot, finds the abandonned trailer, Valentine's Day 142
Lionel tells Sophia he was locked in Channing's room when the murder happened, Kelly escapes from the trailer and finds an old car
February 18 February 19 February 20 February 21 February 22
Kelly sets the car on fire & it explodes, she is rescued & found by Joe, a woman picks up Peter in her truck 144
Amy released from the hospital, Eden and Cruz make love :), Peter's "suicide" note is found 145
Lionel released from jail after Peter's "confession" is found, Augusta tries to figure out who the contessa is and how Lionel knows her 146
Augusta thinks the contessa is Sophia and sets a trap, a body washes up on shore but it is not Peter 147
Mason realizes the body isn't Peter and that Peter stole a gun, Peter goes to Kelly's apartment and then to the Perkins house
February 25 February 26 February 27 February 28 March 1
Amy tries to call off the party guests and tips off Cruz; Jackie and Mason arrive at Amy's 149
Kelly, Joe, and Larry enter the Perkins' house: Kelly escapes, Larry is "killed". Maggie (her 1st ep) dresses up like Kelly to lure Peter out 150
Peter and Joe in the house together, end - Kelly sneaks into the house with a gun 151
Joe is shot and gets thrown through the front window, Peter is killed, Kelly goes to the hospital to see Joe 152
Joe's death (per date on his tombstone), Joe dies in the hospital
March 4 March 5 March 6 March 7 March 8
Sophia removes her disguise and reveals herself to Mason 154
Kelly and Cruz at Joe's grave after funeral (Joe's funeral is not shown in the episode) 155
Dr. Renfro appears to take over Amy's care, Augusta has some thugs kidnap Sophia 156
Augusta unmasks Sophia and they catfight 157
End - Laken tells Ted his mother is alive
March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15
End - Mason stops CC and Gina's wedding 159
Mason tells CC Sophia was never declared dead; CC and Gina's cancelled wedding continued; Ted sees Sophia 160
Mason stranded at a sleazy motel after CC gets him fired and his bank accounts frozen 161
Kelly finds out Sophia is alive 162
Kelly tells Ted and Eden she knows Sophia is alive; Augusta and Lionel have a food fight; CC about to declare Sophia dead
March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21 March 22
Gina tells CC about Hank; the wedding is postponed again; Augusta brings CC to the presidential suite two-way mirror 164
CC sees it's Sophia, CC & Augusta overhear Lionel & Sophia & think they've been having an affair for 15 years, CC goes off to find Lionel 165
CC gets his whip, goes to the Lockridge house, Lionel & CC spar, Lionel disappears into the basement 166
CC finds the tunnel and chases after Lionel, Sophia tries to reason with CC, but Lionel wants to defend himself against CC 167
CC & Lionel in the tunnel emerge separately and flashback to what each said to the other
March 25 March 26 March 27 March 28 March 29
Cruz's mom comes into town, Brick moves into Amy's, Cruz proposes to Eden in the hotel lobby 169
Eden & Cruz play off the proposal & later fight, Marcello hypnotizes Eden on the beach, wants her to bring him CC's medal 170
Eden & Cruz have sex in the tunnel, Eden fakes being hypnotized again, Amy gets a letter from Jeff stating he's sterile 171
Headline reads "Sophia Capwell Alive", Warren buys the newspaper, Cruz finds a letter to Channing from Lindsay in Peter's stuff 172
Mason holds an auction of Peter's things, Ginger back in town, Maggie thwarts a robbery at the bistro, Cruz meets Lindsay
April 1 April 2 April 3 April 4 April 5
The puzzle box's diamond is destroyed, Lindsay tells Cruz about his affair with Channing, Kelly leaves for Bermuda 174
Mason sets up his practice at the bistro, Minx & Sophia talk, Maggie moves in next door to Lindsay, Eden starts construction on the Orient Express 175
Mason has to go into business for Ginger because he doesn't have her money, Hank threatens Gina, she lies and tells CC she's pregnant 176
Hank places an ad for CC to meet with him, Cruz plants a bug on Maggie, Maggie breaks into Lindsay's apartment 177
Lindsay admits he & Peter blackmailed Channing about the affair, CC goes to meet Hank, a blackout, Gina tries to hit Hank with her car
April 8 April 9 April 10 April 11 April 12
Gina is in surgery, Cruz tells Maggie he found out that Peter's confession of killing Channing was written by someone else 179
Cruz investigates the tunnel, Cruz asks Mason why he's working for Ginger, CC's lawyer approaches Sophia about the divorce 180
Gina wakes from a coma, Mason talks to the DA about Ginger's hookers, Warren tells Sophia Lionel didn't try to kill her that day on the boat, Jack Lee visits Augusta for her dinner party 181
Ted moves into Kelly's apartment with Mason & Ginger's girls, Marcello tells Sophia & Eden that he found Sophia on the beach the day of her accident 182
Sophia & CC's divorce comes through, Gina's doctor tells her she isn't pregnant, Cruz gives Eden a ring, CC's gun is stolen
April 15 April 16 April 17 April 18 April 19
Gina back home & tells CC she has called a priest to marry them, the cops arrest Ted & Jackie and some of Ginger's girls at Kelly's 184
