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Daddy Dearest

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Когда будет подробное описание сериии? Если есть то где?
Сея эпопея написана под неперодоваемые звуки Depeche Mode

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Flake Lee Skiender
В ближайшее время будет, Джен обещала прислать в скором времени! ;)


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Skoro! Skoro! Skoro! Na sl nedele :D A 5x08 cherez pary dnej. u menya tam do six por problema s temi frazami kotorye ya ne smogla perevesti na russkij, pridetsa chto-nit' pridymat...


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Джен, зачем придумывать, кинь мне на ящик, что тебе не понятно, я тебе помогу.


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А если ты, Flake Lee Skiender, хорошо знаешь английский, то можешь прочитать подробное описание этой серии на английском ;)

INT. P3 - Night

Paige is seated in a booth by herself, enjoying the music, but she can't help
looking at her watch. Finally, she eyes her latest boyfriend, Trevor, moving
through the crowd. He comes over and leans in for a kiss, but Paige turns and
offers him a cheek. He asks if she's mad and Paige tells him it's no big deal.
He says that's good because he'd hate to spend the weekend in Big Sur arguing.
Paige asks what he's talking about. Trevor tells her: "You and me. Driving down
the coast. Radio on, top down. All you have to do is say yes." Paige tells him
it sounds nice but…Trevor interrupts, "But…that's not a yes." Paige tells him
it's just not going to work. He tries to hide his disappointment by telling her
they can reschedule. Paige tells him no. We pick up on Phoebe and Piper watching
the break-up from the bar. Piper: "I really thought he was a keeper." Phoebe:
"Why, because he's smart, funny and oh yeah, hot as hell?" Piper asks if it's
the second guy in a row Paige has dumped, Phoebe says "Third, but who's
counting?" Then asks if Piper thinks she's scared of commitment or if she's just
being too picky. Piper says she'd love to speculate, but they're interviewing
magical nannies tomorrow and she has to prepare. Phoebe looks around, making
sure no one is listening, "Magical nannies? You mean like Mary Poppins?" Piper:
"I can only hope." Then she goes on to explain that Leo arranged for them to
meet with supernatural creatures with child-care experience. Phoebe:
"Creatures??" Piper: "Elves and pixies mostly…I can't exactly call a service and
say 'I'd like a nanny to watch my own little charmed one while I go vanquish
demons'." Phoebe: "Good point. Still, isn't it a little early for nanny
shopping? You're not even showing." Then, eyeing Piper's cleavage, "Except,
well, you know." Piper, pleased, looks down and happily adjusts her top. "Yeah,
pretty cool, huh? After burping up orbs and spontaneously self-healing, at least
something's normal about this pregnancy. See ya…" Piper hurries off, unaware
that Phoebe wants to talk to her about something. She calls for her, but before
she can be too bummed, Paige slumps down onto the bar stool next to her with
"That sucked. I hate breaking up with guys…" Phoebe: "Well, practice makes
perfect." Then she realizes and covers with "I mean, if it wasn't right, it
wasn't right." A beat before curiosity gets the best of her, "Why wasn't it
right?" Paige says doesn't know, but she just had a feeling it wouldn't work out
in the long run. Phoebe tells her: "If you say so." Then adds, "At least you
don't have to worry about whether or not he's gonna attack again." Paige; "Hmm,
would that be a Cole segue, by any chance?" Phoebe: "Well, as long as you
mentioned him…he hasn't tried to contact me in a while." Paige asks, "Isn't that
a good thing?" Phoebe says it is for her, but what about the population at
large? Paige is confused until Phoebe continues, "Look, Cole doesn't just do
nothing, which means he's up to something. And since he knows we're over, I'm
worried that something is evil…"