Cruz tells Eden Brandon is Channing & Santana's son, CC & Gina marry, Mason vouches for Ted & Jackie, Cruz proposes to Eden 185
Cruz stops CC from destroying the tunnel, Ted & Jackie's arrest make the paper, Eden tells Gina the truth about Brandon 186
Minx tells Cruz that her husband & CC's father built the tunnel, Cruz's boathouse searched, Eden pretends to flush her ring 187
Marcello visits Kelly in Bermuda, Mason reads Lindsay's letter to Channing, Minx & Lionel make a bet, Eden arrives in Bermuda, Mason decides to take Maggie's case
April 22 April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26
Mason meets with Lindsay, Cruz finds out Marcello & CC were both in Europe during the war, Mason finds the secret room in the tunnel, Hank rapes Gina 189
Jeff disappears after talking to Brick, Cruz pretends to throw the ring overboard, Mason tells CC Maggie is suing for $20 million 190
Kelly & Marcello fly back to Santa Barbara, Mason makes a video for CC, Lionel gets a job selling mattresses, CC talks of the war, Eden says Marcello is Hans, Brick finds Jeff's body 191
CC insists he went back for Hans but couldn't find him, Marcello "forgives" CC, Cruz sets a trap to try to catch the killer in the tunnel 192
Kelly sees "Jack" when he is supposed to be in Europe, Santana returns, Ted hears Gina talking to Hank about the pills, tunnel explosion at end of episode, screen fades to white
April 29 April 30 May 1 May 2 May 3
Tunnel collapse - Gina & Ted trapped, Santana and Cruz trapped, Augusta missing 194
Cruz discovers Augusta in a nearby cavern, Hank is dead, Kelly takes Brandon to the park and Nick takes photos of them, Gina & Ted rescued, Brandon runs off by himself 195
Cruz, Augusta, Santana rescued, the assassin plans to kill Kelly during a search for Brandon, Nick finds Brandon 196
Eden leaves notes for Cruz around town, Gina confronts CC about Brandon's parentage, Ted sees the tape Mason left for CC, Cruz makes it to the clearing 197
Eden and Cruz in the clearing, part 2; Nick asks for Cruz's help because he thinks someone is trying to kill Kelly, Ted comforts Jackie after she learns Larry is missing, Nick warns Kelly
May 6 May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10
Augusta realizes she's blind and calls her sister Julia in Phoenix, Mason finds Gina's pregnancy test, Cruz's mother meets Sophia, Jackie learns Larry is dead, Julia arrives in Santa Barbara 199
Mason tinkers with Gina's pregnancy test, Julia visits a blind Augusta in the hospital, Ted spends the day with Jackie 200
Jack Lee tells Renfro to induce Amy's labor, Maggie refuses CC's settlement, Cruz questions Marcello about being in the house the day of the murder, Eden & Cruz decide to get married at the Orient Express 201
Mason and Gina meet in a motel, Sophia thinks it could have been Marcello she saw in the mirror and not Lionel 202
Cruz and Eden engagement party, opening of Orient Express
May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17
Jade meets Christy, the assassin is dead after being thrown through the skylight at the party after a long struggle with Nick 204
Santana watches the tape Mason made for CC, Kelly takes Cruz to the house where she brought the courier's package 205
Brandon gets into Gina's pills and crawls onto the roof, Cruz asks Nick to be his best man, Kelly talks to Jack Lee at the airport 206
Nick rescues Brandon, Brandon taken to the hospital to have his stomach pumped, Julia pours a drink on Jack 207
Santana and Lindsay meet at Mason's apartment, Nick brings Eden a polaroid of Cruz while she waits at the Orient Express
May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23 May 24
Eden and Cruz's wedding day: Eden waiting at the altar, Kelly & CC in the elevator trapped by Marcello, Mason & Gina in the hotel room, special ending credits 209
Wedding interrupted by fire, Eden & Cruz at the altar when Marcello staggers in to announce the hotel is on fire, Mason & Gina discover the hotel is on fire and go to the Orient Express, Jack visits Augusta 210
Orient Express evacuated, Mason and Gina have sex in the ambulance, Brick visits his mother 211
Cruz refuses to tell Eden what Marcello said to him, Marcello comes out of surgery, Brick brings Amy to meet his mom 212
Cruz searches Marcello's apartment, Marcello leaves the hospital & breaks into Cruz's houseboat and knocks Eden out
May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30 May 31
Brick asks Amy to marry him, Amy goes into labor, Marcello arrested at Sophia's, Cruz sends out invitations to the re-enactment party 214
Amy gives birth but Renfro kidnaps Johnny and tells Brick the baby died, Cruz tells Maggie and Eden of his plan to re-enact the murder 215
Amy is told the baby died, Gina learns she is pregnant & Mason confesses that he tricked her, a nurse tells Brick the baby was healthy 216
Brick visits the nurse, Mason, Lionel & Lindsay visit Marcello, Brick tells Amy he thinks the baby is alive, Cruz begins reciting the facts 217
Re-enactment to catch Channing's killer, part one - Lionel is "shot", Brick beaten up by Lee's thugs
June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6 June 7