INT. Seedy Bar - Night

Cole, three-day beard, disheveled, trying to drown his sorrows as he throws back
a drink at the bar. Empty glasses lined up in front of him, he calls for the
bartender and another shot of whiskey is poured. Cole downs that one and looks
up, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He's emotionless as he stares
at the wreck he's become. Suddenly, two thugs burst in, armed with automatic
pistols, which they fire into the ceiling. Everybody flinches,
panicked…everybody but Cole, that is. One of the thugs tells everyone to put
their hands on their tables and for no one to move. They both start shoving
patrons, many of whom are too stunned to cooperate, then steal their wallets and
purses. The bartender reaches for a shotgun behind the bar but in a split
second, the second thug blows him away as Cole pours himself another shot. A
biker makes a dash for the exit but one of the thugs opens fire, spraying
bullets across the bar as he tries to kill the biker, who escapes. One bullet
sears through Cole's back and out through his chest, shattering the glass of
whiskey in his hand. The thugs stop, dumbfounded, wondering why he isn't falling
to the ground. Cole looks down at the hole in his chest as it magically heals.
He rises and in an emotional rage, he telekinetically sends each of the thugs
flying across the bar. They crash against the wall and tumble to the ground. The
few remaining customers flee to the exits. One thug lunges for his gun and aims
to fire but Cole hurls an energy ball at him, incinerating him on contact. The
other thug scrambles to get away but Cole spins and throws another energy ball,
killing him just as he reaches the door. As the dust settles, Cole finds himself
alone in the middle of the melee. Dust piles left where his victims once were.
He looks at his hands, realizing the evil that has taken him over. He roars an
otherworldly cry at the heavens. Then, two creepy men with the pallor and dress
of demonic undertakers magically appear before him. Avatar #1: "We've been
waiting for this moment, Cole." Avatar #2: "Yes. Welcome." Off Cole, not sure
what to make of this…

INT. Manor - Kitchen - Day

Paige leans over the counter biting into a pop tart, scattering crumbs. Piper:
"Hey, I'm trying to make a good impression." She nudges Paige out of the way and
wipes the counter. They chat about how Piper's being picky with Paige telling
her to relax. Piper says she'll relax when Leo gets there and Paige tells her
she's a Charmed One, her reputation precedes her. Piper; "You mean, how evil
barges in here at all hours of the day and night, hell bent on killing us. Not
exactly an ideal working environment." Paige: "Have you considered hazard pay?"
Just in time, Leo orbs in. Piper tells him that she was getting worried and
starting to think the Elders had an it-can't-wait assignment for him while Leo
just stands there. Piper knows it's coming, but asks if it can wait. Leo: "I'm
afraid not. But the assignment's not for me. It's for Paige." He tells her she's
getting her first charge. Paige: "Are you serious?" Leo: "The Elders aren't
exactly known for their sense of humor." Paige: "Well, alright! Paige Matthews,
Whitelighter-Witch. Hey, I'm a hyphenate!" Piper: "Since when are you so psyched
about Whitelighter duty?" Paige reminds her that it is half of her, then asks
Leo who her charge is, if he's a doctor or something. Leo tells her, "Not
exactly…" Paige thinks she knows it's a witch, a young girl who just came into
her powers and then states she can definitely relate. Piper: "You ramble when
you're excited." Paige: "Sorry." Leo says that all he can tell her is that he's
a good man who's lost his way. Piper asks why that's all he can tell her. Leo
says it's because the Elders want her to find out the rest herself. Piper tells
him he's being vague. Leo reassures her that Paige can handle it, "It's just
like supernatural social work." Paige says she was a very good social worker and
Piper tells her, "For that one day, before you quit." Leo: "Your charge's name
is Samuel." Paige asks where she can find him and Leo says the Elders aren't
sure, but They think she can sense him. Piper asks if They lost him, why They
think Paige could be able to sense him. Leo says They have faith in her ability
and so does he. Piper asks how he's supposed to trust people who don't answer
his questions. Paige tells her to go back to tidying up. They're interrupted by
Phoebe calling for her sisters.

INT. Manor - Conservatory - Continuous

Piper asks what's wrong and Phoebe tells them they have a demon to vanquish and
asks for the Cole potion. Paige says she tossed it because it wasn't strong
enough. Phoebe says she needs to make one that is strong enough, fast. Piper
asks why and Phoebe tells them about the two guys in the bar the night before.
Paige says they need an arrest warrant, not a potion. Phoebe: "Not when the
vigilante is tall, dark, handsome, and can send men flying with a wave of his
hand." Piper says that that doesn't mean it was Cole. Phoebe: "Did I forget to
mention the missing bodies, scorch marks, and piles of dust." Paige tells her
not to jump to conclusions and that she needs proof before they can act.