Re-enactment, part 2, Sophia is revealed as the killer, but CC reloaded the gun, Brick arrested for drunk driving 219
Cruz will announce tomorrow what he plans to do with Sophia, Julia & Mason 1st meeting at the Bistro, CC finds Gina with the pills 220
Cruz arrests Sophia at Channing's grave, CC finds out Gina is addicted to the pills and wants to send her to rehab 221
Sophia taken to the station, Jack Lee called in as her lawyer, Eden moves out of the houseboat, Gina calls Mason to help her 222
Gina's in the sanitarium, CC promotes Eden, Jack Lee to take over the Gillis case, Julia agrees to help Mason on the Gillis case
June 10 June 11 June 12 June 13 June 14
Kelly & Nick go on a date, a reporter claiming to be a Vet comes to see Nick, Julia pretends she's spying on Mason for Jack Lee 224
Ted & Christy apply for jobs at the Orient Express, Gina gets money from Mason to buy pills inside the hospital, Kelly sees Jack smoking 225
Kelly & Nick figure that Jack Lee is behind the plot to kill her, Ted gets Christy a job at the Orient Express 226
Ted & Christy start their new jobs at the Orient Express, Kelly & Nick spy on Jack, Mason visits Gina, Maggie tells Warren to leave her alone 227
Augusta starts to see light, there is a robbery at the hotel, Nick breaks into Jack's office, Jack figures out he's being spied on
June 17 June 18 June 19 June 20 June 21
Augusta's sight is fully restored, Kelly & Nick get caught breaking into Lee's office and are later kidnapped 229
Kelly & Nick in Renfro's trunk, get taken to a motel, Julia suspicious of Jack because he forgot the time she threw a glass at him 230
Renfro tells Nick Kelly is dead, Amy tells Cruz she saw Kelly, Nick at a couple's barn, jumps down a well trying to escape the thugs 231
Nick escapes from the well, takes a motorcycle to find the motel where Kelly is, Eden & Cruz plan to go look for Kelly & Nick 232
Jack tells Kelly he is an imposter, Renfro is planning to erase her memory, Nick arrives as Kelly is strapped in
June 24 June 25 June 26 June 27 June 28
Augusta, Lionel & Frank in the fake Hearst castle, Nick & Kelly escape on motorcycle from Jack Lee after Kelly's memory is erased 234
Kelly & Nick stay at the couple's barn, Mary invites Christy to Theda's for her birthday, Nick & Kelly make it to the ghost town 235
Ted drives Christy to Theda's for her birthday, Nick & Kelly at the ghost town, Brick & Amy hold Renfro at gunpoint 236
Renfro tells Amy her baby is alive & well, Renfro shot, Brick & Amy escape, Steve shows up, Julia leaves with Jack for Vienna 237
Gina escapes from the sanitarium, Augusta throws Christy out, Kelly takes a bath, Gina takes Brandon
July 1 July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5
Nick brings Kelly a rabbit, Amy & Brick call Minx for money so they can go to Vienna, Mason finds Gina 239
Gina brings Brandon back, Mason takes Gina to a new clinic, Lionel declares he's impotent on TV 240
Brick & Amy arrive in Vienna, Jack tells Julia they are going to New Stailand, Eden & Cruz get stuck in Nell Carter's bathroom Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage Pre-empted - Wimbledon coverage
July 8 July 9 July 10 July 11 July 12
Kelly & Nick dress up in wedding clothes, Steve saves Christy from a guy who thinks she's a hooker, Julia gets Jack drunk and is sure he's a fake, Mason meets Mary 242
Maggie & Warren visit Morgan Malone's ex-wife, Amy almost gets caught by Jack in Julia's shower, Nell Carter discovers her necklace gone 243
Julia smuggles Brick & Amy aboard the train in trunks, Kelly eats poisonous berries, Amy learns her baby is being called the Prince 244
Christy remembers Steve assaulting her when she was younger, Steve tries to get Sophia to take a plea, Cruz investigating another hotel burglary, Jack's thugs find Brick & Amy 245
Laken shaves off Ted's beard, Kelly's fever breaks, Ted refuses to go to Harvard, Julia realizes the real Jack is still alive, Brick fights with Ivan, Sophia tells CC she's going to plead guilty
July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19
Ted packs & leaves the house, Eden begs Sophia not to plead guilty, Cruz tells Sophia he'll testify for her, CC learns he has a brain anuerysm, Kelly & Nick "get married", Christy throws herself at Ted and they fight when he tells her he loves Laken 247
Christy and Ted fight at the snack bar, Brick & Amy hide in Julia's trunks again, Nick & Kelly plan to leave the town 248
Ted leaves Christy alone at the nack bar, Lionel & Augusta have beer & pizza, Steve rapes Christy, Mary has dinner with Mason and tells him she's a nun, Brick & Amy pose as cooks to get on the yacht to New Stailand 249
Mary finds Christy at the snack bar, Kelly & Nick leave the ghost town & go to the farmhouse, Eden & Cruz investigate another robbery, Christy names Ted as the rapist 250
Ted & Laken about to make love when Maggie shows up, Steve tells Christy he'll hurt Ted if she changes her story, Ted arrested, Jack's men find Kelly but she is knocked unconscious, Eden & Cruz go to pick up Kelly, Nick finds Kelly but Jack's men knock him out
July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26