INT. Cole's Penthouse - Day

Cole's looking out the window when he hears a magical sound. He turns to see the
Avatars behind him and tells them he told them to leave him alone. Avatar 1
tells him he crossed a line last night, that the power inside him has grown.
Avatar 2 says he has no where else to turn, except to them. Cole tells them he
won't go evil. They tell him he doesn't have to because they're not evil, nor
are they good. Cole finally asks what they are, and they tell him. He asks
"Avatars of what?" They tell him of "force and power," and they don't limit
themselves to choosing between good or evil, they can drive them both. Cole asks
what that has to do with him. They tell him that while they are few in number,
they are preparing to wield power the likes of which the world has never seen
and they want him to be part of it. Cole tells them again that he wants nothing
to do with them and they tell him that he can't fight them. Cole's steamed and
throws two energy balls, they hit the Avatars hard…with no effect. They tell him
they are power incarnate and nothing can destroy them, then add that sooner or
later, he will join them. With that, they disappear just as the elevator dings.
Phoebe: "Back to your old self, huh?" Cole tells her to get out and Phoebe asks
if he killed them men in the bar the night before. Cole tells her he doesn't
have time for "this" and Phoebe tells him he'll make time. Cole: "I can't go
good, and I won't go evil." Then asks what she wants from him. She tells him she
wants an answer and he admits that he did kill the two criminals. Phoebe tells
him that while they were criminals, they were still human beings and he had no
right playing executioner. Cole tells her to spare him the judgmental stuff and
she has no clue what he's going through. Phoebe says she doesn't care and he
asks her why she's still there. She tells him she's there to warn him that if he
kills another person, good or evil, she will vanquish him. Cole asks if she
really thinks she has the power. Phoebe: "Try me." Cole: "I just might."

EXT. Alley Behind Tavern - Day

Paige rounds a corner, Leo following close behind. She's walking carefully and
jumps over a puddle of who knows what. "If this is where I was supposed to find
my charge, you might have told me not to wear my Jimmy Choos." Leo: "Jimmy
who's?" Paige: "Nevermind. So, I'm assuming that my wealthy philanthropist
theory was wrong." Leo says he told her he's a lost soul in need of saving.
Paige: "Well, this is clearly where lost souls would hang. Not to mention
roaches, rats, human waste…At least my cover will work." Leo: "Your cover?"
Paige: "Social worker. When I meet Samuel I gotta tell him something, don't I?"
Leo: "In this case, I'm not sure you need to worry about a cover." Paige: "In
THIS case??" Leo: "I mean, every case is different." Paige: "Piper's right, you
are being evasive." She shudders before Leo can respond, sensing her charge. Leo
asks if that's what she's doing, and Paige tells him it's more than a sense,
it's "practically a magnetic pull." She stops in front of the back entrance to
the Tavern when the door slams open and a drunken man flies out. It's Samuel and
he lands right at Paige's feet. Leo wishes Paige good luck and leaves for the
nanny interviews. Just then, she hears a kecking sound, grossed out, she looks
down to see that Samuel's puked on her shoes. "Aww, great. Just great."

INT. Samuel's Apartment - Day

The door opens and Samuel staggers in and Paige does her best to keep him on his
feet telling her she's strong for a girl. She gets him on the couch and asks if
he wants a cup of coffee and he retorts with: "How about you leave me alone?"
Paige tells him if he wants to talk, she's a good listener and Samuel asks her
what part of "alone" doesn't she understand. She tells him okay, but fishes
through her purse, grabbing pen and paper and jots down her number handing it to
him with, "if you change your mind, and need to talk, or help, or whatever. Give
me a call." Sam takes it and laughs, "I can't believe the Elders finally tracked
me down…with a novice, no less." Paige: "Wait, what? You know?" Samuel: "Piece
of advice, work up a cover. Did you even read the Whitelighter manual?" Paige:
"There's a manual?" Samuel: "You've got to be the most pathetic Whitelighter
I've ever seen. And I've seen plenty." Paige tells him she did have a cover.
Samuel, "Let me guess, probation officer, missionary? Wait, I know. You were
going to tell me you saw Oprah and were inspired to go out and do some random
acts of kindness." Paige: "No. Social worker." Samuel: "Social worker…I can't
believe the Elders sent a newbie after me." Paige: "And I still can't believe
the Elders gave me a crabby old drunk as my first charge." Samuel, smiling, "You
got spunk. I kinda like that. Now, get out." Paige says she won't and while she
may be new at things, they're stuck with each other. Just then, Ronan, a
Darklighter, orbs in with a crossbow trained on Samuel. Paige screams no as he
fires and dive tackles him, causing the arrow to harmlessly pierce the ceiling.
He recovers, sits up, and again takes aim at Samuel. Paige tells Sam to duck as
the Darklighter fires again.

INT. Manor - Living Room - Day

An elf woman, tiny, green-skinned, pinched features and pointy ears, scowls
disapprovingly. Piper, jotting it down on her clipboard, "Cooking. That's a no,
got it." The Elf woman tells her "And only light housecleaning." Piper checks
that off on the clipboard. Leo: "Don't worry. Piper's a neat freak." Piper
glares at him and the Elf woman says she's got a few questions of her own.
Piper, slightly taken aback, urges her to go on. Elf Woman: "Am I expected to
protect the baby from the incessant demon attacks?" Piper: "I'd say 'incessant'
is a bit of an overstatement." Elf Woman: "You are a Charmed One, correct?"
Piper says she is but it won't impact her job. Piper and Leo fight for a moment
about how often the Manor comes under attack with Piper finally saying that
Whitelighters are such pessimists and she doesn't have to worry since the house
is rarely under demon attack. Just then, orbs swirl and Paige and Samuel land
with a thud. Paige; "Darklighter incoming!" Phoebe runs in from the kitchen as
the Elf Woman spins on Piper, angrily. Piper: "This is HIGHLY unusual." On that,
Ronan orbs in, crossbow in hand. The Elf Woman squeals and hides behind a chair
as Ronan fires and hits Samuel. Phoebe tells Piper to blow up the Darklighter
and Piper does…only, she doesn't. She blew up the crossbow and his arm but that
was it. On that, he orbs out. Elf Woman: "Consider my application withdrawn!"
and she disappears. Paige and Leo rush over to Samuel and as Paige leans down,
Leo stops her before she can grab the arrow. Phoebe and Piper, in the
background, know who it is. Piper: "Is that who I think it is?" Phoebe: "Yeah,
Mom's Whitelighter." Piper: "And Paige's birth father…"

INT. Manor - Living Room - Day

Sam is groaning in pain and Phoebe's trying to reassure him that he'll be okay.
Paige is worried that she's going to lose her first charge and Phoebe tells her
she won't, then tells them, "Everyone with Whitelighter blood, back up." As
Piper, Paige and Leo move back, Paige asks why Leo didn't tell her that her
charge was a Whitelighter and Leo tells her to stay calm. Paige can't calm down,
she wants to know why the Elders would send her to protect someone without
telling her who he is. Piper: "I'd say that's an understatement." Leo glares and
Piper and Paige catches the look. "Is there something ELSE I should know?"
Before anyone can answer, Sam screams as Phoebe pulls the arrow out. Piper tells
Paige to get the Book and Paige tells her they know it's a Darklighter and asks
why she should get it. Piper tells her that it wasn't just any Darklighter and
as Sam screams again, she hurries out to get the Book. Phoebe places the arrow a
few feet away and Piper tells Leo to hurry. After he heals him, Leo asks Sam if
he's okay. "I'm alive, aren't I?" Suddenly, a look of shock crosses his face as
he recognizes…"Oh no…Piper? Phoebe?" Phoebe: "The last time we say you, you were
riding off into the afterlife with our mother. What happened to you?" Sam: "They
made me a Whitelighter again, and I screwed it up, again. I guess I never got
over…" Piper: "Losing your daughter…?" She sees him eyeing the stairs. "Yes,
that's her…" As he realizes it, he struggles to his feet, ready to flee. Leo
remind him that she's his Whitelighter for a reason. Sam: "By reuniting me with
the child they forced me to give up? Tell them to shove it." Piper: "You knew
about this supernatural Jenny Jones reunion?" Leo: "I was sworn to secrecy." We
see Cole materialize as he listens in, none of the others notice him there. Sam
is still weak, but he heads for the door anyway, saying it doesn't matter if Leo
knew or not. Phoebe chases him, "Wait, aren't you forgetting someone? Like the
person upstairs trying to save your life is your daughter." Sam tells them she's
better off without him and tries to leave again. They stop him once again and
Leo, pulling his best Whitelighter routine, tells Sam he knows it hurts. Sam:
"How? How do you know, how CAN you know?" Leo tries, "I know loss…" Sam chides
him, saying Whitelighters only think they know about things, just because of who
they are, but it's a crock. Piper tells him to help them understand. Sam: "You
want to understand, do you…" He looks at her belly, then continues, "Hold that
precious baby of yours in your arms, love her more than anything in the world,
then give her up to someone else to raise, to grow up with." Piper tells him
that he and mom did that to protect Paige. Sam asks if it really did, since once
she realized she was a witch, a Charmed One…he pauses, showing his true
pain…then continues with the fact that he knew it was only a matter of time
before he'd lose her again and he couldn't handle that…but he's had enough and
orbs out just missing Paige's return. Paige looks around, "Where's my charge?"
Piper: "Oh, uh, he orbed out." Paige: "He WHAT? And you just let him?" Phoebe
tells her they couldn't stop him and Paige tells her they should have tried
harder, then starts reciting what she knows, "According to this, that wasn't
just any Darklighter, he was a Tracker. They LIVE to destroy Whitelighter." Leo,
knows, and tells them they go after fallen Whitelighters, for the most
part…those who are one step away from losing their wings. Phoebe says they're
easy targets. Paige says they have to find him again before the Tracker kills
him…and the Elders kill her. Piper: "I have a feeling you might want to kill
them before this is over." Phoebe, covering, "Piper, save your anger for the
Tracker. You need to blow up what's left of him." Paige says that will just
wound him, and they only way to truly vanquish him is with a potion. Piper asks
why, because she was able to blow up the last Darklighter. Leo tells her
Trackers are different, stronger. Piper suggests that her and Leo should go get
Sam while Paige and Phoebe work on the potion. Paige tells her that he's still
her charge and Phoebe says that he's also their innocent while Leo chimes in
that since he's orbing again, he can probably find him faster. Paige finally
agrees and Leo and Piper orb out.