Nick with Cruz, Julia asks Jack to let her meet the baby, Mason & Mary argue at the hospital, Kelly rescued, Brick & Amy see the baby 252
Kelly returns home, Christy released from the hospital, Steve questions Jade, Mason gets Ted out of jail & holds a press conference, Ted's arraignment, Nick realizes Kelly doesn't remember what happened at the ghost town 253
Brick & Amy see the baby but get kicked out of the nursery, Christy about to tell Mary the truth when Steve arrives, Ted tries to talk to Christy, Julia follows the fake Jack to the dungeon, Julia dresses as a monk and goes to the dungeon 254
Ted & Mason try talking to Mary at La Mesa, another robbery at the hotel, Brick & Amy tell the king the baby is theirs, Julia dressed as a monk helps the real Jack escape, Ted takes a lie detector test 255
Brick & Amy holding Jerry & Jack at crossbow, Julia kisses them to figure out who is the real Jack, the Jacks duel, Ted has Jade set a meeting with Christy
July 29 July 30 July 31 August 1 August 2
The fake Jack Lee is arrested, Amy finds out Johnny is the son of the prince, Ted tries to talk to Christy at the Perkins' house 257
Ted sees Christy & then goes to Laken's after Mary calls the police, Gina released from the clinic, anniversary of Channing's death, Gina falls down the stairs, Ted & Laken begin to make love 258
Gina falls (replays), Gina in the hospital, Ted & Laken make love until Cruz shows up looking for Ted, in New Stailand the prime minister pulls a gun on Jack Lee & Julia, Ted turns himself in 259
Ted back in jail, CC tells Santana that Gina lost the baby, Cruz learns the fibers found on Christy don't match Ted's shirt, Amy considers staying in New Stailand
Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS) 260
The doctor tells CC Gina won't be able to have other children, Mary visits the Monsenior at the hospital, at the Capwell house Kelly sketches the ghost town, Mason has a drink with Mary at the Orient Express bar
August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8 August 9
Gina leaves the hospital & goes to Mason's, Eden auditions singers at the Orient Express, Julia has a fever after being shipwrecked with Jack, Augusta searches Minx's desk, Gina plots against Sophia & Santana 262
Santana tells Sophia about Channing & Lindsay, Gina returns to the Capwell house, Augusta meets with Sophia's priest, Julia delirious with fever, Mason goes to the Orient Express to see Mary 263
Mason dines with Mary & she tells him she has left the convent, the priest tells Augusta Sophia confessed to being pregnant with another man's child when she married CC, Steve hits Mason 264
Mason with CC & Sophia at the Orient Express, Santana threatens Mason if he doesn't help her to see Brandon, Mason learns Sophia worked to keep Pamela and CC apart 265
Jury selection for Ted's trial, Cruz tries to get Christy to react to the shirt, Jack and Julia get rescued, Sophia tries to convince Augusta not to tell CC about Channing being Lionel's son
August 12 August 13 August 14 August 15 August 16
Ted's trial starts, Mason records the opening statements, Jade & Mary testify, Eden & Cruz have dinner at the Capwell house 267
CC asks Mason to move back in, Christy testifies, DA Patterson collapses in court, Eden & Cruz get back together, Steve calls the woman who bought him the shirt (airdate confirmed) 268
Lionel thinks he's dying after hearing CC's diagnosis and thinking it's his, Julia has lunch with Jack, Laken talks to Christy at the Orient Express, CC asks Jack to take Sophia's case, Lionel decides to have a party, Kelly goes to the ghost town 269
Nick arrives at the ghost town, Lionel tells Frank he's dying, Augusta tells Julia that Channing was Lionel's son, Kelly remembers she slept with Nick, Brick calls Amy in New Stailand, Frank tells Warren that Lionel is dying 270
Steve takes over the prosecution, Kelly & Nick at the ghost town - Nick tells her they "got married", Mason continues his cross of Christy, Santana follows Gina & Mason back to the Capwell house
August 19 August 20 August 21 August 22 August 23
Warren confronts Lionel about him dying, Kelly & Nick return to Santa Barbara, Santana tries to get CC to find Mason & Gina, Kelly tells Eden she slept with Nick, Lionel tells Sophia he's dying but she figures out the doctor was talking about CC, CC about to walk in on Mason & Gina 272
CC catches Gina and Mason (replays), Cruz asks Eden to marry him, CC calls Jack to cut Mason & Gina out of his will, Julia hears Jack with his secretary, CC tells Eden he's sick & doesn't want to be kept alive by machines if he ends up in a coma 273
Ted testifies, Mason tells Lindsay CC knows about he and Channing, Steve badgers Ted on cross-exam, Warren plans to meet Malone tonight, CC proposes to Sophia, Mason questions Christy 274
Christy exonerates Ted in court, Ted's case is dismissed, Eden & Cruz get ready for the party, Mason meets Morgan Malone, Mason brings Lindsay to meet CC (airdate confirmed) 275
Party at the Orient Express celebrating Ted's freedom, Morgan brings CC the money back, Lindsay talks to CC but leaves when he learns CC doesn't know, Theda goes to the party & confronts Sophia (airdate confirmed)