INT. Ronan's Lair - Day

Ronan's clutching the stump where his arm once was and collapses to the floor as
Cole materializes and tells him to get up. Ronan doesn't answer and Cole asks if
he lost his hearing along with his arm then tells him to get up again. He says
he can't and Cole tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself and he's not the
only on with problems. Ronan asks what he wants and Cole tells him he wants a
way out, and Ronan is his way. "You're going to help me destroy the Charmed
Ones." Ronan says he's not going anywhere near them and Cole tells him to think
of it as payback. Ronan says that he needs time to heal and Cole says there is
no time. With a wave of Cole's hand over Ronan's wound, his arm regenerates.
Cole tells him he wants to go after the witches and then he can go after Sam.
Ronan says he wants the Whitelighter dead now. Cole: "Patience. One of the
witches is his long lost kid. Kill her, and he'll be begging to die." Then he
tells him he'll need extra fire power, but he will supply that for him. Ronan
asks what Cole gets out of it and Cole responds with: "Let's just say I'm
looking for a showdown.

INT. Sam's Apartment - Day

Sam orbs in out of breath but Piper and Leo are already there, behind him,
waiting. "Figured you'd come home sooner or later." Sam: "What is it with you
people? Can't you take a hint?" Leo tells him they need to talk and Sam says he
doesn't want to, he wants to be alone, "Why else do you think I was orbing all
over creation?" Piper: "Chickening out comes to mind." Leo tells Sam exactly
what type of Darklighter is after him and Sam looks like he really wants out of
there…NOW…but Leo tells him that the Darklighter won't give up until he's dead.
Sam says that maybe that is his destiny. Leo tells him that's a cop out and he
knows it. Piper asks if he really thinks the Elders would bring them together
just so his daughter could watch him die. Sam: "Look at you, of all people,
defending the Elders." Piper: "Hey, They may not be on my Christmas list, but
that doesn't mean They don't usually have a good reason for doing what they
do."" Sam: "Like when they told you you couldn't marry Leo?" Piper: "I said
usually…Look, you don't want our help? Fine, but maybe that's not what this is
about. Maybe this is really about helping Paige." That stops Sam in his tracks.
"Helping Paige with what??" Piper: "Knowing where she comes from…"

INT. Manor - Kitchen - Night

Paige is leaning over Phoebe who's making the Tracker vanquishing potion. Paige:
"So, you DON'T know him?" Phoebe's clearly uncomfortable, "We run into a lot of
people in our line of work." Paige: "Once again, not a straight answer." Phoebe
tells her to hold the cardamom and she does. Then she asks Phoebe: "What if I
guess? The Elders pawned him off on me because no one else wants him. Give the
new girl the lost cause." Phoebe asks for toadflax. Paige: "At least say hot or
cold." Phoebe: "Maybe the Elders thought you could learn something from working
with him." Paige: "Like what, when to give up?" Phoebe, remembering the last few
men Paige dated, "I think you've got that down." Paige asks what she means and
Phoebe tells her she's sometimes a little quick to judge people. Paige asks who
she's referring to, Phoebe: "Talk to Trevor." Paige: "Trevor's an apple, my
charge, an orange. I'm not seeing the connection." Phoebe: "Then just take my
word for it. You need to give Samuel a second chance. It's important. For both
of you." Paige, "That's it. Enough with the cryptic. What are you not telling
me? And don't even try to change the subject because I know everyone is holding
something back." Phoebe, "Okay. You deserve to know. Sam was Mom's
Whitelighter." Paige: "What? Wait, wouldn't that make him…" Phoebe: "Your birth
father….Honey, are you okay?" Paige: "Yeah, sure. I just don't understand why
the big secret? Why everyone didn't just tell me the truth in the first place?"
Before Phoebe can answer, she sees Sam standing in the doorway and he speaks, "I
should have told you." Then he says he wants to talk and Phoebe tells him to go
and she'll finish the potion, then adds she's there if they need her.

INT. Manor - Conservatory - Continuous

Paige leads Sam deeper into the house but he stops in the middle of the room.
"You hate me, don't you?" Paige asks why should she, since he's a stranger to
her. Sam: "That's a perfectly fair response." Paige: "Spoken like a
Whitelighter." Sam: "But not like a father?" Paige: "I had a father, one I loved
a lot. And everyday he made me proud." Sam: "I haven't made you proud, have I?"
Paige again states she doesn't know him and, "no offense, but I haven't exactly
spent a lot of time thinking about you." Sam says maybe it's time she did.

INT. Manor - Kitchen - Night

As Phoebe's pouring potion into vials, Leo and Piper orb in. "Nice work, you
guys." Leo asks what she means. Phoebe: "Enough with the modesty. Sam's in the
other room talking with Paige." Leo: "What!?" Piper: "That's not possible. Sam
refused to come back." Phoebe: "Ohmygod!" She grabs the potion and follows Leo
and Piper into the conservatory.

INT. Manor - Conservatory - Continuous

Who she thinks is Sam is still talking, "Hey, you can pretend all you want, it
hasn't affected you, but I think we both know better than that." Paige asks how
he would know. Piper tries to interrupt, and Phoebe finally says that it's not
Sam. Paige asks what they're talking about and Sam: "She's talking about this…"
and with that, he morphs into Cole. Paige yells at him, "Wait, it gets better."
Then he calls, "Ronan!" As he orbs in, Piper tries to blow him up but remembers,
"He's immune." Phoebe: "Not to this." And she hurls the potion at him, but
again…nothing. Paige: "Uh oh." Ronan aims his arrow at Piper and fires. As it
flies, it magically separates into 3 arrows heading for Piper, Paige and Leo.
Phoebe watches as one of them hits Leo in the arm, one hits Paige in the chest
and as the last heads towards Piper's stomach, a forcefield flashes up,
surrounding her. The arrow hits it and shatters and the forcefield flashes down.
Phoebe: "Whoa." Piper is stunned until she sees Paige and Leo on the ground,
both hit. She runs to them, then looks to Cole with only one word…"Why?" Cole
tells Ronan, "Let's go." They both disappear.

INT. Manor - Conservatory - Night

Piper leans over an unconscious Leo telling him they'll find a way, they've done
it before. She tightens a tourniquet around his arm, and tells him he needs to
hang on until they do. Phoebe is applying pressure to Paige's wound. The arrow
is also out of Paige, but blood is seeping through the bandage. She's conscious,
but dazed, "You can't stop the bleeding, can you?" Phoebe tells her to be quiet
and try to rest. Piper comes over to them and Phoebe asks how Leo is. Piper:
"He's been better…" Phoebe: "I knew Cole went evil, but I had no idea he'd go so
far." Piper: "Yeah, but why now? Why would he give a darklighter extra power and
launch an all out war against us?" Phoebe: "Because he's a cold blooded killer."
Piper: "Still, it doesn't seem smart for him to let us know he was behind the
attack. And good or evil, Cole's usually smart." Phoebe: "Piper, he killed two
people yesterday. In public, no less. He's changed. He's not the man, or the
demon, we knew." Paige: "I've been thinking about that vanquishing potion. I
thought if you made three different ones…" Phoebe: "YOU'LL make the potions,
Paige…after we find a way to heal you." Piper says they better find Sam because
he's their only chance. Paige: "If that's the case, then I'm screwed." Phoebe
tells her not to think like that. Paige: "Why not? Sam bails. That's what he
does. And what makes you think this is any different?" Piper: "What's different
is that YOU are hurt." Piper tells her she needs to sense him and tell them
where to go and she'll bring him back. Phoebe can stay with them while she does.
Phoebe says she can't go alone because "What is Ronan shows up to finish off
Sam?" Piper, pats her belly, "I'm not alone. Apparently, my little one prefers
her mommy indestructible." Phoebe gets it and tells her to go, adding "Can't
wait to see what she gets you for Mother's Day." Piper leans down and takes
Paige's hand, telling her to concentrate. Paige is reluctant, but Phoebe reminds
her, "The poison is killing Leo. And even though you're only half-Whitelighter,
eventually it will get to you, too." She takes a deep breath, closes her eyes,
and tries to sense him.