August 26 August 27 August 28 August 29 August 30
Mason tells CC Channing was gay, CC has a minor heart attack, Christy warns Ted her rapist may be after him 277
Santana confirms that Channing had a male lover, Gina learns from Augusta that Channing wasn't CC's son, CC tells Mason he doesn't care about Channing's sexual preferences 278
Gina wakes up at the Lockridge house with a hangover, Gina tells Mason Channing wasnt CC's son but Lionel's 279
Mason starts to tell CC Channing wasn't his son 280
Mason tells CC Channing wasn't his son, Eden & Cruz look for Ted, Mary starts to realize Steve raped Christy, CC takes a gun and goes to the Lockridges
September 2 September 3 September 4 September 5 September 6
CC collapses from a stroke and is taken to the hospital, Christy shoots Steve at end of episode (airdate confirmed) 282
Steve's shooting replays, Ted and Christy organize their story, CC in the hospital in coma, Gina tells Lionel Channing was his son 283 284
Ted questioned in Steve's shooting by Phylicia Rashad, Gina hides CC's will in the stone column, Eden tells Cruz she wants to have kids 285
Christy questioned in Steve's shooting, at a Capwell family meeting Gina asserts that since the new will is missing she's entitled to 50% of CC's estate if he dies, Ted & Laken argue
September 9 September 10 September 11 September 12 September 13
Lionel meets Brandon and spends some time with him, Christy finishes being questioned, Augusta & Gina spar at the Orient Express, Julia & Cruz try to convince the assistant DA that Ted & Christy aren't lying, Augusta conspires to get Brandon away from Gina 287
Gina has Sophia's stuff moved out of the guest house, Mr. Jenkins gives Kelly a job but he tells her he doesn't want Nick in on it, Augusta and Brick have an argument over the finances, CC is brought home to the Capwell mansion, Nick asks Cruz to help him find a job, Nick is being followed by a woman, Amy returns from New Stailand 288
Augusta tells Julia she's hiring a private investigator to find out about Brick's past, the lady following Nick breaks into his apartment, Augusta hires Nick to investigate Brick, Brick tries to convince Amy to stay in Santa Barbara, Santana tells Julia what happened when she gave up Brandon 289
Mary gets hired as CC's nurse, Cruz re-enacts on the crime scene with Christy and Ted to try to figure out what really happened, Mason calls home and talks to Mary and he asks her to meet her in the gazebo, Laken tells Ted it's time he tells the truth to her, Gina sees Mary with Mason's suitcase, Laken tells Ted it's over 290
Ted gets Laken's goodbye letter, Mary meets a drunk Mason in the gazebo, Gina tells Mason the new will is missing, Nick finds Janice in the darkroom, Ted & Christy decide to tell the truth, Mason crawls into bed with Mary
September 16 September 17 September 18 September 19 September 20
Cruz gets a call from Ted, Janice tells Nick Dylan is coming to town & hasn't been in medical school, Gina finds Mary & Mason in bed, Cruz asks Eden to wear her engagement ring 292
Mason gives an interview about Capwell Entreprises, Kelly learns Nick has been working as a private investigator, Mason tries to take control of Capwell Entreprises at a board meeting, Julia & Cruz ask the DA to drop the charges against Ted & Christy 293
Mason and Mary have dinner at the Orient Express, Eden & Cruz arrive on the yacht and eat lobster & stargaze 294
Brick & Amy decide to leave town and not take Minx's money, Capwell merger meeting - they have 24 hours to find Eden for a vote, Kelly throws a pie in Nick's face because she found Janice in his bed 295
Amy tells Brick she's going to New Stailand, Kelly & Nick work on the book, Janice applies for the chauffeur's job at the Lockridge house, Eric picks up Eden & Cruz at the yacht and flies them back to Santa Barbara, Eden has to go to Hawaii for the Walton merger, Brick & Augusta in a car crash
September 23 September 24 September 25 September 26 September 27
Brick, Janice & Augusta in the hospital after the car accident, Eden flies to Hawaii and meets Kirk on the plane, Brick's doctor wants his father found in case a kidney transplant is needed 297
Eden & Kirk in Hawaii, Cruz plans to go to Hawaii but changes his mind, Nick finds Brick's dad, Augusta calls Amy in New Stailand to tell her about Brick's accident, Mason & Mary get ready for a date 298
Gina spies on Mason & Mary dining at the Orient Express, Nick finds out someone at the Lockridge house told Glenn not to come to Santa Barbara, Lionel babysits Brandon, Augusta & Santana talk about Brandon 299
Eden and Kirk return from Hawaii, Kirk tells Eden he's Jack's son, Eden tells Ted & Gina CC didn't want to be kept alive by machines 300
Eden has a nightmare about CC, Amy back in Santa Barbara, Mason sets up a dinner for Mary in the gazebo, Cruz refuses to go to Miami on assignment, Augusta opens a bank account in Brick's name
September 30 October 1 October 2 October 3 October 4
Mason & Mary spend the evening in the gazebo but she gets upset and runs off, Eden & Cruz fight after Cruz tells the commissioner he won't go to Miami, Amy is suspicious of Augusta, Mary goes later to pick a drunk Mason up, Brandon hears Gina say she's not his real mother 302