EXT. Alley Behind Tavern - Night

Sam is out cold on the ground, empty vodka bottle beside him. Ronan appears with
his crossbow. Cole: "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Ronan's surprised and
asked why he's there. Cole: "Protecting him from you." Ronan says he kept up his
end of the bargain. Cole tells him it's not about him or Sam, it's about
himself. Ronan asks what difference it makes if the Whitelighter lives or dies.
Cole says he needs Sam alive so he can heal the witch and their Whitelighter.
Ronan's confused, "Heal them? You wanted me to help you kill them." Cole says
it's because he needed them to come after him and if he kills Sam, the girls
will be after Ronan instead. Finally the argument dies down and Ronan trains his
crossbow on Cole, but before he can fire, Cole hurls an energy ball at him,
incinerating him. Hearing footsteps, he drifts back into the shadows just as
Piper rounds the corner and runs over to Sam. She shakes him, hard, telling him
to wake up. He comes to, still drunk and more than a little disoriented. Piper
tells him that Paige and Leo need him. Sam tells her to leave him alone. Piper
tells him that a Darklighter shot them and he has to heal them. Sam's unsure, he
hasn't used that power in a long time. Piper says he has to because there's no
one else able to do it. "If you feel like you've hurt your daughter in the past,
now's the time to start making amends." Sam says he'll try and Piper tells him
they're running out of time. Sam understands and orbs them out as Piper reaches
for his hand.

INT. Manor - Conservatory - Night

Paige has gotten worse and Phoebe's covering her with a blanket, trying to let
her know that Sam will be there soon. Paige's look says it all, she doesn't
believe it. Phoebe says he will and Paige says she doesn't know if she can hold
on. Phoebe tells her she doesn't have a choice, she's not giving her one. Sam
and Piper orb in and Phoebe steps aside. Sam holds his hands over the wound but
nothing happens. Phoebe asks what's wrong and Sam says he can't do it. Piper
tells him to try again. Sam: "Don't you see? It's no use. This is my
punishment." Piper: "Don't you drown in self-pity while you let Paige and my
husband die." Sam: "Don't you think I want to heal them? For God's sake, she's
my daughter!" Phoebe tries to be a bit more gentle, "You can't heal because
you've given up on being a Whitelighter." Sam tells her being a Whitelighter
ruined his life, everything he's touched he hurts…first their mom, then Paige.
The he says being a Whitelighter was all for nothing. Piper says it wasn't for
nothing. Paige saved them and she's the reason Piper is still standing there
after Prue died. She put the family back together. Phoebe then mentions all the
innocents she's helped them save and how much good she's done since becoming a
witch. Sam's still not buying it and tells Paige he's sorry. She tells him she
knows and he takes her hand. As he does, orbs swirl around him and as they
leave, we see a now clean-shaven, sober version of the man. Sam: "What
happened?" Phoebe: "I think you just healed yourself. Now, try healing her…" He
does and this time, it works. Paige thanks him and he says he should be thanking
her then Piper says the round of thanks can wait until after he's healed Leo. He
does so and Leo wakes: "Piper, you're okay…the baby??" Piper says the baby is
fine and she doesn't think she'll have to worry, then tells him she'll explain
later. Once everyone is okay, Phoebe heads for the stairs. Paige: "Phoebe, where
are you going?" Phoebe: "To get started on those potions. It's time we
vanquished Cole once and for all." As she heads up the stairs…


INT. Manor - Attic - Night

Phoebe and Piper examine the three different potions, red, green and black, in 3
different bowls. Piper asks if it'll really work. Paige says each is more
powerful and they'll need to throw them in order. Paige throws hers first, then
Piper, then Phoebe, onto the letter opener. The first potion makes it sizzle,
the second makes it smoke, and on the third, the attic is rocked by a fiery
explosion and the letter opener is gone leaving only a scorch mark in it's wake.

INT. Cole's Penthouse - Night

Cole's at the table writing a letter by a photograph of him and Pheebs. As he
finishes and folds the letter, the Avatars materialize. Avatar 1 tells him if
this doesn't work, he'll have no where else to turn. Cole tells them it will
work. The second Avatar tells him it's a waste, especially when he could have so
much more. Cole tells them he doesn't want any more. Cole licks an envelope,
sealing the letter inside, and places it in front of the photo and the Avatars
leave just as the Charmed Ones orb in. Phoebe tells him to stand up and he takes
the wedding ring off, Phoebe tells him again to stand, and he places the ring by
the envelope and the picture. "Come to vanquish me, have you?" Piper asks where
Ronan is. Cole tells them, "You know how Darklighters are. So difficult to work
with. He couldn't even kill a lousy Whitelighter. Let alone you." Phoebe says
that he cold have done it himself. Paige tosses her potion, followed by Piper.
Phoebe notices the table and stops, "I know what you're doing." Paige tells her
to throw the potion. Phoebe's sure of what's going on now and doesn't telling
him that he never really wanted to kill them. Paige asks what she's talking
about. Phoebe: "He could've killed you back at the Manor. He had you alone. But
you needed all of us to survive for your plan to work. And you needed Sam alive,
too." Piper, "Phoebe, have you lost your mind?" Phoebe: "No. You said it
yourself. It wasn't a smart plan." Then, turning to Cole, "Unless you didn't
want to kill us. You wanted us to be so blinded by hate we wouldn't see what you
were really up to." Cole: "This is the only way out for me, Phoebe…it's what you
want, too." Phoebe: "Yeah, but on our terms, not yours. We won't help you commit
suicide." Cole tells them they already have and extends his arm, telekinetically
ripping the last potion from Phoebe's hand and directing it towards himself. As
the potion hits, a massive explosion erupts and engulfs him, sending the sisters
flying. Finally, as the smoke clears, they see Cole is still standing. They ask
why it didn't work, and Cole says "they" knew it wouldn't. Phoebe asks who knew,
then "What are you talking about?" Cole: "You can't vanquish me. Nobody can…"

INT. Manor - Sitting Room - Day

Paige is sitting across from Sam. "So, what are you going to do? I mean, about
Cole?" Paige: "Oh, I don't know. It's kinda scary, though, now that he's
basically indestructible." Sam says he's sure they'll come up with
something…they always do. Then, things get serious. He tells her that giving her
up was the hardest thing he's ever had to do and if him and Patty had had it
their way, they never would have. Paige says she understands and Sam says that
he knows it still hurt her, how could it not? Paige says she used to think he
didn't matter to her, that if she never met him, she'd be fine with that but she
guesses the Elders know better than both of them since They arranged things and
he made a choice that let her have a wonderful life. She tells him how much she
loved her parents and how much they loved her and since she's found her sisters,
it's been wonderful, too. Sam asks her what about everything that came along
with finding them. Paige tells him she chose to be a witch, she could have
walked away, but she didn't…and now, she's a Whitelighter, too. Sam: "That's my

INT. Manor - Kitchen - Day

In the kitchen, Phoebe's head is buried in the Book, Piper's sorting through
mail and Leo orbs in. Piper asks "Any luck?" Leo: "That Elf has a big mouth. All
the magical nannies cancelled their interviews." Piper: "Great, what now? I
mean, if magical nannies won't work for us, and regular nannies are out of the
question, what are we supposed to do?" Leo tells her it's a good thing they
still have a few months to figure things out and they'll find a solution. Phoebe
states she's not finding anything in the Book to explain what Cole is now. Leo
says he's not sure the answers are in the Book since he's the only demon to ever
have escaped from the Demonic Wasteland. Phoebe says she's afraid they're
dealing with something completely new but she won't stop until she finds out
what that is. Phoebe goes back to the Book as Paige enters. Piper asks her how
things went. "Good. Hard, but good." Leo says he's glad. Sam is a good man and
he thinks it'll be good for both of them to get to know each other. Paige: "Yup.
But I've had enough emotional roller coasters for one day. Right now, I deserve
a nice drive down the coast. I think I'll give Trevor a call." Piper: "Didn't
you dump him?" Paige, "Yeah, but I think I'm done leaving perfectly nice guys
before giving them a chance. Guess meeting Sam made me recognize some
abandonment issues I may still need to figure out." Piper tells her to go for
it, since Trevor seems like a forgiving guy. Phoebe hasn't looked up and Paige
asks, "No words of encouragement from you?" Phoebe says she's sorry but she's
freaking out because her invincible ex-husband is making her nervous. Paige: "At
least we have someone indestructible on our side." Piper: "I gotcha covered."
Phoebe: "For now."

INT. Cole's Penthouse - Day

The Avatars come to find Cole staring out the window, he speaks to them. "What
am I?" The Avatar says he's "one of us now" and Cole asks "You did this to me?"
The other Avatar tells him that it was an inevitable path, power is destined to
grow and expand. Cole tells them he doesn't want it. Then Avatars tell him he
will and when he does, he'll come to them.



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