Mason fakes a flat tire and he and Mary spend the evening in the car on the side of the road, Gina tries to convince Brandon she is his mother, Janice moves into the Lockridge house, Amy takes Brick home, Lionel & Augusta plan to go on a trip 303
Mason searches the house for CC's will, Kelly writes a letter to Joe, Eden hires Kirk, Mason about to tell Brandon who his mother is 304
Gina Gallego's first day, Mason tells Brandon Gina is his mother, Mason & Gina burn one of the wills, Eden upset she may have to testify for Sophia (airdate confirmed) 305
A tarantula threatens Johnny, Sophia's hearing, she receives a suspended sentence, Kelly & Nick make love
October 7 October 8 October 9 October 10 October 11
Brick saves Johnny from the tarantula, Brick is told he'll recover, Eden fires Kirk, Dylan plans to land his plane in the water, Julia watches Dylan swim in 307
Dylan swims ashore, Danny asks Cruz for help because he's in trouble with some gangs, Eden & Cruz play on the beach, Dylan has Julia take him to a motel, Gina tests CC's equipment Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs (NL Game 4) 308
CC taken to the hospital for tests, Julia arranges for Dylan & Nick to meet at the beach, Eden re-hires Kirk but they get stuck in a wine cellar 309
Cruz rescues Eden and Kirk from the wine cellar, Danny gets hurt again, Janice sees Dylan, Gina takes Eden's pink dress
October 14 October 15 October 16 October 17 October 18
Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs (NL Game 5) 310
Nick tells Brick that Glenn Wallace isn't his father, Sophia and Eden arrive for the party, Kelly & Mason argue at the bistro Pre-empted - Baseball playoffs (NL Game 6) 311
Kelly & Mason argue at the bistro & Dylan hits Mason (replays), Gina drugs Eden at a party at the Capwell house 312
Eden wakes up at Cruz's but doesn't remember what happened at the party, Dylan & Kelly meet up at the museum, Angel threatens Danny at the clinic
October 21 October 22 October 23 October 24 October 25
Cruz disarms Angel at the snack bar and the gang kicks him out, Eden asks Kirk's advice on legally pulling CC's plug 314
Mason shot, Cruz & Mary at the clinic with Angel, Cruz trying to resolve the situation without the cops 315
Clinic held hostage by Angel; Cruz arrests Angel, captain says the date is 10/18 and Eden plans party in 2 weeks, Brick accused of embezzling money from Minx 316
Cruz shows Julia the beach house, Julia learns Kirk is Jack's son & she pours a drink on Kirk, Dylan runs to Kelly's apartment to hide from the men following him 317
Mason asks Mary to the party and has a fashion show for her, Ted hands out Eden's party invitations, Kirk learns Cruz is looking into his past, Sam arrives in a coffin
October 28 October 29 October 30 October 31 November 1
Sam & his coffin get delivered to Nick's apartment, Cruz goes to the Capwell house looking for CC's will, Eden learns Cruz got the promotion, Eden tries to get the will from Gina but she says she destroyed it 319
Brick & Amy plan to elope & go to Vegas, Janice comes up with the centerfold idea, Dylan & Sam make a fake map, the police stop Brick from getting on the plane (airdate confirmed) 320
Julia pays Brick's bail, CC's birthday, Gina making recordings of "CC" saying he wants to die, Cruz finds Kirk talking to Eden in the bathtub, Brick breaks into the Lockridge house 321
Halloween - Gina setting everything up for plug pulling, Mason & Mary spend the day at the beach, Nick finds Dylan & Sam on Carlo's boat, they gave him the fake map (airdate confirmed) 322
Mason sends Mary out for a spa day, Mason & Mary dance while Marilyn McCoo rehearses, Nick calls Carlo & tells him he's got the real map, Minx pays Brick's bail (airdate confirmed)
November 4 November 5 November 6 November 7 November 8
Cruz shows Eden the beach house, Eden & Cruz dance at the party, Gina spikes Eden's drink and ruins her dress, Nick meets Carlo on the yacht, Eden & Gina put on the pink dresses 324
Eden puts on the pink dress (replays) & goes back to the party, Cruz turns down the promotion, Eden & Cruz fight & Eden leaves, Nick meets Carlo at the pier, Mason & Mary return to the house 325
Gina calls Eden at the Orient Express with the fake recording of CC, Kirk drives her to the Capwells, Nick is shot, Mason & Mary in the study, Gina disconnects the backup power, Eden enters CC's room 326
Cruz tries to find Eden, Eden talks to CC and then collapses and Gina pulls the plug, Kirk takes Eden out of the room, Mary sees Gina as Eden, Mary and Mason try to revive CC 327
Gina drives back to the hotel & flashes back to the plug pulling, Mary & the paramedics revive CC and take him to the hospital, Kirk drives Eden to his apartment
November 11 November 12 November 13 November 14 November 15
Eden wakes up at Kirk's, Lionel goes to tell Gina about CC, Cruz shows up at the Capwells & takes the cloth from the windowsill, Brick & Amy squabble 329
Mary tells Cruz she thought it was Eden she saw (replays), Gina realizes the dress is torn and switches it with Eden's (airdate confirmed) 330
Brick and Amy's wedding, Cruz goes to Kirk's but Eden is gone, ends with Cruz asking Eden if she did it 331
Mark's first day, Brick & Amy's honeymoon, Mason tricks Mary into confirming she thought she saw Eden 332
Eden goes to the station to give her statement, Kelly goes to the ghost town and Dylan follows, Pearl breaks into Kirk's
November 18 November 19 November 20 November 21 November 22
Pearl stuck in Kirk's closet, steals the shoe and brings it to Cruz, Eden gives Cruz the ring back 334
Amy goes to work at Buzz's, Cruz trashes the beach house, Pearl sells Kirk an alibi, the motorcyclists approach the ghost town (airdate confirmed) 335
The motorcycle riders reach the ghost town and then Carlo shows up, Kirk shows Eden Pearl's statement 336
Mother Isabel visits Mary, Mark gets drunk, Carlo tortures Dylan, Kelly agrees to give Carlo the map (airdate confirmed) 337
Kelly & Dylan give the map to Carlo, Nick & Sam find them asleep, Mark tells Mary about Wendy
November 25 November 26 November 27 November 28 November 29
Mary offers to help Mark find Wendy, Amy gets a job at Buzz's, Brandon hangs out with Lionel, Cruz questions Kirk about his footprint outside CC's window 339
Eden confirms Kirk's story about the footprint, Nick and Dylan argue, Gina returns from Paris, Kirk gives Eden an engagement ring 340
Gina sets up Mason with the pretense of burning the will in order to get Mary to catch them together, Sophia visits Cruz, Janice has a photo shoot with a snake Pre-empted - Thanksgiving 341
Cruz proposes to Eden, Sophia drives Brandon to camp but discovers there is a fire, Mary finds Gina & Mason together, Kirk proposes to Eden and she accepts
December 2 December 3 December 4 December 5 December 6
Brandon rescued, Kirk tells Cruz that he & Eden are getting married, Mason finds Gina's pills and the will 343
Janice & Dylan sort of break up, Lionel & Sophia stuck at the camp office, Mason wants Gina to confess 344
Gina confesses to Mason's tape recorder, Lionel & Sophia on horseback, find a deserted cabin 345
Cruz races to stop Eden and Kirk from marrying, Kelly & Dylan leave for San Francisco, Lionel & Sophia kiss (airdate confirmed) 346
Kirk and Eden marry, Kelly and Dylan land in Santa Rosa but there's only one room available, Gina edits her taped confession
December 9 December 10 December 11 December 12 December 13
Kelly and Dylan get drunk & make love in the plane, Mason forces Gina to sign over custody of Brandon to him for Santana, Mason & Warren leave to look for Sophia & Lionel 348
Mason & Warren find Lionel & Sophia, Robin Mattson's first day, Dylan tells Kelly he'll leave town, Mary tells Mason Gina's pills aren't addictive, Nick meets Kelly & Dylan in San Francisco 349
Cruz calls Eden to the station to make a formal statement, Brick's birthday, Amy gives him a cake, Channing's birthday, Sophia goes to his grave, Cruz plans to bug Kirk's apartment 350
Cruz & Pearl plant bugs at Kirk's; Kelly, Nick & Dylan return to Santa Barbara; Julia moves out of the Lockridge house to support Augusta who thinks Lionel & Sophia had sex during the fire ordeal 351
Dylan, Sam & Pearl visit the deserted rig, Dylan comes up with the casino idea but Kirk says no, Janice's centerfold is published but someone is stalking her
December 16 December 17 December 18 December 19 December 20
Kelly & Nick get engaged, Cruz steals the bugs back but Eden catches him, they fight and she tells him she pulled the plug but Cruz doesn't believe it, Eden realizes she can't remember doing it 353
Eden asks Kirk about the night of the plug pulling, Mason & Mary fight, Dylan pitches his casino idea to Eden, Mary helps Mark paint his apartment, Dylan wins some money betting but then loses it 354
Kirk & Eden move into the Capwell house, Lionel (Don Stewart) apologizes to Brick about the phony embezzlement charges 355
Brick's hospital records are missing, Dylan & Kelly at the rig smash a bottle of champagne, Cruz brings Santana a Christmas tree 356
Kirk questions Brandon and figures out Gina pulled the plug, Kirk sends Gina a note, Mark and Mason almost fight, Eden & Cruz dance at the Orient Express
December 23 December 24 December 25 December 26 December 27
Kirk watches Gina burn the wig and the dress, Brick finds the wife of the doctor who delivered him, Gina knocks out Santana and takes Brandon, Mason is visited by Channing's ghost 358
Christmas Eve - Mason's Scrooge dream begins, Frank brings Augusta presents & Laken returns, Cruz & Santana start to look for Brandon 359
Christmas - end of Mason's Scrooge dream & Mason plays Santa, Nick gives Kelly a puppy, Eden opens the present from the "blackmailer", special ending credits 360
Mary wakes up on Mark's couch, Mason plans to propose to Mary, Cruz & Santana think Brandon was in a car accident, Mason & Janice sleep together 361
Some pre-emption possible - Terrorists kill 20 & wound 110 at Rome & Vienna airports
December 30 December 31
Dylan strands Kelly on the oil rig with him, Eden tries to catch the blackmailer at the cemetery, New Year's Party starts 363
New Year's Eve - Kelly and Nick's engagement party at Buzz's, Brick realizes he's Channing, Cruz and Santana searching for Gina and Brandon


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София была н свадьбе Келли и Джо как репортёр, но не Тони Карлейн, как её звали как репортёра?

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Тодд Макки действительно уезжал из Штатов после СБ - в Дерзких и красивых он начал сниматься года через полтора после Санты. А в перерыве, путешествовал по миру вместе с Лейном Девисом (который ушел из СБ в тот же период) и Керри Гарланд (они тогда встречались). Где-то было интервью Керри о том, как они с Тоддом осваивали экстремальные виды спорта в Швейцарии.

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Просмотр сообщения Sova (Понедельник, 03 декабря 2007, 16:22:45) писал:

Бегите, Наблюдатель! :yes: Пока Clair спит, вы успеете достичь границы с Норвегией.
Мне кажется, за все время своего нахождения на этом форуме я никогда так не смеялась!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D Фото/изображение с Телесериал.com :lol: :laugh: :D

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Просмотр сообщения АТ (Понедельник, 03 декабря 2007, 18:28:03) писал:

София была н свадьбе Келли и Джо как репортёр, но не Тони Карлейн, как её звали как репортёра?
Сюзан - ее звали Сюзанн (или Сюзанна) Карлайл

Ни за что не поверю, что Харли Козак сама ушла из сериала - это 1.
2. Ни за что не поверю, что Лейн Девис был против нее и настоял на ее увольнении

Сообщение отредактировал iney: Воскресенье, 03 августа 2008, 20:44:03


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Точно, Сьюзан Карлайл. Да, кстати, лайонел прилетел в 23 серии)

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Подскажите пожалуйста - в чем обвиняла Келли Иден сразу после смерти Джо в больнице?
Вообще-то всегда считала, что Питер Флинт убил Джо (ну или смертельно ранил) и застрелился сам? Не так?
Все таки у меня не складывается общая картинка:
Все решили, что София погибла -сама? т.е.несчастный случай что ли? И что - тело не нашли и вот так просто успокоились?
Лайонела никак с этим не связали?
Где был Лайонел после "смерти" Софии? Они с Августой не жили вместе что ли?

Сообщение отредактировал iney: Воскресенье, 03 августа 2008, 20:54:01


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АТ вы меня совсем запутали... ;)
Если Питер Флинт был учителем то ли физики, то ли математики, да еще и жиголо :faint: - КАК :shocked: т.е. почему Сиси назначил его управляющим компанией Кепвел-Интерпрайзис?!?
И как они все же с Келли познакомились?
Насколько я поняла из увиденного на ютубе Мейсон не был против Питера пока не пересеклись их деловые интересы. Что тоже не вяжется у меня - любимая сестра встречается с клиентом Джинджер...

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А у меня еще вопрос. Разве Ченнинга убили на помолвке Келли и Джо. Я всегда считала, что у них был просто какой-то праздник, типа Дня независимости. Если Джо недолюбливали в доме Кэпвеллов, то как же они согласились на помомолвку, тем более что Келли тогда было всего 15 лет? :faint:

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Просмотр сообщения Наблюдатель (Вторник, 04 декабря 2007, 00:38:45) писал:

А у меня еще вопрос. Разве Ченнинга убили на помолвке Келли и Джо. Я всегда считала, что у них был просто какой-то праздник, типа Дня независимости. Если Джо недолюбливали в доме Кэпвеллов, то как же они согласились на помомолвку, тем более что Келли тогда было всего 15 лет? :faint:
помолвка была позже
Ченинга действительно убили просто на "каком-то" празднике, а Джо освободили через 5 лет в День рождения Келли - ну мож его и совместили с помолвкой... до таких тонкостей мой инглишь не дорос...
а вообще если Келли на день смерти Ченинга 15, то Джо мог и за соблазнение малолетних загреметь... и да и вообще какой мог быть там роман :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: ведь раз Джо сидел во взрослой тюрьме значит на момент убийства БЫЛ СОВЕРШЕННОЛЕТНИМ :faint: что у него могло быть с девочкой подростком.... :shocked:

Сообщение отредактировал chernec: Воскресенье, 03 августа 2008, 22:08:52


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